Looking for Warrior Tank Suggestions.

90 Undead Priest
Ok so i'm currently in the process of leveling a Troll Warrior tank. For the time being i'm leveling him as dps just to get through some solo'ing situations and profession leveling *mining/jc'ing*. I've NEVER tanked anything before been doing dps classes since vanilla.

My question is what should be my priority when tanking mobs and such. Like do I go right away from healers/spell casters or to any bigger melee types? I've been looking up rotation attacks for single target and multi target and all the other essentials but i'm also curious as to what Mods/addons people are also using to make tanking any easier on them or helpful in any way.
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90 Tauren Warrior
Generally, just get some damage on everything as fast as you can as dungeons end up being aoe spam fests. Try not to use tclap/shockwave until you can get most or all of the mobs in the pull with them. After that just keep an eye on what the dps are actively focusing and switch to it.

Addons like omen and such aren't really necessary anymore, but tidyplates is useful.
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90 Undead Priest
tyvm =)
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90 Orc Warrior
For Single Target - Shield Slam, Revenge, Devastate, Thunder Clap once every 30 seconds to maintain Debuff, Heroic Strike when Ultimatium procs or you survial isnt an issue.

Multiple Targets - Thunder Clap spam, Revenge, Shockwave/Dragons Roar/Bladestorm (depending on what you take/took), Heroic Leap, tab thru and Shield Slam & Devastate if nothing else is available. Cleave on Ultimatium proc's or when survial isnt an issue.

Heroic Strike & Cleave are off the GCD so use when lit up or rage allows.

Use Shield Block for when you have a bunch of melee mobs on you. Shield Barrier for when taking magic damage.

I use the standard default UI with Skada for a threat meter that I have set up to switch back to Damage Done/DPS when out of combat. I have the enemy health bars shown above the mobs heads and when it gets larger I know Ive either lost aggro or am about to. In addition to DBM.

A lot of people recommend Tidy Plates and Tidy Threat Plates.
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100 Blood Elf Priest
A compact raidframe setup can help a lot. It gives you a lot of information in a small space - who has aggro, how much mana your healer has, whether anyone's been feared and might be running into that pack of mobs you skipped - and gives you a convenient way to target people in your group for Safeguard/Intervene. I use Grid for this.

A unitframe mod that lets you put your target and target-of-target frames closer to the center of the screen will also help. You'll want the target frame to show castbar, buffs, your debuffs, and optionally everyone else's debuffs. If you get into raiding, you'll need the target-of-target frame to show debuffs. I use Shadowed Unit Frames for this.
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