Natural Order is Moving to Stormrage

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Here, let me be honest and introspective for a moment. This is me:

x Reacting to criticism with anger, shame, or humiliation
✓ Taking advantage of others to reach own goals
✓ Exaggerating own importance, achievements, and talents
x Requiring constant attention and positive reinforcement from others
x Becoming jealous easily
✓ Being obsessed with self
! Pursuing mainly selfish goals
x Trouble keeping healthy relationships
x Becoming easily hurt and rejected
✓ Setting goals that are unrealistic
✓ Wanting "the best" of everything

I take issue with "Pursuing mainly selfish goals" - wouldn't that be true of all human beings? Selfishness is not a bad thing, it's necessary for survival. Greed is the negative form of selfish acts because it will be at the expense of others and yourself. I demonstrate selfishness but not greed, because if people spend the currency that is the compassion and loyalty of others, we will eventually find ourselves alone.

I do demonstrate some signs of narcissism, but certainly not in an extreme sense. I think you and others give me a lot more credit than I deserve.

Anyway we're on Stormrage and it's incredible. So many people being so helpful. Find a rare? People help you kill it rather than stand still and give you rude emotes. Want to PuG? Yeah they pug heroics. Want to avoid CRZ? Yep, you can do things with people your own level.

I hate that we had to give well over a thousand dollars to feel a breath of life enter our game again, but we did. Natural Order is very happy on Stormrage. Don't expect any of you to care, but I do hope it helps influence some people's decisions if they are deciding whether or not a move is right for them.
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TL;DR plz
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have fun :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
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Good riddance, you killed my raiding guild like a Wal-Mart kills independent businesses.
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90 Dwarf Hunter

Just found this, found it mildly amusing.

The grass is often greener with how easy realm transfers are, but I would encourage people to stick around, try to fix our awful economy, and make Ysera a good home

GM of Natural Order

01/26/2012 04:57 PMPosted by Ciron
Trying to drum up some confidence! I'd rather people come here than leave here.
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