<Lesson in Violence> is a hardcore raiding guild without all the hardcore aggravation. We are comprised of high quality players on Trollbane[PVE]. We treat raiding like a hardcore guild: fully flasked, buffed, prepared, and ready to go with a positive attitude. We expect that you put in your best effort, come prepared, know your class, and above all, be a decent person. But where we differ from many hardcore guilds is that we don't have the stringent 6 day per week or 6 hour per night raiding schedule, nor do we have the "miss 2 runs and get /gkicked rule" either. But that does not mean that we want members who lackadaisically show up, whenever there is a blue moon. We want consistent raiders who are willing to put in the effort required of a progression-focused raiding guild.

We are a guild focused on progression and would like to flesh out our roster to continue to progress in 10-man and 25-mans when possible. We are looking for almost all classes and are fairly open with specs. We are looking to fill FULL-TIME raiding spots. .

If you:

* Enjoy being yelled at by a 19-year old pizza delivery boy by day-raid leader by night,
* Enjoy being asked to farm for materials for others without gratuity,
* Enjoy worrying that you will be gkicked if you go on a vacation,
* Expect someone to spoon feed you strategies for every new boss,
* Think that your character is a representation of your physical worth,
* Gauge yourself against others by your character's progression,
* Have been kicked out of more guilds than Lindsay Lohan has had relapses,

Then <Lesson In Violence> IS NOT for you.

But if you:

* Enjoy an adult atmosphere,
* Are 18 years of age or older,
* Have sole control over your computer, internet connection, and WoW account,
* Look forward to a calm raid leader who is extremely knowledgeable,
* Give and take constructive criticism on your class maturely,
* Go outside once in a while to actually see the RL MMORPG,
* Can dedicate 3 nights, 12 hours, per week to raid,
* Give your all in your gametime efforts, and enjoy playing alongside others who do also,

Then <Lesson In Violence> IS for you.

Additional information

Raid times - We raid 10 man content 3 nights a week, with runs scheduled Sun/Mon/Tues/8:00PM EST to 11:00PM EST. Invites go out at 8:00 PM with first pull at 8:10pm. Raids will --on rare occasion-- run past 11 if we feel we are close to clearing an encounter.

Looting System - 10 mans are a roll system of 1 Main, 1 Off-spec and 1 Tier per night . The reason for this system is to distributes gear evenly among the raiders.

Culture - We are primarily an adult oriented guild, managed by mature officers in their 30s-50s. With any adult guild, there will be adult topics of discussion and language. If you are looking to discuss why tea is better with lemon than honey, then you may be taken aback. However, if you have a mouth that would make a trucker blush, then we may not be the greatest fit, either.

For more information about us and how we operate visit our site at livguild.enjin.org or whisper an officer ingame - Xyn, Gothra, Rulereign, and Voldermain
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