[H] Covenant of the Fallen - 10m is Recruiting for our MAIN raid group.



6/6 - Mogu'shan Vaults
4/6 - Heart of Fear

With some work schedules shifting in the last month, Covenant of the Fallen is looking to recruit new members for our MAIN 10m team.

We are looking for:

Paladin Healers
Shaman Healers
Monk Healers
Shadow/Disc Priests
Balance Druids

Raid Times (All times are Server Time):

Tues - 6pm-9pm
Wed - 6pm-9pm
Sat - 6pm-9pm
Sun - 6pm-9pm

If interested please message:

Kelthius or Neurlock or anyone that is in the guild that is online and they can direct you to the best person to talk to. We look forward to talking to you and raiding!
Edited by Neurlock on 2/6/2013 6:09 PM PST