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90 Orc Warrior
If Ally never gets Oondasta I'm going horde.

It's not worth the time or effort. Dealing with a bunch of morons is no fun.
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87 Tauren Druid
First day on horde someone said "/2 wanna go *$&% with teh alliance?"
...It's going to be fun
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44 Pandaren Monk
there is to many server with low populations.take those and merge them as one.
Illidan as way to many hordes and pvp suck.
if your a alied to bad because you cant get groups for Bosses encounter.
its easy to tell people to transfer to another server the question is which one?
some sugested to look at "" it gives no info first thing the want you to do is sign in with googles.HELL NO I refuse using googles facebook and the likes.
some say its not Blizz problem but I desagree they are the ones who made that many realms.
just look at Illidan for a seconde here why do we have so many asian there?
in general chats they take 5 lines to write their whatever and we cant have the same.
you cant talk more then 3 times then your on time out for a while what in the HELL IS THIS?
try going to the new area and see how long before you leave since you wont be able to to any quests.80 of them 1 of us.
they have to many servers time to cut some lose and try to balance the population.
there is a lot Blizz can do they just refuse to do it.they are getting cheaper as time goes on just look at the anniversery a buff now instead of a least give us a item we can use.
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100 Blood Elf Monk
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100 Human Warlock
well if ya'll looking for rbgs, raids, boss encounters, or just to farm shiit. Vashj is a very active realm not yet merged (very good). i welcome u to vashj. IronWolf87#1950

lol smolderthorn, yeah be honest i would of xferred out of here long ago, regardless if it was one of the first,(i shouldnt talk i've been in vashj since it was a new born, and if it died i prolly wouldnt leave)
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