02/09/2013 08:47 AMPosted by Eloderung
I don't know where I'd find a glyph slot for DP.

I had it for a while but... waiting 9 seconds for a big heal seems like no problem even in Megara when rampage is occuring, I just pop it and wait while one of the other healers use their CDs to get their numbers up.... and continue from there.

I hate the idea of depending on Crit > Haste, only because I know my RNG just absolutely sucks! I used Divine Purpose (nothing to do with crit but a hell of a lot for RNG purposes) for a solid week and watched it proc when everyone was full HP, or only twice in one fight... -_- Blizzard just seems to toy with me so I will stick to the preference of Haste > Crit only because it isn't RNG dependant...

Be sure to check back with this question in 5.4, though, once all the paladin changes are finished.
...Not, looking, forward, to this... (Claims Mastery>Crit>Haste will still be the same along with talents, just weaker heals)