Hey all

We are a newly transferred casual raiding guild from the near dead realm of Balnazzar (affectionately called failnazzar by it's denizens). We are a semi serious PVE guild with a very relaxed, casual and friendly atmosphere. While we will always welcome social/causal members to guild we also enjoy more serious progression raiding in a friendly, fun, and l33tist free environment. Our raid team is more selective in its membership consisting skilled friendly people capable of working well in and contributing to raid progression. With our move to Frostwolf we are now actively developing a PVP sector of the guild to participate in both arenas and RBGs. It should be noted however, that some of our members enjoy the spontaneous flipping of kayaks...

Who we're looking for....
We are currently looking for skilled players to join our raiding roster. Ideally we look for highly skilled players who are cool, decent, drama free and friendly. If you like to progress in raids, enjoy a friendly more causal and intimate feel to raiding, and aren't ready/able to take the plunge into full on “hardcore” raiding, we might be the guild you're looking for! Check our website out at www.rws.bz. We are currently recruiting all dps (with the exception of hunters and enh shammys). Melee dps would be preferred and a viable offspec is always nice too :).

If you are interested in a place to hang your questing hat, and/or a guild to be social with we're happy to welcome you. Please register on our forums and contact Malek in game for social membership (application not required for social members).

Thanks for hearing me out and looking forward to playing with you all on Frostwolf :D.
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