I'm trying to get a group together for Sunday night to do MV. I'll be posting in trade as well to get people. I made an event on openraid.us if you want to sign up there as well instead of trying to get to me in game.


The raid starts at 6pm server time and lasts until 9pm server, invites will be going out about 10 minutes early. If you are not signed on by 6:05 then I will be looking for replacements. I am not looking for any hardcore raiders but people that want to give it a shot and know what they are doing. This will probably be a first time run for most people so expect wipes for all 3 hours.

Must provide own potions and elixirs, I will provide feasts. Also please be gemmed and partially enchanted, green gems are not expensive.

We will be using my guilds vent for this, I'll post it when I start inviting.

Try to have fun and hopefully we will get 4/6 without much trouble. Who knows maybe even further.

Currently need 1 Tank, 2/3 Heals, and 5 Dps.
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