Why do people shy away from tanking?

100 Blood Elf Warrior
I always wonder this. I mean most people are ok with it if it's your first time, and if you do get kicked, there's no real consequence for it. Gotta learn somehow right? So honestly, why do people get nervous to tank? Not saying it's wrong or stupid or anything, just curious.
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90 Human Death Knight
I've always thought it was people thinking it's a lot bigger responsibility than DPS and/or they want to be able to be lazy sometimes.
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90 Pandaren Monk
I cannot play a non-tanking character anymore, actually. I don't know how people stand those long queue times, or more importantly, not worry about your raid being short a role for the night.

That is why I played a druid for a long time and now a monk.
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100 Human Paladin
i usually tank.

that said, when i don't feel like tanking its either because A: i'm feeling lazy and i can seriously zone out to dps (and sometimes healing) or B: i simply don't feel like the headache babysitting a group in the virtual world i go to to relax.

Mostly B honestly.
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90 Pandaren Monk
Because tanking shoulders a lot of responsibility and the tank is usually the first person blamed when things go wrong, even if it's not the tank's fault. Learning to tank at the cap is hard because you're struggling to get the basics down when everyone is is in your group is GO GO GO GO GO. Learning to tank as you level is hilariously inefficient because until just before the cap you're little more than a DPS with a bigger health pool and if you don't GO GO GO GO GO fast enough, they'll go without you.

When I do heroics, as of late, I pull out my Mistweaver spec. Less pressure and I can zone out and relax. I'd go DPS, but I can't stand the queue times.
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100 Worgen Druid
People shy away from tanking because, while it's not difficult, it's obvious when you make an error.
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90 Human Warrior
I tried tanking early in my leveling career, about level 60. I was in a couple of groups and had a horrible experience while trying to learn how to do it properly. It made me shy away from it until the Deathwing era. Eventually, I heard about these forums, IcyVeins, Noxxic, and joined a guild that helped spoon feed me until I learned it. Now, I enjoy tanking LFD and am beginning to tank LFR.

There's a lot of responsibility placed on the tank. And, as mentioned above, a lot of blame. I tried a LFR recently and caused a wipe. That kind of leaves a bad tastse in a tank's mouth when it happens.
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90 Human Monk
Mostly because I don't like putting up with all idiots and jerks.
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90 Draenei Paladin
02/03/2013 02:39 PMPosted by Mafic
I always wonder this. I mean most people are ok with it if it's your first time, and if you do get kicked, there's no real consequence for it. Gotta learn somehow right? So honestly, why do people get nervous to tank? Not saying it's wrong or stupid or anything, just curious.

The big thing for me not wanting to tank is, battle flow... in this game it seems a lot more chaotic (than it actually is)... so by way of mind set, i rather not take the "hot" seat... I guess if classes that can tank had a up to date how to tank walk through to start them off it would be different... all i see as is is outdated sticky's with general info...
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90 Pandaren Monk
That is funny you should say that. I just picked up my warrior and read the warrior prot sticky in their forum and it had all the info I needed to get started.
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100 Dwarf Warrior
I used to tank everything almost entirely. I now DPS sometimes. Usually its more comfortable for dailies since the difference in damage between Fury and low Vengeance Prot is fairly large.

I also usually DPS LFR. The queue times are often faster and I sometimes just want to zone out and collect DPS loot. I still tank heroics because its still fun to just jump in and smash things.
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90 Draenei Paladin
02/04/2013 12:27 PMPosted by Chuin
That is funny you should say that. I just picked up my warrior and read the warrior prot sticky in their forum and it had all the info I needed to get started.

i guess for some classes it's different then others...
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90 Night Elf Druid
Speaking as someone who just recently picked up the tanking mantle, here are some of the most important reasons that I avoided it until just recently when our GM asked me to give it a try.

First, there is the responsibility. It's scary to know that everyone is depending on you, and because you pay a lot of attention to the tank when you run Ds, you know that everyone will be paying a lot of attention to you, and that every little mistake you make is going to be noticed - and any significant mistake is going to cause someone else - or everyone else -significant grief. This also applies to being healer to some extent - but to a greatly reduced degree. The key difference is that no one really starts paying attention to you UNTIL you make a big enough mistake to cause problems as a healer.

Second, there is the complexity, and the required attention to detail - and the accompanying uncertainty associated with it, which compounds the anxiety over any mistakes you (know darn well you will) make. You can run a dungeon a dozen times as a healer or a DPS, but when you go to tank it as a new tank, you are still uncertain of a whole host of details - any of which might or might not be crucial.

As a healer or DPS, I'm concerned with where the tank is, and what the tank is doing, and what I'm standing in, and what's coming at me. As the tank, I need 17 more eyeballs - I gotta watch what I'm doing, what I'm standing in, what's coming, what the mobs we're engaged with are doing, what the ones we aren't engaged with yet but are nearby are doing, and what the other 4 players in the group are doing or not doing - all while controlling the current fight. It's just a very different dynamic, with a much larger list of stuff that requires focus.

And those are good reasons - but the most important reason that I avoided it for so long is this:

It's that there just isn't really any exposure to the required skills OTHER than in a group setting, with you playing as the tank. You DPS from the moment you take the first quest, and playing as a healer is a very natural extension of using the healing tools on yourself, so either of those roles are natural progressions from the questing environment, and don't take a great deal of "visualization" to anticipate how you might do them reasonably well. And when in an instance, you adjust what you do to what the tank is doing. Tanking on the other hand is a great unknown - you don't know what to expect until you do it, and you are likely to be totally lost the first few times - and everyone will be looking to you to set the pace and make it all happen.

Mix in the gentle, kind, patient, considerate, forgiving nature (not!) of the very vocal minority of WoW players, and I think many otherwise very competent tanks never manage to get over the hump and start to get things sorted.

All IMO, and again, simply from my point of view, having just made the leap of faith in the last week to 10 days myself.

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100 Pandaren Monk
I shy away from tanking when I'm unfamilar with a dungeon or what not for a reason listed above. People around me are always full speed while I'm getting my feet wet. I'm being pressured to move faster, while balancing my mitigation, threat, and ensuring that no adds come or I lose threat and my dps / healer gets beat on. It's a lot to micro manage, and when that happens during your first initial runs it leaves that sour taste in your mouth.
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100 Dwarf Death Knight
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I think the main reason is that tanks are expected to lead the groups in dungeons.

Alot of people simply do not want to be leaders and alot of people don't know their way around dungeons very well so they think they can't lead.

It's a common misconception because any class can lead, it doesn't have to be the tank. And if the tank doesn't know their way around a dungeon, others will be happy to help.
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90 Orc Warrior
Good Question. I'll Explain it to you, in few Simple Points why less and less people choose this role.

So You got a Group of Mobs to tank. all of a sudden you see

"Changed Target" "Changed target" "Changed Target" "Changed target"


Threatening Presence on Minions, Pulls mobs away from you constantly when u trying to control them into Harmful AoEs for Mobs, or bosses.
Hell... every time tanks sees "Changed target" its a bit of a stress because Now you gotta let go of focus on 5 mobs u have on you and chase that one to re-taunt it because who knows it might be going for a healer, and my priority of tanking is keeping attackers off of healers and DPS to make a job easier for healers, Therefore Healer always got mana to get you up at tough times.
And Plus every time you Tell a warlock to turn it of, he'll f%#*ing fight with you about it and tell you how it is off, when that "Idiot" cant see the buff on His Minion. Its getting really annoying to having to deal with that Sh*t.


Growl, Same flipping deal as Warlocks Threatening Presence, for Crying out loud, Its really not that Hard to right click the spell and change your pet into a DPS Spec.

With that said, and in Addition, when u r trying to take that moment to tell a noob politely to turn one or the other off, in order to protect DPS and Healer from taking unnecessary dmg, You'll Have them telling you also to not be " Cry baby" or " QQ Moar" or " Quit your B*tching"
Its really demotivating when you are disrespected by and yelled at by very people you are trying to protect.

So really its Not the Mechanics of Tanking that are drifting people away from tanking, its the people you join a group with. Its Those 2 "L33t" wannabe kids sitting holding hands from same realm who all of a sudden got B*lls to disregard you and your role, and argue with you every step of the way.

I got 3 tanking toons 2 of which are at max level, and I've Fought those people every D*mn day. Up To A Point where I Just no Longer tank in LFD. I Love tanking for My Friends in <Epic Raiderz> When we're 5/5 or 4/5 in LFD,
Or When we 're raiding on weekends, there is no Better feeling than Having to tank your Way through All of MV10 or HoF10, because you know if not for your effort, not for your concentration, timing, None of this Would have been Possible. When you one shot a boss, or which ever you do. There is No way around it with out a tank.
Yet the respect and understanding we get from people is obsolete.

And that, is why Less and less of people want to tank, Not Because its hard, But Because of People, that would rather fight with you about it rather than just Turn off Taunting buff/Spell off, and resume in a calm environment Raid/ Dungeon.
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The only reason I can think of is that people don't want the responsibility of keeping the team alive. After I get this hunter up to 90 I am going to start lvling my warrior, there seems to be a huge lack of tanks in the RDF.
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