49 Exp.Off - Mon, Thurs, Sat 10E, 9C, 7P

49 Draenei Paladin
1. Go to 49pvp.com/qlist
Enter Name
Enter Server
Enter Level
Enter WSG
This can help people with multiple characters each side to better balance teams.

2. Queue up for WSG (Make sure Experience is turned off)

3. Enter TS, free to download and more info at 49pvp.com/drupal/page/teamspeak
Thank you to the people that have sponsored this.

4. Have fun.

5. Request sticky.

Post here to get help with gearing, dungeon runs, and gathering profession.

Typically we play for 3 hours a night.

!!! Don't attack the person sitting on the stump !!!
If a team is down a person due to disconnect or whatever, it is common practice of the 49s to have the other team sit a player to make teams even.
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90 Draenei Warrior
The 49's threads are starting to look like cata 70's threads. good reading!
60 Night Elf Hunter
ponch tink xo :D
01/30/2013 12:53 PMPosted by Destrò
1 Undead Mage
Alright I haven't had a good forum tussle in a while.
70 Draenei Shaman
poncho tink xo :D
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49 Human Rogue
01/30/2013 05:55 AMPosted by Lailu
I don't wish to be involved in such petty drama

I know many of the people who play 49's who have transferred servers, renamed, or race changed.

I guess if it's what people enjoy what does it matter to everyone else.

I also just don't get all these "I'm better than you" or "My bracket is better" than you.

Maybe it's my inner carebear coming out but those things seem so trivial. It's all about having fun, and increasing quality of the games you enjoy playing.

If you don't enjoy 49's go play another bracket.

If you are frustrated with your team is doing on 49's or how things could be better than try to communicate what could be done differently. Have a conversation, the trolling going back and forth here is just a waste of time for all parties involved.

01/30/2013 12:42 AMPosted by Gøner
r1 world
49 Human Rogue
aw, almost missed this one!

01/30/2013 09:14 AMPosted by Ånimus
You guys are being way too hard on poor Combo. I'd place him squarely in the mediocre-to-annoying range. Rogues are really hard to play, you know.


e: damn, also missed the classic securis 'high school kids trying to be funny on forums post', now all we need is kiendro to give his!
Edited by Combopoint on 1/30/2013 3:02 PM PST
49 Tauren Druid
I got yer back, bud. Hope that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy in your britches.

So who is this Soheated chick and why is she so mad?
Edited by Ånimus on 1/30/2013 3:06 PM PST
1 Undead Mage
I don't even want to argue. But the fact that he will think he "won" displeases me more than my distaste in arguing. It's a matter of priorities my dear animus.
like after watching http://youtu.be/UOalcb1s3Zk
I dunno how you can say your commentary wasn't biased. you were in the wrong.

accept it.
Edited by Gøner on 1/30/2013 3:22 PM PST
49 Tauren Druid
01/30/2013 03:10 PMPosted by Soheated
I don't even want to argue. But the fact that he will think he "won" displeases me more than my distaste in arguing. It's a matter of priorities my dear animus.

Because getting into arguments with strangers on the internet has changed so many people's opinions of themselves, amirite.

I'm kind of disappointed that you didn't take the bait. I was ready to bust out the emasculating little !*#!*@!# joke. :(
49 Human Rogue
01/30/2013 02:26 PMPosted by Soheated
Some of it was bias yes

01/30/2013 03:19 PMPosted by Gøner
I dunno how you can say your commentary wasn't biased.


01/30/2013 03:15 PMPosted by Gøner
uhm standing by a leader is a lot different than "being on somebody's nuts" as I put it. I don't have vent recordings or anything but it was clear to me everybody did exactly what he said, revered him as an amazing player, and agreed with ALL OF HIS OPINIONS. as in... he has an opinion about wow, they agree. he has an opinion about LIFE, they agree. he has an opinion about a person, they agree. It was nauseating to be around and that's the truth. I've had conversations about this before with other people

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