Propose Wildhammer merge into another server

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This is truly a pathetic thing, when for a solid week of trying to find a DPS for our raid group, and we're not some run of the mill group, our entire team are high ranking on gear. Wildhamer is dead, most people either moved to horde, moved off the server (due to crashes and lack of people), so now there's hardly anyone here. The best guilds have moved off due to the same problems we are facing, can't find anyone to fill in spots.

Can we just merge wildhammer with another server? Even a smaller server. This is so depressing when you can't even pug for a dps on Friday night for a raid.

Otherwise, is there a way to migrate the entire guild and guildies, because our guild has probably 100+ active members (those logging on at least monthly).

At least i have minecraft...
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This should be posted on another forum. . . . lawl
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So glad I left, was on Wildhammer since it opened, until about 2 weeks ago. It is sad how dead it is, but I am very happy to be on a server now that always has everything going. Xmog runs constantly, achievement runs constantly, current raid pugs, RBGs constantly, hell I even killed Sha in a full group that formed in about 3 mins at 4am. Goodbye Wildhammer!!!
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Blizzard will not do server mergers, they have said this time and time again. Time to reroll or server transfer; only way out of Deadhammer at this point. Horde side has fallen apart too. At the rate the servers are failing, might be lucky to see 5-10 decently populated ones in the next several months.
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I am just going to say this, Illidan Horde server is pugging FULL heroic raid clears in one night.

Looking at the progress on wildhammer is pretty bad. I mean geez. I think its the crashing issue that draws peeps away?
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Crash Hammer is getting really bad lately...I Just started playing this game about a month ago and have nothing but problems!

Blizzard should really consider doing something like merging! I am almost at my end with this game already, and its only been a month...Love the game, but not paying no $25 for a server transfer...

I have watched our guild go from 100+ to 60 in the last 2weeks...I even got a few buddies(6) to start playing...we all have 90's and feel the game is dead once u hit 90 because theres a hour long que waiting for others to join on anything really! who wants to sit around WAITING for a raid, BG, Dungeon for 20-60mins and then when ur at the final boss or nearing the end of the match the damn server crashes and u get F all...Then wait another 15mins or so for the server to come back up! BS!

The saddest part is that we pay monthly for this crap! GW2 is free and runs smooth all the time, not that its a better game...just the point that it runs waaay better and its free!

Blizzard should take in to consideration that theres ppl quiting wow due to this server...not transfering, but quitting! This means no money Blizzard...I realize its not the end of the world for u loosing a few customers, but its extra money! Is this not a buisness? MONEY is what buisness is about last time I checked!

And seriously if this doesnt get fixed, u just lost 6 more customers!
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Heh, I really do not miss Deadhammer. ;)
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And no one misses any of you bads, either.
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