[H] <Irregardless> Recruitment

90 Troll Hunter
Heroic 10 man Horde
Server: Azjol-Nerub (PvE - MST)

Raid times:
Tuesday – 7:30 – 10:00 MST
Wednesday – 7:30 – 9:30 MST
Sunday – 5:30 – 9:30 MST

Current recruitment needs:
-Updated 1/30/2013-
Balance Druid
Shadow Priest
(or any exceptional player)

Current progression:
5/6 Heroic Mogu'shan Vaults
2/6 Heroic Heart of Fear

About us:
Irregardless was formed at the start of Cataclysm as a collection of old guildmates from Vanilla WoW. The vast majority of our raiders have played together since Molten Core and the guild has consistently been top 5 on the server. Our goal is to see all content before new content comes out while maintaining our lives outside of the game.

Our raid force is looking to add two or three raiders to our current roster. We’re melee-heavy and our tank and healing is set, so we’re mainly interested in recruiting ranged DPS - preferably with a healing offspec – however, we will not turn away great players under any circumstance. It is imperative that you are able to make all days in our raiding schedule due to our time limitations (with, of course, the occasional “RL !@#$ happening” exceptions).

Our guild does not have traditional officers. Rather, we make group decisions about guild matters and the general direction of the guild. That said, the guild is not without leaders: our GM makes a lot of the important authoritative decisions in addition to being our raid leader.

Our loot system simply asks that you be fair with your fellow guildmates. There are no restrictions to new raiders, and we simply roll using Blizzards’ loot system. All loot received is recorded and documented publicly in order to maintain fairness. You can see if the person you’re rolling against has recently been fortunate, or has not received loot in a while.

What we would like from a new raider:
Someone who is vocal, but not distracting: We like to goof around and have fun between pulls and during trash, but when we’re working on progression we ask our members to be focused and responsible for communicating pertinent information to the raid.

Someone who researches their class, as well as upcoming fights: This should go without saying in progressive guilds. Being a 10m, every raider is of the utmost importance, so we ask that everyone be knowledgeable and contributing to the progressive goal of the guild.

Be on time: As noted previously, do not apply and waste everyone’s time if you’re not going to consistently be on time for raids. We raid on a limited schedule.

Be open to criticism: Our raid leader will call people out if they make mistakes. It is important that you are the type of person who understands the purpose of criticism and does not become defensive. We want raiders who are interested in continually improving and are interested in helping improve other fellow raiders.

Someone who contributes: Progression happens not only because of what happens on raid nights, but during the off nights as well. We appreciate raiders who contribute to the collection of herbs, ore, and other materials that make raid nights happen. These contributions help us provide free guild repairs, pots, and flasks to all raiders.

Apply at:

Any questions regarding recruitment can be directed toward Gashurna, Saerivic, Loote or Aersa in game.
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Insert love
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What's that thing they put in roads and parking lots so you slow down?
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90 Troll Hunter
02/05/2013 07:14 PMPosted by Mandalol
What's that thing they put in roads and parking lots so you slow down?

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02/05/2013 10:44 PMPosted by Loote
What's that thing they put in roads and parking lots so you slow down?


Why would you slow down?
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