Best and Worst Healing Classes

90 Troll Shaman
A lot of it is subjective.

I have healed with Shaman, Pally, Druid and Priest at 90 mostly PvE and some PvP. I enjoy my shaman most, maybe its not the best healer in the game but the play style for me is great.

Never concerned with mana (unlike my pally) - I love Riptide, Chain Heal, Earth Shield, Healing Rain, HW and GHW... all the wide variety of Shaman spells, totems, CD's, etc. feels like there are so many choices during the fights.

I have played resto shaman since Molton Core when only horde could be shaman - i still enjoy playing him - a lot can be said for that alone.
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90 Draenei Shaman
I think you also need to consider both healing output and raid utility.

For instance, a MW Monk should by all rights be able to "beat" a Resto Shaman on the meters on most fights. If you consider that the Resto Shaman is bringing:

- 10% extra health buff (not 100% reliable for every single person in the raid, but still extremely strong)
- Mana Tide
- Several powerful burst healing cooldowns
- Spirit Link
- Stormlash and Hero (the latter is only relevant for 10's without a DPS to cast it, but the former is always relevant)
- Various utility totems that may be useful at times, such as Windwalk or Tremor

Whereas the MW brings:

- Revival. Very nice for raid-wide AoE's that all strike at once, but pales in comparison to most other "raid saves".
- Life Cocoon, somewhat useful tank cooldown. Absorbs 200k or so, good if the tank is about to keel over but not powerful enough to be a "tank cooldown" in the traditional Pain Suppression/Hand of Sac sense.
- Zen Meditation is nifty on a couple heroic modes. Likewise, there are sometimes advantages to being able to stick a healer in melee range without needing to worry about stuff like Wind Bombs and Wind Steps and what have you.
- ???

It's not really so linear now is it :-P

GC has said repeatedly that healing, tanking and DPS specs are not balanced around utility in any way - from a pure throughput perspective, they are intended to be balanced around pure output within a reasonable margin (5-10%). The level of utility various specs bring is very subjective and very fight dependent. There's no question that Monk CDs could use some work, but that is the real issue, not their output.

From your Monk list, you are missing 2 really key pieces of utility Mistweavers bring
1. They have the ability to contribute a significant amount of extra raid damage while going healing normally. Only Disc priests are close in terms of damage output. On our latest H Sha kill, our Mistweaver contributed 28 million damage. In comparison, our Druid, Shaman and Paladin only did 3-5 million and our lower DPS were around 100 million. This means that a Mistweaver is effectively worth 25% of a DPS in addition to providing competitive healing output. That does more for raid DPS than a Stormlash totem or Banner does.
2. Because of their fistweaving mechanics, they can not be targeted by boss mechanics that only target ranged DPS or healers (but do not target melee). Mistweavers can just ignore any mechanic that forces any other healer from not being in melee, which is a huge advantage on a lot of fights.

As far as your Shaman list, some caveats
-Burst cooldowns are part of Shaman output and part of what that output is balanced around. Our output outside of Healing Tide and Ascendance is significantly below what other healers can consistently put out. This really isn't much of an excuse for lower overall output
-Agreed on Mana Tide and the HP buff; both provide strong raid utility unique to the spec
-SLT is decent, but all other healers also have raid cooldowns, and it ranges from weak to amazing depending on fight mechanics, like other CDs.
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90 Draenei Shaman
I just don't understand why Shaman throughput is so balanced around cooldowns.

Nerf Healing Tide by a fair margin to bring it in line with other healer cooldowns, nerf Ascendance a little to make up for my next suggestion, and buff... pretty much everything else in their arsenal. Congratulations! You have not fixed Resto Shamans per se, but you have made the design significantly less stupid.

The problem with nerfing Healing Tide and buffing everything else is - PvP considerations means there is no way you can just apply a flatline buff to every Shaman healing spell. The buff they would need to provide to compensate for nerfing Healing Tide would have to be something that would not significantly effect PvP. It basically would have to be to Healing Rain (or possibly Chain Heal).

Not only is Shaman output too tied into cooldowns, it also is already far too tied into Healing Rain. In a 25 man raid, Healing Rain is 30-40% of typical output. I don't think that buffing that any further and tying even more performance into a spell that you essentially blindly hit every 10-15 seconds is going to add anything to the game play.

PvP balance means they can not buff our direct heals, so I don't know what else could be buffed unless they want to look at a total mastery redesign. That is pretty much why I think a HTT nerf is highly unlikely, even when that talent is being taken by 95%+ of resto shaman.
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100 Blood Elf Priest
02/01/2013 05:15 PMPosted by Tiberria
even when that talent is being taken by 95%+ of resto shaman.

This is sort of an issue, though, although I think nerfing HTT would be a bad bad horrible way to "fix" it. What needs to happen is a Conductivity redesign.

(Seriously, what in the nine hells is that talent supposed to be for? OK, it sucks for Resto...sometimes a talent sucks for a particular spec. But it's completely useless for Ele (they'd never have a Healing Rain down) and while Enh might be able to get some use out of it by gimping their DPS, HTT is superior for all the same reasons as it is for resto plus the fact that you don't have to gimp your DPS to use it.)
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90 Draenei Shaman
Conductivity is a completely useless talent for all situations, but I don't think that fixing it would do much for the HTT being taken as the talent by almost every resto shaman issue. You'd still run into the issue that HTT is better than Ancestral Guidance in every way except rare fights with gimmick mechanics (Tsulong). The problem with buffing AG is that it already is generally superior for the DPS specs (mainly because it is off the GCD and because DPS specs don't get a 50% buff to water totems passive), so buffing it will then make it taken by 99% of Ele/Enhance Shaman, replacing one issue with another issue. Also, if you nerf HTT, it will then be totally useless for Ele and Enhance.

There just really isn't a good way to fix that talent tier so that all 3 talents are viable for all specs. They are probably satisfied with getting it to the point that HTT is the Resto talent and AG is the DPS talent, making them somewhat close in terms of how many people are taking them for the class as a whole.
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100 Blood Elf Priest
Well, if you fixed Cdtv so that it was actually for what I'd guess it's probably supposed to be for (sustained healing), then it's vaguely possible that it might actually be useful for Resto, although it would still be useless for Ele/Enh.

For instance, if they don't want to do the CH range increase baseline, that might be a good place to put it (instead of as a glyph with a drawback). Maybe even increase the range of HR as well. Would still accomplish the same thing devs want to accomplish with making it an "option", in that you have to make a major sacrifice to get it, while being attractive enough to potentially draw people away from HTT on some fights.
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90 Draenei Shaman
I don't think Chain Heal in general is attractive enough to make a talent increasing the jump range that desirable. Even when the raid is stacked, you are often better off just using Healing Wave (or casting Lightning Bolts) than spamming Chain Heal as a filler. Using Healing Rain, Riptide and Healing Stream Totem on CD is mana intensive enough that using Chain Heal on top of that with any kind of frequency drains your mana way too quickly even at 15,000+ raid buffed Spirit unless you never have to drop a GHW/HS (completely unrealistic in hard modes). Chain Heal is significantly less HPM than RT/HR/HST, so you definitely don't want to replace any of them with more CH casts.

Right now, Chain Heal feels like more of a way to burn off excess mana when you have it than an effective option. It isn't anywhere near as prominent a part of Shaman healing as it was even in Cata. They'd have to make it a lot more attractive before any talent built around it will be attractive.
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90 Worgen Druid
I honestly found it very strange that healing tide totem was part of a talent tier. Who wouldn't take that? It's so powerful and clutch that there's not much reason to really consider the other options outside of specific occasions (tsulong).

I guess they felt like they couldn't just GIVE it to shamans but it really should be baseline and that talent tier revamped.

I feel that shamans deserved a raid cooldown but not one that they have to pick out of talents.
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90 Troll Druid
I still think that druids can (in 10M heroic) rank a lot higher than the averages say they do. If you're a resto druid who is still struggling with mana issues incarnation seems like the only reasonable tier 60 talent, right? Wrong... not imo anyway. As soon as i broke out of my shell and started experimenting on my ownw with SotF, I discovered that druids have what i would rank to be about the same as a holy pally(pulling numbers out of my !@# of course). I stopped stacking so much spirit and started stacking more intellect as I felt stacking spirit was counter productive. As it stands now, I find my self in the same or slightly better state for mana. The burst healing with SotF buffed WGs prevents me from blanketing too many rejuvs that would run me oom after burst damage with Incarnation. To me Incarnation is nothing more than a mana CD, while providing a decent amount of healing. Though blanketing in lifeblooms is extremely clunky, and a lot of GCDs to pull off the same or less healing output that SotF + WG provide on a 15 second CD. That extra time, allows you to spend more time doing other stuff, like DPSing or sitting around with your thumb up your $%^ (not spending mana AKA gaining mana back).

For two healer fights, I'm healing side by side with our holy pally... and our numbers are usually within 0.5% of each other. On three heal fights we add a disc priest, and yes my heals do fall off considerably. These are the fights that i'm pre-potting and popping HotW for a nice 4-5 million damage burst at the beginning of the fight. More utility right? At this point... healing with 3 healers in 10 man, you'll need to stop worrying about your personal glory and just go in with the mentality of "Did anyone die" "No" .... you healed enough.

SotF i find extremely useful during the 3 healer fights because of its ability to burst heal when needed. You can also SotF buff a lifebloom on the tank, SotF buff hurricane for nice AoE dps (I use this fancy trick on Heroic Windlord. Having this added utility on Windlord is also nice because for the bulk majority of the fight its solo heal-able... except for those moments when you need the burst healing that Incarnation just doesn't provide). For heroic Bladelord, I like to SotF buff rejuvs on the players with the windstep debuff. the 2 extra ticks makes this very useful and help conserve a lot of mana. Another trick i like to use is to put Symb on a shaman, and have a mobile tranq during phase two. More utility right?

I've been playing my druid on and off since the beginning of BC, but I haven't really made it my main until the end of FL... Needless to say, over the past few years I come to love this class and everything it has to offer. I still can't help but notice the hundreds of people on the forums that complain about the class. SotF is currently the best throughput talent... PERIOD! And with the 20% buff in 5.2, Incarnation will be mostly useless for resto. Also the 10% buff we're getting in 5.2 will put us over the top. This is also considering disc priests are taking a huge hit... Holy Pally's are pretty much the same. Looking at the top guilds right now... you'll notice they're gearing out an army of resto druids for 5.2 launch. It will be the new mandatory healer class to bring on raids.
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