The Rise and Fall of Spinebreaker

90 Tauren Paladin
So I am probably going to get flamed for this, but I seriously want to know why so many people transferred servers. I have been on this server since mid BC when it was very populated, and now there are so few people on that major cities look like ghost towns with just NPC's.
I don't know if I was blind to what happened but it seemed like quite a few transferred off overnight. So what happened and how can we fix it.
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90 Undead Warlock
Your asking the same question many other servers ask "What happened!?!". There's no one simple answer to this but some of the most common answers I beileve are the following:

1. Realm transfers - Once these opened up people had the option to move to new ground try for server firsts etc. but also this stopped fresh blood from coming to this realm and I think over time along with people quitting the game due to changes in each expansion it just helped kill it.

2. Too many servers! - I think one of the other big issues is there are just so many realms to choose from now then instead of this one. Blizzard has spread the community thin and there's less of everyone to go around till they decide to merge realms.

3. Cata - I came over here during wrath and I had a blast here but I tell you beyond the shadow of a doubt by the end of teir 11 you started to see a real paradigm swift in the player base here and I'm still not totally sure why but my understanding is the top end guilds here could not fun recruits that were able to perform at thier level so they simply ceased to be. Lack of progression made the server look really bad and so even less people wanted to stay here unable to see the content they wanted.

Anyway just my thoughts I'm sure someone will tell me I'm wrong or something to that effect.
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100 Undead Priest
Phantom Elite, DoV, Benevolence, Vox, Drums of War, Drunken Alliance, Adaptation (can't remember all) all eventually quit raiding or xferred. killing any competition and decent player base on the server
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90 Troll Rogue
When the Oceanic Realms started I think a lot of the Aussies jumped ship. All my mates started on this server and it was massive. Had heaps of Aussies. Guilds like Omerta and Banimal broke up and left and thats what killed it for me.

Im currently levelling an alt I had on Spinebreaker and it is well and truly dead!
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90 Orc Warlock
When the Oceanic Realms started I think a lot of the Aussies jumped ship. All my mates started on this server and it was massive. Had heaps of Aussies. Guilds like Omerta and Banimal broke up and left and thats what killed it for me.

Im currently levelling an alt I had on Spinebreaker and it is well and truly dead!

you're forgetting OP! The best aussie guild ever.
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90 Human Monk
Also Fragged, what happened to your pally Noobis have not seen that name in forever
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100 Pandaren Hunter
Vox says Hi.
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90 Human Rogue
Man I loved Spinebreaker back in the day.
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95 Undead Warrior
Man I loved Spinebreaker back in the day.

I did too.. I lived in Cali When I started playing this game while stationed on Pendleton. Lots of guys I knew (some girls ITS TRUE) all played and we have a !@#$ton of fun. And I got the pond hop and wasnt here for a few and now im back and Im lonely /// cry

But. Anyways . At least I dont have to fight to farm a node haha....
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93 Night Elf Priest
I have been on this sever since day one and the issue was the mass migration to the oceanic servers. When they released oceanic servers we lost a good 3rd of the population of hardcore raiders and the server never recovered on the alliance side. The last time the alliance had multiple active guilds that were pushing progression was WOTLK.
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90 Blood Elf Warlock
I had such fond memories of this place. So much fun. I lost a whole bunch of Horde friends when they opened the Spanish speaking servers as well as when they opened the Oceanic time zone servers.

It was great...
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90 Orc Warrior
Who wants a rare? All you need to do is come to Spinebreaker... my girl farmed up all the BoAs in a 3day time frame, and has looted every treasure there is, not to mention no lag in any area.
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100 Night Elf Hunter
Another major problem is the game design it's self. The majority of servers got hurt because so many players h ave stopped playing. Not just transfers, but 5 million less players are playing than back in the day. This has to do with many things.

1) BC and WOTLK expansions, we saw Horde and Alliance shared major hub cities. When Cataclysm hit (literally), we were left alone in our Major Cities. This may not have an actual game play affect, but it does mentally, the world is now half the size it was before.

2)To add insult to injury, the new content was not a new continent, it was scattered around the world and tied together through portals protected by guards. If you ported to Hyjal, the few horde or Alliance you would see would be standing next to a guard, or they'd mount up and fly away. There was no interaction.

3) Flying in the new zone. This was a disaster in Cata. It takes away greatly from the mistery of the game and the player interaction with other players and with the in game world it's self!

4) Our Culture. Back in the day, Youtube wasn't such a huge modern way of life. We are now integrated with knowledge and know what to expect from the game. Blizzard tried to address this with their new talent point system which is great! You can't just google "Best disc priest Spec" and get a cookie cutter explanation. But that's not even half of the coin. Back in the day, most knowledge was word of mouth in game. Now we are bombarded with expectations of where to get the best in slot gear and how to's on every thing. The mystery is gone, and that was a huge part of the game.

Basic Fixes!

1) new game content on one continent with no flying. Thank you Pandaria.

2) No open Beta for patches. Only applicants.

3)Get rid of visible HP. I know this sounds crazy, but add mystery to the game again. You shouldn't be able to look at someone and say, "meh, 5, maybe 6 blows to the head should do".

4)Have unannounced world events that last for a short time (few days max). The thing that got me hooked to the game was the vast void of the unknown before me. I haven't seen that since Early BC.

5)get rid of the ability to view other's gear, no more inspecting. Only let players view other's achievements. In real life, you shouldn't be able to look at someone and say to your self, I'm better than him or her. This is debatable, but maybe, just maybe, switch to a diablo 3 style gear creation. Essentially, no 2 pieces of gear are alike. And of course have dungeons and raids drop better gear than other places.

6)Make classes and races more unique. I'd love to see a game where Night Elves need to buy something that only undead players can acquire. Stop homogenizing the classes! Make every race essential in the quest to be the best. Have a dead lake where only undead players can swim down to the bottom of to find rare pets that they can trade and eels that are used for top end food. The list goes on and on. Make us NEED the neutral Auction House. Let there be a tab where we can buy permits from actual goblin players that let us post things on the Neutral AH. That would be awesome! Make it so Taurens need wood that only Night elves can obtain in teldrassil to build a boat that can sail to a new land where you can't fly, like Queldenas. Gosh, there are a million ideas, all that make everyone rely on everyone and add mystery to the game!
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100 Troll Shaman
Dammit....I'm gonna level a new character on good old spinebroken.

I probably should have clarified that I use to play on spinebreaker and miss the good ole days.
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1 Troll Shaman
I have returned!
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39 Night Elf Rogue
I have two level 39 twink characters on Spinebreaker made before they were sent to their own separate battlegrounds. My memory of leveling them up was gank after gank by level 80's who were wiping out low level quest zones. Often there seemed to be more Horde in Stormwind than Alliance.
I'd assume a lot of Alliance transferred to more balanced servers and as the food supply got low the Horde were forced to cannibalize themselves.
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75 Troll Hunter
I leveled this troll on Spinebreaker back in the day. Day Dreamers FTW! Those are still the most fun video gaming days I've had.
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93 Goblin Hunter
I xfered off about a month ago.
Name changed after wrath and name changed again. When Phantom Elite broke up and xfered I left with the guys. Then came back. Now I am gone again.
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100 Orc Rogue
I'm around sometimes. Mostly do things on other realms.
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