Which race to choose...

I just don't know. In all my years playing, I've never had a Priest go past Level 20. I just can't ever seem to pick a race and be satisfied with it. I want that to stop, I do want to make a Priest and really play it.

You guys just tell me why your Priest is what he or she is, why that's a Priest you're happy with. I know I should go with what's aesthetically pleasing...but I just haven't been able to figure that out! My other casters are a Troll Shaman, Gnome Mage, and Undead Lock, so I may want to go with a different race than those 3, so I feel some variety.

For the record, I'd play mostly Shadow and some Discipline. Fine with playing Alliance or Horde. Also typically prefer playing as a male.

Thanks guys.
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90 Human Priest
Not to sound disrespectful, but these kind of questions are beyond idiotic. Like you said yourself, this is all about preferences.

In my case, i don't like playing male casters because i find robes to be a little awkward on their models.

Also, some cloth transmogs look shmexy on females (for example, my transmog :D)
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Not to sound disrespectful, but these kind of questions are beyond idiotic. Like you said yourself, this is all about preferences.

Yeah, I know, haha. I just can't figure out what my preference is! That's my problem. : P
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100 Undead Priest
Forsaken shadow priest or go home.

You ought to roll Forsaken shadow priest because of the lore.
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I chose gnome because Discipline is told to be the more intellegent spec of priests. A shield creating gnome? Heck yes! I always wanted to be a gnome priest in wrath because favorite class and race? YESH!
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100 Blood Elf Priest
I chose blood elf because its the closest thing to a human anatomy I can get - even the humans are kind of way too bulky, blocky, or too old looking. I also think the xmogs go well, I was considering an undead, however, the xmogs are ripped up which I really don't like.
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100 Goblin Priest
I went goblin. 1% haste increase, rocket jump, vendor rep discounts, mobil banking.

If you are going for racials instead of aesthetics, it depends on wether you will PVE or PvP.
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90 Night Elf Priest
Forsaken disc priest or go home.

Fixed c:

Edit: Crap I'm nelf -_-
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