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My guildies are wanting to transfer to another realm because the Misha realm is pretty much dead for Horde players. The factor is: Alliance 80% - Horde 20%. It used to be: Alliance 60% - Horde 40% before Mists of Panderia. I can understand the reason for the change since the horde is basically "for now" the bad guys. Now back to the issue at hand. How do I transfer my guild to another realm? I know the basic step of paying for the movement. Is there any way that I can take my guildies with me without them paying? I have some very loyal guildies that love the guild but doesn't like the realm anymore. They want a realm that will give them more opportunities with more horde players. Basically, we want to start over and make a name for ourselves in another realm. Please explain the answers thorougly and in order please. Thank you for your time and consideration.
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02/06/2013 05:59 PMPosted by Teentitan
. How do I transfer my guild to another realm?

Well first you need to do your research is the new realm going to give you and your guild the oppportunities you think it will? what is the enconomy like? Once you narrow down your choice to like three servers then have a couple of your guildies including an officer create toon and play on those servers.. talk to as many players on the realm as possible esp guild leaders of guilds who are your competition. The basic process is pretty easy one your account has to have an authenticator on it for a specific period of time.. Make sure you log into your guild leader toon once or twice after attaching the authenticator, Also do not change toons ie transfer guild leader to an alt.. as if you do you will have to wait for like 2 weeks I think before you can move the guild.

02/06/2013 05:59 PMPosted by Teentitan
Is there any way that I can take my guildies with me without them paying?
No they will each have to pay the transfer fees and then be reinvited back into the guild.. You may lose some guildies who just can not afford to move their toons or all their toons.

Understand this realm transfer may seem like it will solve the problems.. make sure you are transfering for the right reasons, because while it may solve some problems it might create others you did not forsee.

Also remember you will find it a bit harder to recruit on the new realm, your new, no one knows you, no one knows your guild... so new players may be a bit leary at first.

Also the faction balance, that can change, so your new server might be fine now but come the next expansion,, you might be having the same problems with faction imbalances.. in fact most servers are not all that balanced, but some are worse than others
Good luck
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02/06/2013 06:14 PMPosted by Ssinfull
No they will each have to pay the transfer fees and then be reinvited back into the guild

They will have to pay, but as long as they don't gquit before transferring, they'll still be guilded when they get to your new realm.

It's also a 7 day wait if you change the GM character before the guild can be moved. Found that out the hard way. >.>

They only way to really "guarantee" that the horde population will stay stable long term is to go to a realm that is HIGHLY horde dominated like Illidan or Area 52. Balanced realms are more likely to swing one way or the other over time, and it may not be in your favor as you have recently experienced.

Like Ssinfull said, do your research carefully and don't rush the decision. It's a pretty big one as far as this game goes.
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I just went through the same thing at the start of December. Got tired of a dead realm and decided to move the guild. What I did was scout a couple of different realms before deciding on which one that i wanted to be on. I then informed of the guild what was going to happen and gave them 2 weeks notice basically of when the move was going to be. That way with at the time, holidays, it gave them a chance financially to prepare for it. I also let them know if they couldnt afford it, they could make alts over and there be placed into guild. In addition to that, with a personal gold lvl of 50k on a toon, they had the option to deposit gold into the guild vault since there is no limit and mailed the info to me. If u do follow through on the transfer, when you select ur guild and toon, it will ask u who do u want to have as the gm of the lvl 1 guild u leave behind. You can select an alt ur leaving, which in my case I did. Your guildies will be placed into guild like Sub said, but they will be placed in lowest rank, you will have to promote them to what rank they had before. Their rep will remain the same as well. Good luck with ur choice
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02/07/2013 06:56 AMPosted by Subrosian
No they will each have to pay the transfer fees and then be reinvited back into the guild.

While they do have to pay for their own transfer, they will not have to be re-invited.

When you move your guild, your guild members will receive an email notifying them of the transfer. When they login to their account, they will now have an option to take the guild transfer, which will automatically move them with the guild, preserving their reputations, achievements, etc...

Thanks for the correction .. you are both are correct
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You can always refund them the transfer fees via PayPal after the move. The price tag in the end will be high for you if you do that but most people will move then. Otherwise many will stay as many people play this game at the expense of other bills or barely make the monthly payments as is. But that clearly depends on your own financial situation.
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