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My guildees and I are looking for a new server to call our home and Kargath caught our eye. If anyone can give us some info on the economy, how many unguilded players there are, how well do the pugs do, and if you would recommend starting our guild on this server.
Thank you for any input that you have.
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Bump and thanks for your time!
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Hello, Kargath's economy is okay, from what I can tell theres not many Unguilded Players, and theres rarely any pugs. For starting your guild, I'd advise you merge into a guild. For example, Lockdown is currently recruiting for 25 man.
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Hey Fanden, well we'd start here with a good base of 5-6 players and just looking to fill some dps roles really or possibly a tank with some dependable players for a 10m. We're just tired of losing people and having to rebuild. We have been together for like 6 years and raid more for the fun of raiding together than being a competitor for top on the server. A number of us have been that in many other guilds but it was never like the fun we had as a group and are looking to get back to that.
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We're currently rebuilding and will be running a 10 man and plan on going 25 man in 5.2. If you'd be interested we could use a tank and dps.
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Hey guys,

Kargath is an average server with many 10 man guilds on it.

I would love to chat with you to see if there is a fit for your group to come under our banner.

We are looking to start a 2nd 10 man anyway, and having you and your friends be the core would be a good fit.

Our main 10 man group has an overflow of quality players that want to raid, and could easily fill a 10 man group if joined with your players.

Our main group is 6/6 MV, 4/6 HoF, ToES 3/4 (elite protectors) and progressing quickly.

We are a mature group that raids Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 10pm EST to 1am EST. If we start a second group, the times could shift to fit the needs of the group. :)

Add me darthmongo#1551 and lets chat to see if there is any synergy here.

Hope to talk with you soon.
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Economy: Not really bustling, but it's not a dead zone either. Raid mats tend to be really inflated, even moreso than most servers. It's not all bad though.

Unguilded players: Not too many. There are a lot of different guilds scrambling for recruits, so you're likely going to face the same issues. Granted, I doubt that transferring to a high pop realm would be much better. Recruitment is just rough in general unless you're already established.

Pugs: I haven't been in too many "PuGs" on my alts so much as guild runs that are missing one or two people. Many of them are quite good players that would by all rights be 4-5 heroics deep by now if they had a full roster of similar quality players, but the pug atmosphere is really anti-progression so they're just now clearing stuff like the last few in HoF and Terrace.

Would I recommend transferring here? No idea what your current server is like, but while Kargath is a quite nice server imo, starting over with no ties or reputation on the server is a bad idea unless your current situation is intolerable.

My two cents, from somebody who's not trying to recruit you :-)
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