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My girlfriend really likes to play WoW, and one thing that she'd really like to do is play it with me. I was wondering how the best way to get her an account would be? I was thinking the recruit a friend, but something that she wanted was to be on the same account as me, as I have so many mounts and titles etc that she likes, and would just make life more enjoyable. So could I do recruit a friend and just merge her account onto mine or is there something else more specific I need to do?

In addition, I saw that there is a bundle for the first 3 expansions, would I have to buy Cataclysm and Mists of Pandaria as well? Also, would I have to buy them at all if my account has been upgraded, or are and WoW accounts separate?

Thanks in advance!
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she cant be on your
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Well, tecnically you can have more than one account on your account. I have two. They can be logged into at the same time. I've had my hunter escorting around a new toon I made cause I'm on a PVP server. Is safer :D

The grey area is if allowing her to play on a second account is ok.

I should add that my second account can share my BOA's, achievements, all my mounts, and all my mini pets.

Edit: You have to pay for MoP and all previous expansions and two monthly fees.
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1) have her create her own battlenet account
2) send her a RAF invite
3) she accepts the invite
4)she needs to purchase the battle chest
5)once she hits catalysm she needs to purchse that upgrade
6)once she hits pandara she needs to purchase that upgrade
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The grey area is if allowing her to play on a second account is ok.

sorry no it is against the TOS
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Her playing on his account is not a gray area. It's a no no.

The best thing to do is to RAF her. You can play together and get the leveling bonus.
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you can not share individual wow accounts or accounts with the exception of 1 minor and their legal gaurdian.
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02/05/2013 10:42 AMPosted by Furby
The grey area is if allowing her to play on a second account is ok.

There's no "gray" about it. As an adult, sharing your account with anyone other than one minor of which you are the parent or guardian is expressly prohibited by the Terms of Use.
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