Highlanders guild is looking for lost members

90 Human Paladin
I have wrote and rewrote this many times as to a reply to all of what has happened to the guild after Somavela removed more than 300 Accounts from the guild roster,I formed the guild with a personal friend that I met playing warcraft back in 2007 a few days after Christmas and during that time I have met a great many group of friends.Tortheldrin in many people's minds is a dying realm,but I have held on to the dream that it will one day grow to be as large as the friendships I have built playing here,and its all the wonderful people that I have grown to know that keeps me here.

Many of my fellow players have at one time or another have been in the highlander's guild,we have been known to be a leveling guild,and a adult guild,or a helpful guild.But never have I ever said this is my guild I have always said this is your guild and your what makes it a great guild.In 2008 I spent over 3 months in the hospital from having a bipass operation and my wife somehow managed to get me a gaming laptop so i could play wow,and during my stay I had the guild at my bedside telling me I was in there prayers and keeping me from going crazy in the hospital.

I ended up leaving wow for more than 2 years to Quest with the family and build rep with them and ended up returning on a 10 day trial of cataclysmn during hollowed eve in 2011 still did'nt get the horsemans helm after years of trying.I had both my feet amputated due to being diabetic for more than 25 years and wanted to use wow as a reward system for working on learning to walk again,My days now have been spent indoors most of the time due to the winter weather and my fear of falling outside in the snow.I had told you somavela all about my condition and when you removed all the members from the guild Just like a rogue you attacked me from behind and stabbed me in the back

You removed my friends you removed my family members,and made me look like a fool.You could have left the guild and not betray the trust that I had put into your hands.You managed to take away all the time and work that I put into the guild recruiting people and what was at a great period of the guilds life,We had become the most active guild on the server... You should have thought about your actions first and think about how it was going to affect me
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90 Night Elf Druid
wow..that was a bit emotional..
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90 Blood Elf Warrior
I hope you get them all back.
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90 Human Paladin
Sometimes I miss that crazy B!tch. She did make things fun... but it did go too far when she got mad at me.
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