I am looking for a few players i use to game with years ago in vanilla.

I went by Ballard back then. I knew you guys at sruff, da instructor, and gico. We played city of heroes for a good while, then switched to wow a few months after it released.

If anyone knows a wow character as Saloo, Rawrtaru, Furrytaru, Assult, the guild Unreasonable Demands. These are the names I last remembered them as and I searched for them and I reached a road block, toons are stuck at 85, other toons when I try to look at their profile say "oops can't find " blah blah whatever. So I assume a toon delete? transfer with a different name? server transfer? Not sure.

Don't know why I all of a sudden thought of this, just got a wild hair to do this. Anyways, thanks for any help you guys can give me. Respond to me in thread or in game, Kainito, Shambamheal on server Area 52. Thanks again.