For New Healers: Blizzard Themes for Grid2


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New healers! Are you confused by healing addons? Do you not know which addon to choose? Do you want to try an addon, but not know where to start? Have you tried addons, but given up because you were put off by the alien look and feel of the out-of-the-box configurations? Are you worried about getting used to an addon and then feeling that same unfamiliarity if you ever have to heal with the default UI? Look no further! I bring you: Blizzard Themes for Grid2!

Here's a screenshot of each non-monk healing class with their respective HoTs rolling:

And here's a comparison of the Blizzard default frames and Blizzard-themed Grid2 at the same moment of a fight:

What you see:
* All-Blizzard art assets and fonts
* Appearance designed to blend seamlessly with the default UI
* Overall layout and positions of indicators designed to look familiar and intuitive
* Role icons turn into raid target icons when raid members are marked
* Key tank HoT for each class separated from others for easy readability at a glance
* Shielding effects displayed as a soft translucent bar overlay
* Added out-of-range position arrows
* Added text timers where appropriate
* Added dispel highlighting
* Irrelevant debuffs (Arcane Blast stacks etc.) not shown

What you don't see:
* AoE advice (shown as an icon, or for Holy Radiance and Efflorescence a green square, on the bottom center of the frame over the mana bar)
* Incoming AoE heal display (as splash icons on the top center of the frame)
* HoT timers and stack counters change color by remaining time or stack count, as appropriate
* Pets displayed with raid

Do you like it? Do you want it? I know you want it! Here's how to get it:

1) Download Grid2 here (extract it into your World of Warcraft/Interface/Addons folder, or use the Curse Client):

2) Start up WoW. At the character selection screen, click the Addons button on the bottom left. Make sure all of the Grid2 modules are checked.

3) Log on to your healer. Click the Grid2 button on the minimap or type /grid2 to open the options menu.

4) On the left side of the options menu, click on General Settings. Then in the larger area on the right, click on the tab labeled Profiles, then the sub-tab labeled Advanced. Click on "Import Profile".

5) Alt-tab out of WoW and go to the Pastebin page with the profile for your class.

6) Click the little brown clipboard icon on the Pastebin page to copy the profile. Alternatively, select all the gibberish between the [=== blizztheme - yourclass profile ===]s and copy it.

7) Tab back into WoW. Make sure your cursor is in the profile-importing box ant hit Ctrl-V (your game client may slow down or freeze for a second while it pastes), then click Accept when the text shows up.

8) Click the General subtab again and make sure "blizztheme - yourclass" is selected in the dropdown menu labeled "Existing Profiles (this should be done automatically).

9) Go to the major tab labeled "General", then look at "Layout Settings." If you want your groups to grow vertically instead of horizontally, uncheck "Horizontal groups."

10) Move your frames to where you want them. They will grow down and to the left from your frame. There's an invisible "handle" just under your frame that will let you move them.

11) In the same "Layout Settings" area, check "Frame Lock".

You're done! You can start healing just like you always have! As you grow more familiar, you can start taking advantage of the profound customizability of your new frames. Feel free to ask if there's something you want to change right away :)
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100 Blood Elf Priest

** If you want your frames to bring up the normal unit menu when you rightclick, you will have to download Clique, available here:

Clique is also the addon of choice for binding your heals to mouse buttons. It's very easy and blends right in with your spellbook, and if you like click-casting but want to switch to a different raidframe (or back to the Blizzard defaults), Clique will keep working.


** You may want to configure the AoE Advice and Outgoing Heals portion of the addon right away. I don't believe AoE Healing module settings are included with Grid2 profiles. To configure, on the left-side menu of the configuration screen, click on "Statuses" and then "AoE Heals".

* Paladins will need to:
Add Holy Radiance to "Outgoing Heals"
Make sure that under "neighbors", the max range is set to 9.5 yards
Change the Health deficit value of "neighbors" to something reasonable for Holy Radiance (I use 7500)

* Druids will need to:
Make sure that under "neighbors", the max range is set to 8 yards
Change the Health deficit value of "neighbors" to something reasonable for Efflorescence
Change the Health deficit value of Wild Growth to something reasonable

* Priests will need to:
Add Prayer of Healing to "Outgoing Heals"
Change the Health deficit values of Prayer of Healing and Circle of Healing to something reasonable (I use 10,000 and 7500, respectively)

* Shamans will need to:
Make sure both Chain Heal and Healing Rain are listed in "Outgoing Heals"
Change the range for Chain Heal to 12 yards
Change the health deficit value for Chain Heal to something reasonable (I use 7500)


** I'm afraid I don't know how to make a monk profile because I don't have a high-level monk. If anyone wants to tell me what should go where for monks, I'd be happy to make one :)
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90 Draenei Shaman
I experimented with this, and it gave me crippling lag spikes during Sha of Anger, that mostly seemed to be triggered by me turning/moving. Any idea why?
90 Blood Elf Mage
1) download healbot
2) start game
3) drag healbot to right bottom corner of screen
4) click on healbot bars till full

5) report worthless contribution by you to a very detailed thread as trolling
90 Human Paladin
Yablik, is it safe to assume you have done sha of anger before downloading this addon as well? If not, it could just be that encounter. There are lots of adds, and 30-40 players spamming their spells. It causes lag on machines that aren't higher-end.
100 Blood Elf Priest
02/12/2013 05:58 AMPosted by Tóri
Yablik, is it safe to assume you have done sha of anger before downloading this addon as well? If not, it could just be that encounter. There are lots of adds, and 30-40 players spamming their spells. It causes lag on machines that aren't higher-end.

Yes. I've tested this config and don't have issues (and I use Grid2 normally in my regular config, which uses most of the same features), but I have a higher-end machine. Grid2 typically actually has less CPU impact than the default frames, but some features can have a performance impact.

Whenever you're using a raidframe addon, make sure the Blizzard frames are disabled. If they're enabled, you're effectively getting double the performance impact.

If you still have issues, try disabling the AoE module when you do Sha; that particular function uses a relatively large amount of CPU time for an addon. If you have trouble in LFR as well, try turning down the frequency of the AoE Advice scanners.
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100 Blood Elf Monk
I'm currently a monk healer struggling to set up my grid and was wondering if you could give me a hand with the basics. I imported settings from a friend of mine and messed them up and am wondering how to fix for myself now.
100 Tauren Priest
Necro thread is from Feb 2013. This is from the previous Xpac [MOP] and not the current one, also the links are all invalid apparently.

Grid2, is probably what you want to look into this day and age, I am not even sure if they ever updated grid for 6.0 officially, it was just betas last I heard.

A video for setting up grid2 is here

You can also probably get a lot of help either by starting a new thread in the healing forum here or the UI and macros forum.

If it seems too daunting a task to get grid set up you might try healbotcont or Vuhdu instead as a healing UI or elvui, which is what I use along with clique. Depending on what you want exactly.
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