Hey there! I'm the guildmaster over at BGT. My real name is Dana, but you can refer to me by my character names if you'd like!

  • About:
  • BGT is currently a level 15 casual PvE and RPing guild. We're looking for more max level players for raids and such, but all are welcome! We do guild dungeons runs almost daily, help everyone level, and organize raids whenever we find the people for them. Currently we only have enough people to run Classic/BC/LK raids, but we do plan on setting up runs for Cataclysm/MoP raids as well!

    If you'd like to join us, please send me a whisper and I will send you an invite right away! If I'm not online, you can also send one of the other officers a message:
  • Charger
  • Morfumac
  • Vynlendor
  • Grandmoffwow
  • Tell them Vaseral sent you!

  • Communications:
  • We have a Skype chat, and if needed, we will get a Mumble server if Skype is too taxing on your computer.
    Raids will be coordinated through the calendar and you will be required to at least join the voice chat during a raid, so please make sure you have either Skype or Mumble downloaded before applying. Skype and Mumble are both free.
    You do not have to own a microphone, or even use it if you do own one, as long as you are listening in to the raid leader and following directions.

    If you'd like to join the Skype chat, please send me a friend request.
    My Skype name is: freefall.vector

  • Roleplaying:
  • We also have a free forum set up for RPing purposes! You are welcome to join this even if you aren't a part of the guild, and you're welcome to invite your friends if you'd like. The forum can be found here:

    The main interactions take place in Dalaran, centered around the Bloody Good Time bar. Both Alliance and Horde characters flock to this popular bar to grab a drink, watch some dancers, and have some fun! The bar is owned and managed by Vaseral, a Blood Elf Paladin from the Eastern Kingdoms. He is well known for his kindness among the residents of the city, often sacrificing his own time to help others in need.

    Charger is a Tauren Druid known for his short temper and brutish force. Several years ago, he was kicked out of Moonglade for getting drunk and mauling several of the Alliance druids. Since then, he moved around until finally meeting Vaseral, who accepted him despite his flaws, and they became great friends. Vaseral's mentions of opening a bar were promising, so he tagged along when the elf went to Dalaran to start his business. He has a hatred towards the Alliance, but working under Vaseral has taught him how to be more open minded. Though still a very irritable person, he has calmed down noticeably, and now works as the bouncer for the bar at night. Having this job entitles him to all the booze he desires, while also letting him use his strength in a good way.

    If you'd like to read more about our characters, please visit our forum.

    Hope to see you at Bloody Good Time!