Demonstration in Stormwind!

Orphaned children of Stormwind, you are called upon to FIGHT for your well being, and the attention of the throne that wishes to forget you. Sunday, this coming tenth of the month, we will gather together at the westbrook garrison and march our way to the capitol, carrying signs and hosting food drives- making ourselves known. There are people out there that WANT to help, but don't know how- thanks to the house of neglect we have slaved beneath and lost our homes to. Demonstrators are to gather with me before the Westbrook Garrison at five o'clock, unarmed, dressed as well as they can be. BROTHERS AND SISTERS OF WESTFALL, WE WILL BE HEARD THIS DAY. YOUR KING CANNOT IGNORE YOU! YOUR COUNTRY CANNOT BURY YOU!

(( We are hosting a rally by the displaced people of westfall at the gates of the city. If you'd like to participate, bring a human character to the westbrook garrison at 5PM server time- and let *your* voice be heard! Whisper or send mail to Willander or Sylviagray for more details, or just to let us know that you're in. ))
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If you want to be a demonstrator, please look the part. That is gray or white robes or shirts and pants. No epics or fancy armor please. If you need gray clothing it is easy to find in starter area. We need humans only please if you want to roll a worgen its fine, just stay in human form and be willing to rp as a human living in Westfall.

It is up to you if you want to keep this character or delete it afterwards. If you are new to the server and want a fun rp to start off your experience on Cenarion Circle we welcome you. I will even provide clothing if you need it and free mageweave bags.
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100 Night Elf Rogue
Looking over a notice - acquired from a recent prisoner who had been caught stealing from the city's residents - the warden only shook her head. She had heard of the so-called plight of Westfall's homeless, a product of Stormwind's need to fully support the war - a war that these protesters knew nothing of... and how could they? It was on her doorstep, not theirs.

"So that's your angle..." She finally said. "You're just more important than us foreign people... your problems are so much more important than ours... so you choose to steal... organize petulant mobs and pretend that the Horde doesn't want you dead just as much as they want me dead. Well, I guess you should hope that your friends won't be successful, because if you get your wish and Teldrassil burns, you're going with it. I hope you enjoy your accommodations between now and that day."

She stepped away and crumpled up the flyer, before she turned and threw it through the bars.

((Depending on my schedule, I may show up. I'll certainly try to, probably as a counterprotester... or if I'm lucky, some external help in "containment"))
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We are getting more response on the World's End Tavern thread than I expected. I hope we have a good turn out.!!
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88 Human Warrior
She trudged through Redridge towards Lakeshire, dust coating her Talbuk's white coat and her own armor. Looking fiercely tired and clearly annoyed by the time she reached her family's home on the outskirts of Lakeshire, Bravery Anna Callahan knocked firmly, the harrowed looking woman that opened the door cracked a broad grin, identical to the one Anna wore on her own face.

"Bravery! Thank the Light you're here, stay for dinner?"

"I can't, Ma," came the younger woman's soft reply, her eyes urgent enough to sober even the sometimes-maniacally upbeat woman, "You need to get the others and get out of here for just a couple days, alright?"

"With what money, Bravery? You know I can't afford to drag them off on a vacation."

"I know, Ma, take these, get to Ironforge. Just stay out of here for a couple days. I'm not sure if there will be riots or not... Protests in Westfall are ramping up."

Astutely, Mrs. Callahan frowns at her middle daughter, "You're going to be in the middle of it."

"The firm is, yes."

"Stay safe, alright Anna?" She enfolds her daughter into a tight, warm hug that smells like baking bread and homemade stew, and Anna hugs her back, handing her the flight passes and the sack of coins in the same motion.

"I will, Ma, I will. I'm sorry I can't stay for dinner, tell the kids I said hey."

"I will, they'll be sad they missed you."

Anna chuckles slightly, "I'll come by for a real meal when you all get back. Get out tonight, if you can, alright, Ma?"

"Alright, darling, go do whatever it is you need to do." She laughs slightly, "Be brave."

A choked chuckle escapes Anna, "I will, Ma, I will."

All the way back to Stormwind, Anna was worrying, thinking things through over and over again. All the while she couldn't stop wondering how far the protesters would go. How far they could go.

All through the rest of the day, she was worrying about what tomorrow would bring.

((I may or may not be around in any capacity, depends on what time I get home tonight, but Brave's mostly against it, which you knew already, I think, Sylvia.))
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100 Dwarf Shaman
Rhudran knelt down in the Cathedral of Light, and dried his tears on the sleeve of his robe.

Slowly, he recalled the events of the past hour as he passed his prayer beads under his thumb. The demonstration. The commotion. The insult, and the inevitable bark of the rifle. The warm blood, and the cooling skin. The tears threatened again.

Rhudran uttered a quiet prayer to wick the tears away, and forced himself to remember the standoff, the division in the eyes of the protesters. The raised voices and naked steel when the Stormwind City Watch arrived in force, just as the man's body cooled to the touch. There was the questioning, and the lingering protesters who bickered and clashed with the guards as he walked away. It was a dark day in times that needed the guiding Light, and something must be done before the Kingdom of Stormwind falters. He will talk to the Sepha. Maybe she will know what to do.

((Thank you everyone for coming! It was a total blast, and I haven't had that much fun in some time. Thanks, Will! I hope to see more of your rabble-rousing in the future!))
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((Hmm, I think I'm considered to be an outlaw, and insane, now. I wish I could have made things clearer during my roleplay, but it was past my bedtime. Well, it was fun!))
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Thank you all for coming!! And there will be more you can rest assured. John Baenridge had a brother, Calvin Baenridge. He will be asking around for witnesses. Unfortuately since he is currently on Moonguard, we will have to use the CRZ to have interactions. He will be asking in Westfall and in Goldshire. Offering rewards and seeking help in hunting down Willander.

I find it fun to use one character and change the look and first name to continue the saga. If I did not already have so many alts on CC...(I am blaming it on my altitis).

I am trying very hard to use CRZ in a positive way. It's not perfect by any means, but it does work well to make a multitude of characters work together.
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100 Night Elf Rogue
02/10/2013 06:04 PMPosted by Aereath
((Hmm, I think I'm considered to be an outlaw, and insane, now. I wish I could have made things clearer during my roleplay, but it was past my bedtime. Well, it was fun!))

((Well, after I had pulled a Federova counterprotest... I could imagine why you wouldn't have been!

Ok, fine, it wasn't that bad, and it certainly could have been worse.))

Another set of the Warden's famous notices can be found in Darnassus

A public advisory is hereby issued on the subject of violent human protests which occurred outside of the Stormwind Gates earlier in the week.

While the riot was contained, at least one human was killed during the demonstration. His killer - a man known only as Willander - has fled and is wanted by the Stormwind City Watch and by the Watchers for his flight from the scene of a crime. He is considered armed and extremely dangerous - do not engage him alone. The Watchers are also interested in any information leading to the identification and/or capture of other dissidents involved in the Stormwind Gate Riot. Any individual who fits this description may consider this notice a formal request for questioning, and are encouraged to seek out Warden Kyalin Raintree.

To any visitors to our city, please take this moment to remember that Darnassian authorities may not tolerate similar demonstrations, and may find cause to arrest the perpetrators of such seditious acts without prior warning.

-Warden Kyalin Raintree
Edited by Kyalin on 2/10/2013 10:15 PM PST
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(( Thanks to EVERYONE who showed up, and and one gigantic THANK YOU! For everyone from Ravenholdt who came. This ended up being a really awesome event and the rabble is by no means done being roused.))

William looked down on Westfall for what he imagined would be the last time, at least for a while. What he accomplished there only seemed little, a handful of protesters severely outnumbered before the gates was not a concern. Those who came were rewarded, food was given, aid. Positive. But it wasn't enough, not yet. In his mind he struggled to draw the line between reparation and revenge. Ten years of great injustice, audacious calls that these people should "Get off their lazy arses, hunt the forests, build shelters..." These "solutions" he had heard, and he hoped his little group had taken those messages with them. It was like they didn't understand, hundreds of people, a land that is flowing with Murloc tribes, Gnolls, outlaws- and more than anything these new Defias lookalikes. How does a land under the thumb of it's enemies bring itself from the dirt? It must turn to it's kingdom, but what is done?

Nothing is done. Eyes drifting over the patched and still ruined Moonbrook reminded him of this, children hungry, but still playing in it's streets. Men and women, families, all wondering what would come. As always their futures were still uncertain. What does a man see this and crave? Stability. A war is no excuse, not so close to the Capitol, not so close to the eyes of the king- and did he hear, William wondered, his voice?

He heard loud thumps on the roof behind him, but knew the sound well. Patrick Calgril cleared his throat, as he always did, before speaking. Man smoked too much for his own good, a reminder in the scent of tobacco that drifted forward on the still air. "I suppose i ought to say thank you, before we do this." the paladin began, placing his hands on his hips before nervously crossing them over his chest. "I see happy faces down there, signs of help. They are happy just having been part of this illusion of progress you've created. Thank you for that. They deserve to feel like they're achieving something with their work." At this Will turned, regarding his old friend. Red hair bound up in the wild ponytail, maybe the only evidence left that Patrick was a blatantly unprofessional professional. His strong jaw clenched before he continued; "But you killed a man. I hear it was defense, hell, i hear alot of things, but being on the run isn't doing you any good. You need to turn yourself in, answer for Baenridge's death, and for Elly's." Will stood silent a long while, looking him up and down. Patrick knew the look well, had seen it a thousand times. Will had the unsettling habit of reminding a person that he did not look at them for no reason, there was never a move without purpose. When he spoke it nearly startled him. "There will be time to answer for every bit, Calgril. A time will come when no tower will hide me, nor disguise will protect me- and relieved i will be. Do you remember when i was proud to step loud among my enemies? Do you remember when a fighting man was king in his own right? Things were fair, then. Simple. Take what you need." He reminisced, turning away again. He heard Patrick start forward and his head whipped around again, his cold blue eye a clear warning. The paladin had his hands up, retreating a step. "That what you want Will? Want to make a new, dark age for us? Anarchy reigns, become your own faction?" he shot, narrowing his eyes. Everything in Patrick wanted Will to just snap out of it, wanted him to be a golden boy, to put that frightening presence into GOOD. This was the man who had set him free from a life of slavery. How could he be this? A murderer? A knight turned traitor?

Will looked off at the sun as it sank harshly away. "What an idea, Patrick. After all, you didn't hear them, did you? "Hunt these lands", they say to us. "Build shelter". It was a telling thing, you know. Take what you need, just don't bother us. So my policies have changed. Will the crown be aware of the plight of these people? Perhaps never. But i am. The time is come for an extreme solution, so we'll take what we need. I will take it for them. Give them the means to defend themselves, give them the means to live freely. What the crown asks, we will deny. What is a king that has let his people starve in the dust for ten years? But do not answer, Patrick. You've got more of a stake here then i do. It isn't fair to you."
Patrick was silent a long time. "What about Cyndi? You know she's going to suffer when they find you both, and they WILL find you. Malakae already has a hard on for her as your "accomplice". I know you, this is all part of a bigger plan, but for light's sake, Will, there is a better way. Hasn't there been enough death already?"
Will turned and looked at him.
His voice was cold.
"No. Not yet."
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Fantastic post Will!! You should add it to the thread I put up on World's End.
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