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100 Night Elf Death Knight
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The Cows are still looking for more members!

One thing I'd like to add, though... while we have had to reduce our raids to 10-man for the Mists of Pandaria expansion due to attrition, people quitting WoW, etc., the Cows have always been a 25-man guild at heart, and that is what we would like to return to.

So, let's swing for the fences here, shall we?

We've gotten some good and friendly new players in the last couple months thanks to these forums, but unfortunately, as our numbers creep above 10 and we're unable to take everyone along on a raid, people get disillusioned, even as we try to sub them in and out so everyone gets time in the group. We need a LOT of new people to get back up to running 25-player content again!

With that in mind, are there any other 10-man Alliance guilds out there who would be more interested in running 25-player raids? While we do ultimately want to get our numbers back up to having all-Cows 25-player runs, our raid roster has grown empty enough that we probably need two entire additional 10-man teams in our ranks to have an ample supply of tanks, healers, and DPS to reliably form 25-player raids three nights a week, since real life does come first for us and not everyone can always make it to every raid.

Why 25 player, you may ask? Well, even though the loot drops are the same as in 10 man now (except for that slight Thunderforged bonus -- gee, thanks for the bone, Blizzard), the Cows have always felt that 25 player raids are just plain more fun. They feel more epic, and we just like it better. We're not interested in server firsts, guild rankings, or loot drama. We just want to play the game at a decent place with other people who are in it for the fun of it.

So, if there are any of you out there that would like to return with us to the style of raiding where there's an entire group made of healers, you can actually battle-rez more than once per fight, and there's so much stuff blowing up on the screen that it's hard to see, then please contact Poems, myself, Tamiria, Hadesfalcon, or Fitzjuno in-game, or visit our website (cows.guildomatic.com) and let us know.
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Hi troxxy :)
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