Ambush in Ashenvale (Mature content)

The early morning frost clung to the brush as the breaking sun pierced the forest's canopy. Deep within the ancient forest of Ashenvale, a young Orc was hard at work, preparing for the day's events. Jor'rok Steelheart had been awake hours before sunrise, searching the forest for a particular tree. Kalimdor Blackwood was the hardest known wood on the continent and it would serve his purposes quite well, as the sun final broke he was finishing up stripping the branch, fletching it into a thick, durable shaft. He had already gathered feathers the day before from his dinner, a plump gull he shot down off the Zoram'gar coast line.

After his breakfast, he checked on his captive, a young human, barely a man, who he found exploring too far from the Alliance outpost. When he chose to show himself to the boy, he knew that this was the pup's first time seeing an Orc not in chains, it brought a smile to Jor'rok's lips as he subdued him. Ensuring his prize was restrained, Jor took a short walk, coming into sight of the secluded post. He had snuck in the night before, eavesdropped on his targets conversation with Maestra's captain, the caravan planned to depart around mid day, hopefully making it through Ashenvale by night fall.

Captain Ogden Stormmaul was an aging Dwarf, he had seen several battles, but his charges, three young rifleman had never seen combat before, the higher up's apparently thought this escort mission was a first good exercise for the recruits. None of that mattered to Jor'rok as he returned to his camp, sitting on his stump, he began chipping away at a stone, the caravan, the Elves, the rifleman, nothing mattered but Stormmaul, his prey. Blowing the dust from the arrow head, Jor completed his arrow and tested the pull on his bow, it took all his strength to pull the bowstring back. Elekk's were massive creature's, it would take a precise and powerful shot to drop one in a single blow.

Looking up at the sky, Jor'rok was ready, the time was growing near. Walking over to his captive, he hoisted him up, he could smell the fear sweating from the boy as he held him back the back of the neck, leaning him over his small campfire, the human struggled and screamed against the cloth in his mouth. Jor'rok pulled a black, stone knife from it's place on his jacket, the one he had made when he left the Shu'halo. Sliding the blade across the humans throat as he whispered to Legba and Ogoun, asking for their blessing on his hunt as he gave them this sacrifice.

The path through Astranaar was no longer safe, the caravan used a less known path, to bypass Hellscream's Watch. The sun was nearing the middle of the sky when Jor'rok heard his quarry near, glancing from behind his tree he saw the Captain in front, axe in hand, a soldier on either side and one in the back. The Elekk pulling the supplies in front, a small, covered wagon behind it, pulled by a mule. Jor knew with the Elekk down, they would be trapped, the path was to narrow to turn the wagon around. Waiting patiently as the convoy moved towards his hiding spot, Jor'rok pulls back his bow, slides around the tree, aim's his shot carefully and whisper's under his breath, "Lok'tar Ogar," then releases...

((To be continued))
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(( Yiiiikes you actually made me cringe a bit. Good writing, thanks for sharing! ))
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(( Thank you for reading it, Jor is getting close to 90 and I wanted to sort of do what I would call an introductory post, sort of give some of the people he may be interacting with a glimpse on what to expect from the character. This story is going to end up being 4-5 posts in total and I'm going to try and get one out every day if not every other day. Hopefully you enjoy the rest of them))
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The loud twang to their right caught the attention of the Dwarves, as they turned towards the source, their attention was snapped back in front of them as the Elekk pulling the supply wagon let out a horrifying, ear-splitting bellow. The beast's cries were cut short as the arrow pierced it's skull, killing it nearly instantly as it began to topple over, the enormous weight snapping the wooden supports like twigs. The dwarves and night elf who was driving the wagon threw their hands up to block the shower of splinters and dust as the Elekk came to rest in the middle of the road.

Jor'rok did not wait to see if his arrow met it's mark, having moved quickly behind the tree he used as cover, getting his second arrow ready and waiting. Hearing the beast cry out and the breaking of wood brought a smirk to his lips, though he knew this was only the beginning, he could hear the Captain shouting to his men in Dwarven. He had no understanding of the language and just stood there, slowing pulling back on the tight bowstring, listening as everything went quiet except for the shuffle of feet and the cocking of rifles. He knew the Night Elves were fierce adversaries but this one didn't have the look of a Druid or Sentinel.

The silence was broken by a scream and the boom of a rifle as one of the dwarves making their way up the hill stepped in his trap. Jor'rok had planted several bear traps along the hill, and knowing these green Mountaineer's would be focused on their wounded comrade, he moved out from his cover, taking aim at one of the other Dwarves, seeing the looks on their faces as he came out, he smiled again and released. The thick, heavy arrow hit the Dwarf square in the chest, piercing straight through him and pinning him against the wagon, he too firing his rifle randomly in the air. Jor'rok began running to the next tree as the two remaining dwarves brought their guns to bear, noticed the elf jump from the wagon and dart for the tree's and a human woman, who was driving the covered wagon jump inside. He jumped behind a log as he heard the boom of the rifles, heard one whiz in behind him and smelled the an aroma of wood as the second grazed the log, boring across the top.

Jumping up, Jor unsheathed his axe and dagger, vaulting from the log and down the hill, maneuvering past his remaing traps towards the ensnared Dwarf, who was too preoccupied with his foot to notice the Orc charging him. Jor'rok lifted his axe above his head, bring it down into the Dwarves skull, his arm shaking at the impact as the blade broke through bone. His partner scream in their language as Jor peeled the Dwarf off his axe, dropping his rifle he pulled his sword and ran forward, he would avenge his comrades and prove his worth to his Captain. Fighting such small creature's seemed awkward for Jor'rok as he moved towards the charging Dwarf, who was letting his anger overtake him as he slashed wide. Dwarves were short but stocky and were much stronger than they looked, but this one was overcome by rage, swinging madly, finding them easy to dodge and sidestep.

Finding an opening, Jor brought his axe down, parrying the wild swing and stepped closer, bringing his knife in, slashing across his foe's arm, stabbing him in the chest before slashing it's throat, feeling the warm spray across his arms. Jor pushed the shocked and gurgling Dwarf back, it fell to the ground as he turned towards the Captain, who was hastily trying to reload his rifle. As the moved towards him, the Captains mouth opened in horror, dropped his rifle, turned and begin running as fast as his short leg's could carry him. Jor'rok was disappointed, he had been tracking this Dwarf for three days, believe he had found a worthy foe, but he was simple craven, his rank filling him with arrogance. The Orc took aim and looses his axe, sending the blade deep into the Captains back. Captain Stormmaul stumbled as he felt a sharp pain his back, his leg's betrayed him as he fell onto his face.

Jor'rok had been so focused on his prey that he had not heard the man climb from the wagon, Matthew Williams was no warrior, but he would defend his family, seeing the carnage before him, he ran towards the Orc who was now walking towards Captain Stormmaul, the Dwarf who had given them passage through Ashenvale. Matthew brought his fist down as the Orc turned to him.

(To be continued)
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