Auxilio ab Alto is opening enrollment for new members to bolster her ranks on the Pandarian Continent.

Our focus is a more "Guild Centered" experience with organized content not only involving current tier raid progression, but PvP encounters as well as achievement and title runs for older tier content.

We are seeking the following qualities from prospective members:

    Initiative: A willingness to seek betterment through your own volition. Strong links forge a strong chain.

    Teamwork: Knowing that we're all in this together, and that your comrade gaining strength empowers you. No single strand is as strong as a braided rope.

    Flexibility: Being able to step outside of your normal routine for a new experience. Crossing into the "pvp zone" or maybe interacting with the lore a bit in Roleplay.

    Humor: Because no situation is every so serious you can't find some reason to laugh.

Those seeking to accept the challenge of membership may visit (click on register in the upper-right corner) to begin their journey.
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