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Greetings and Salutations! By clicking on this thread you've taken the first step toward joining the FdY family.

Who we are:
Famiglia di Ythrl is an active Horde guild on the Maelstrom Server. Formed in 2006, FdY is the result of a merger between Famiglia di Mariano and The Cult of Ythrl. FdY has been a closed community for the last 6 years, but now for the first time since its inception we are opening our doors to the general public.

At our core we are a Casual Raiding guild first, Social Guild second, and PvP Guild last. We currently have 3 raid groups ranging anywhere from all bosses down on normal/starting heroics to MSV cleared, working on HoF. We're big on the social aspect of the guild, and have our own independent forums that we encourage members to use (or at least check frequently). While PvP isn't a focus in our guild, we do have several arena teams and some dedicated PvPers always looking for more for battlegrounds, both rated and unrated, as well as a late-night PVP event team that always enjoys more participants.

Keeping with the social angle, Monday nights are "Guild Event Night". We run anything from simple trivia to cross-realm level 1 footraces. Rewards range anywhere from 10g per trivia question, 10k gold for first prize in a cross realm race (1k for finishing it after), to even closed Beta keys and invites to popular games. These events make a great way to meet and greet and learn more about your fellow guild mates as well as line your pocket with gold in the process.

We have comprehensive newbie packages for brand-new players which include bags, gold, and various consumables (such as a full set of food for "Second that Emotion" achievement) as well as programs in place for veteran players such as free glyphs (because who wants to pay 300g for a glyph from an auction house camper when free is always better), enchanting materials/enchants for gear and other consumables for raids and PVP.

We also offer a low cost alternative to farming for power leveling crafting professions. For a fraction of the AH cost and little to no time investment on your part, you can purchase everything needed to power level any profession from 1 to 525 directly from the guild.* And if you find a surplus of materials, the guild will gladly buy them off you (at less than purchase price. You won't make money off this, but you'll be supporting future guild members and alts)

We're a fairly laid back guild, though raider mileage may vary. We do have a low tolerance for idiocy and the inability to speak in proper English, so if you sound and act like you belong in an AOL chat room from the bygone days of the Internets infancy, please apply to Avalon.

Nit and Gritty - What The Raid Groups Need:
Our raid groups can accommodate most any class/role combination but some specifics. Note: Gear can be upgraded, enchants/reforges/gems can be tweaked, but stupid is to the core. That said we can work with under-geared or poorly optimized players, but if you can't get out of fire, don't expect to be brought back raiding. Join the casual raid crew instead.

Team Minions - Tuesday/Thursday 7pm Server to 10pm Server
6/6 MSV 4/6 HoF 4/4 ToES
Seeking Subs of all roles.

Team Fatkids - Wednesday/Sunday 6pm server to (when ever we get tired of raiding)
6/6 MSV 2/6 HoF 0/4 ToES
Seeking 1 Warm Bodies with BMI over 40 and Subs of All Roles (We can accommodate pretty much anything but really need a few solid melee dps to replace a pair that quit playing warcraft)

Team SmothJazz - Wednesday/Thursday (Tentative Monday):
See their own dedicated thread in the Maelstorm Forum:

If you've made it this fair you just might be what we're looking for and we might just be what you're looking for. Head on over to our website (http://fdyguild.org) and sign up for the forums. A simple introduction post in the applications thread and you're on your way.

Officers: (You can bother us pretty much any time we're on if you have questions)
Blackoccamy -
Ariesian - Team Fatkids
Niam - Forums/Mumble/General Abuse
Trollbrudda - Guild Leader, Team SmoothJazz
Nidhoggr - Canadian Bacon Operations
If you are a small guild looking to bulk move your members to something larger and established, contact Blackoccamy or Niam in game either by mail or whisper. No, we are not willing to merge with another guild, but we will happily give homes to people who don't want to deal with running one anymore.
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Harass Imbalorcl in-game for cash prizes from any of the officers listed above.
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