Why do people shy away from tanking?

90 Human Death Knight
It's bizarre to me to see so few low-level tanks. It's so easy, I want to do something else by now, like heal.

Though with pure DPS classes existing, and every class having a DPS role, and every DPS role being preferred for questing, I can see how DPS outnumber the other two roles.

It's like some people don't realize how easy and fast it is to level by chain-queueing instances as tank, and how stressless it can be when you chain-pull the whole instance.

But I suppose: that knowledge is gotten with experience, and while learning to play the game, there are other elements to learn first.
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90 Dwarf Warrior
02/05/2013 10:51 AMPosted by Cryan
The only reason I can think of is that people don't want the responsibility of keeping the team alive. After I get this hunter up to 90 I am going to start lvling my warrior, there seems to be a huge lack of tanks in the RDF.

You'll get instant queues.

Also, my first max level char was a hunter, which I loved. I always took interest in tanking, so after a few months of gearing, I made my warrior and leveled him. In my opinion, people shy away from it because when they try it at a low level, they die/can't hold aggro so they just feel it's too hard and never try it again.
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02/04/2013 04:18 PMPosted by Sylth
You DPS from the moment you take the first quest, and playing as a healer is a very natural extension of using the healing tools on yourself, so either of those roles are natural progressions from the questing environment, and don't take a great deal of "visualization" to anticipate how you might do them reasonably well.

This. But also, many people never really think about trying out something new. They start out in a DPS spec and .... just stay there.

When someone does jump into tanking, they don't necessarily have the tools in-game to understand aggro and positioning, and being head-first in the boss's crotch actually makes it harder to see everything going on around you.

Then the "Changed Target!!" spam doesn't help. You know you failed, but it's not obvious which mob is running away from you or where you're going.

What I'm saying is, tanking is very hectic and intimidating when you don't have the right tools (like Tidy Plates or keybindings) and you don't understand the basics of positioning, strafing, and LOS.
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90 Draenei Death Knight
For me, I prefer playing DPS toons because I love seeing BIG numbers appear on the screen. It makes me feel powerful and each time I upgrade my gear, I see even bigger numbers. Gives me a sense of progression with the toon and it feels nice to down the boss quickly and cleanly.

When playing tank, while the DK still puts out decent damage number, it is nothing like what a good DPS can do. While that is not the focus of the tank role, I sort of feel like a punching bag and I'm just holding the mobs/bosses in place while waiting for others to finish them off.

Healers are in worst position, which is why there are so few healers.
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90 Tauren Death Knight
I guess the reason I haven't tanked in MOP, has to do with a few loud mouth DPS's. Dont get me wrong I enjoyed tanking most of the time, and met some really nice people, but the few that were a pain messed it all up for me. I was a slow tank always wanted to make sure I didn't tank on more the what I thought the group could handle, yes and sometimes we could have handled more, So the gogogogogo DPSer's were a pain in my back side.
I still tank for friends and guild mates that are lvling a new toon, but that is about it.
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90 Human Warrior
Because when I tank, there's a chance there will be 0 dps that:

1) know how to interupt
2) can do more than 30k
3) both 1 and 2 at the same time.
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90 Tauren Druid
02/03/2013 02:44 PMPosted by Tsek
I've always thought it was people thinking it's a lot bigger responsibility than DPS and/or they want to be able to be lazy sometimes.

Well technically it is, I think most of us tanks on the forums (lets face it if your on the forums your already halfway to being a 80+ percentile player) do a lot of thinks without really thinking about.

Just looking at healers mana, knowing what mobs I can pull together and what mobs hit/debuff too much and can't be pulled together. And for the most part being aware. You can always tell who the new tank is because he will be largely unaware of the mobs beating on people.

One of my biggest irks though is tanks who don't pull, its like why are you standing behind the freaking healer move forward and pull the damn mobs. Personally if I know the healer has the mana, or I know I have the CDs to live, I'm pulling.
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90 Gnome Rogue
I was laughing when the Tank had to kick a Healer out of the group because the healer wouldn't stop talking and was criticizing the Tank and we were doing so horrible so we kick the healer out and got a new one and finally finish the Instance.
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90 Human Paladin
I love tanking. I can't stand dps for pve, I only play ret in pvp since they made pvp prot useless in 4.3.

Even on my monk I'm a brewmaster; I level prot and play prot at max level. Only dps I managed to level soley as dps was a dk but they start at 55 so it made it a bit easier. Even now I don't play him and might make him blood one day if I ever wanna play him seriously.

I believe because tanks are looked at to lead a group or get a lot of flak if something bad happens like dps pulling before you're ready or when a hunter pet uses growl and so forth. It can be hectic sometimes like in LFR when people go mongoloid not doing any cc and all spread out, makes it hard to get enough threat on everything because you can only taunt so much and pally initial tps sucks.

Basically you are blamed many times for anything gone wrong but I enjoy being in that position even though if it's a new fight I do get a little bit apprehensive. I like to be in the front making most of the pulls and controlling the mobs; I dislike being in the back as a dps and I've barely ever touched healing which was only leveling on my shaman as elemental since dps queues were long I healed as a dps :P
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90 Tauren Druid
As a DPS, you get to compete with the other DPS, and lord it over them if you are the top DPS.

As a Tank, you aren't really competing with anyone. You succeed at keeping aggro, or you don't.

As a DPS, if you are feeling lazy and sleepwalk through the instance, it's not really a big deal. Things go a little slower but it's not gamebreaking.

As a Tank, you always have to be alert. Even easy instances require you to be on the ball, because your DPS will get arrogant and start pulling at super-speed. Even the joke heroic mobs can splatter the DPS if they pull enough at once. So Tanks never get to be lazy.

So, harder, no real chance to competatively score higher than your partymates, can't really be lazy even in easy instances.
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90 Night Elf Druid
Why? Normally in life I'm a pretty confident person; when I know something..

But in WoW.. I haven't been playing as long as most of you (only since mid-cata).. I have lack of confidence.. fear of failure.. not wanting the embarrassment if I do something wrong. Not wanting to let an individual or group down.

There's more complexity and responsibility. As a dps it takes very little for me to learn a fight/dungeon.. and you don't need to know where you're going; you follow.. It's laid back. You can die and not cause a wipe.

Here's what I think I've learned though..

It has a LOT to do with the community/groups.. All those things don't matter if you are surrounded by nice people. I've done 100s of dungeons.. most people are fine. But it only takes a few to not make things fun. It's a game.. I'm here to have fun.. not get negative feedback.

But here's the thing.. my guild decided to put a 10 man together again to do some 'normal' raiding.. I had never officially raided before and was excited to get included as a dps. I was going to just run as a feral druid.

Well, a week or two ago we learned one of the only two tanks couldn't tank anymore and they asked me if I wanted to tank. I held my breath and typed out, "I am willing..." O_O

I could only say that because these aren't strangers..

They assured me they were laid back and would be easy on me. And I've known them for a year or so.. which makes it easier. They ran me through a couple heroics to see how I did. I did great! (i was told) I thought, this isn't so bad! It did help I've run mop heroics dozens of times each as a dps so I had a pretty good idea what to do.

There is still complexity and after studying the fights more closely.. responsibility as a tank. Just on the first fight in mogu'shan. What? As a dps I just needed to make sure I didn't stand in stuff. Now I'm having to keep track of what one out of three boss' are casting, what each of their health pools are, taunting the right one when needed.. positioning the bosses..

Next boss,.. the tanks have several extra responsibilities while doing your usual tanking stuff..

I've spent the last couple days just changing my UI.. just to keep track of things I never needed to worry about as a dps.......................

BUT, I'm not worried because I'm running with a nice group of people I've known for a year; that are casual and forgiving. Nice people. Well, we'll see HOW forgiving they are this Sunday night. LOL!

I hope it goes well.. because I know there's a need for more tanks. And I do enjoy it as a whole.. maybe it'll give me more confidence to do pugs in the future.
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