I imagine I'm doing something wrong...

85 Night Elf Priest
Since my heals on this healer are very weak in dungeons. I'm not certain what's changed with MoP but my heals used to be a lot stronger. Now I have to constantly spam the tank just to keep up with his fast dropping health. It's probably my terrible. I also don't use enchants since I'll just get rid of the gear for new gear anyway. I haven't been on this Holy priest in quite a few weeks, as well as I have more knowledge on tanking and DPS since I do those more than heal. Could someone help with my deplorable situation? I'm not one of those hardcore gamers, just causal for amusement, though it's frustrating having to spam heals every second. Should I switch to disc?
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90 Troll Druid
Go disc...
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90 Human Priest
At low gear levels, Holy is usually the easier spec to play in terms of healing output and mana. Feel free to try playing Discipline and see which you like more. It's different, and uses absorbs and dps-to-heal mechanics.

Mostly what you're seeing is just the scaling change as you level. Healers tend to get weaker from ~83 to 90, then get better with gear. It kinda sucks. You'll have to learn to be efficient with your heals and best match the incoming damage. There are good guides by Ashleycakes and Elethia on the priest forums and howtopriest.com for both specs.
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100 Draenei Priest
Getting used to healing at 80+ takes a bit to get used to, and it's something every healer experiences - see another recent thread from a shammy - http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/7810052814.

Bottom line, it happens to every healer. After a while you get used to it, and once you hit 90 and get better gear it will become a bit better (although you'll never see anything like you did at the 80 and below instances).

Both holy and disc are fine for dungeons. Personally, I've gotten to the point I prefer disc just because I can do extra damage (smite, penance, and holy fire) while still healing people with atonement.

However, holy still works well. Just make sure you're in the the serenity (single target healing), keep renew on the tank, and use holy word: serenity and possibly heal during low damage phases. Switch to greater heal when the damage increases. Don't forget prayer of mending is great if other players are taking some random damage.

P.S. Don't worry about enchanting gear. I would never enchant gear until I had at least 458 gear at 90.
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90 Undead Priest
Just keep renew on tank and prayer of mending, do regular heals if needed. Its definitely gets harder for holy as you level, however when you get the hang of it, its a walk in the park with a lot of mana to spare.
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