25 Man Terrace of Spring *Called off*

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I've been a bit depressed by the facts that we're close to 5.2 and the only raids that most people do on this server is still Mogushan Vaults. While it is good that a few guilds are doing Heroic MV, MV is still MV. And, yeah, there's two or three guilds that seem to be progressing through Heart of Fear, but, for the most part, raid progression on this server is not very good.

That got me to thinking "Why? Why isn't this server progressing?" Maybe it's the fact that people can't comprehend the fights, but I doubt that very much, since, while we don't raid often, I have never been in an awful raid group (there's been two or three spread out over servers where a MT or Tank Healer decided they should raid with a known horrible connection, but we're talking 6 years). Or maybe it's the fact that there just isn't any desire to raid. But, then again, while that may be true for the Alliance, the Horde has at least six guilds that seem to raid weekly.

And then it hit me: it's guild progression. On my last check of WoW-Heroes, the Horde has over 100 characters that are either at, above, or just slightly below my item level of 491. That is a LOT of highly geared players. However, when you look closer at the guilds, you see a lot of Forge at the top, you see a lot of Hells Angels at the top and middle, and then the rest is scattered. There's a few La Muerte Roja, a few Risen, a few Sons of Anarchy, some Hippos of Chaos, a Save the Murloc (good to see them still around), Dethsdor by himself, some Reckoning...but not enough from each guild to constitute a raid group considered capable of doing Terrace of Springs. That's not on the guilds, mind you: you can only do so much with two pieces of loot per boss, a 10 Elder Coin limit, no more Galleon, and a 1000 VP cap per week.

What I am proposing is this: a 25 Man ToS run. Will it be complicated? Probably, since I'm no raid leader and don't have a mic. But I know for a fact people do this in LFR. I know for a fact that this server is meticulous in studying fights before doing them. And I know for a fact we can put together the group.

So, here it is: I'm going to attempt to put together a 25 Man ToS group. Chances are pretty good that we're getting 5.2 next week or the week after, so we'll likely only get one shot. If someone has vent and is willing to lead the raid, that's a plus. Otherwise, I know we all can read text, so we could do it like that. I only have a few pre-requisites:

1) Have DBM (if you don't, google DBM and it's the first thing that comes up)
2) Minimum item level of 475. It's doable at that level, and if you're that high, chances are you're good enough to raid already.
3) Be gemmed and enchanted.

I will say this: I have no qualms if a guild wants to field an 8 man team to do this. In fact, I'd be inclined to save a guild 8 slots if they wanted to take lead and/or provide vent. The only concession I am making is that members of Moonguard that fit the above criteria AND sign up for the guild event I made get preferential treatment (not loot wise, but slot wise).

3 Tanks, 6 Heals, 16 DPS. If you're interested, either be on around 7:30pm server on Friday the 8th of February 2013, or shoot me an in-game message. I'll be on and off all week. If we don't get enough this week, and 5.2 comes out the week of the 19th, we'll try to do this one more time next week on the 15th (and, if it does work out, and 5.2 comes out on the 19th, we'll do it again anyways).

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I completely support your idea of getting together a 25-man horde raid! Though there are a couple of things you're neglecting to address here.

Only two guilds have cleared Heart of Fear on normal mode. Both are 10-man guilds. This means that there are probably less than 30-35 people on horde side of this server who can even "unlock/open" Terrace of the Endless Spring for a raid to occur. The probability of someone unlocking Terrace for you and progressing through the raid with you are slim as most of the people who can unlock these raids are simply attending Terrace with their own guild.

La Muerte Roja is close to unlocking Terrace with their 10-man team, which I happen to also be a member of, and once again I doubt that you'll get any of the members who kill Shek with LMR to attend Terrace with you rather than their raid team.

Beyond the "keying/gate" issue. You have the issue of player skill and organization.

If you were to find a skilled, diplomatic, organized raid leader: you still need moderately skilled players. So lets assume you get someone to let your raid into Terrace:

Protectors: You can definitely get this boss down, it's cake.

Tsulong: Based on my experience with PuGing people on this server, many of your PuGs will have issues with their DPS numbers on this boss.

Lei Shi: PuGs are going to break CC's, and you'll have people die at 80/60/40/20% markers.

Sha of Fear: DPS, staying out of breath of fear, and killing adds will be an issue for your raid. This means pretty much the entire fight will cause problems.

Once again, I'd like to reiterate the fact that I support your idea, but it's not logistically possible. You need a key, a solid raid leader, a solid raid team, and simple numbers.

If you're looking at raiding, leave Moonguard and join a guild that actually kills bosses, all of the raid guilds on ThoBro are recruiting right now.
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Yikes, I didn't even realize the whole "Need to beat Heart of Fear first" bit for Terrace of Springs. Between that and the fact this is actually the ONLY feedback I've heard either in-game or off, I think it would be a safe bet to call this off. It was worth a shot, but, like you mentioned, logistics at this point are pretty unrealistic.
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