Quick question between you healers.

90 Gnome Warrior

Currently, I have a full Malevolent Restoration Druid. My question is in regards to PvP next patch for Rated Battlegrounds.

Should I roll a different class? Which class do you think? Shaman? Paladin? Monk? Priest? I can learn all of them and they won't be too far to get to 90 in a decent amount of time. Please have your response have more than just the name of the class, a brief reason why would be helpful.
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100 Tauren Druid
Before anyone can answer this meaningfully, why are you asking? Are you unhappy with your druid? Is someone asking you to make a change? If you are just asking "What is the best RBG healer?", that will vary depending on the BG.
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90 Night Elf Druid
Getting buffs and you want to switch?
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90 Human Priest
If you switch, you are gimping yourself because you have to start gearing a new toon. A skilled resto druid does hella healing. Why would you want to change when you've grinded a full set already?
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90 Pandaren Monk
Agreed - rest droods r amazing.. tho I still have a soft spot for my Monk :)
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90 Human Priest
Keep your pvp on one toon, in one set of gear. You can gear 5 toons in pve in the time it takes to swap one toon for pvp (or so it seems). Also, if you can about achievements, the pvp achievements are extremely time consuming and progress is not tracked account wide. This is a further reason to deal with whatever situation you are in and pvp only on one toon.
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90 Human Priest
Given the changes to Mass Entanglement and Nature's Vigil, plus the 10% healing buff, resto druids in rbgs should be pretty great. I'm tempted to stick with my full malevolent druid myself, but this is my 5th priest, the class is just so fun. Being viable again is enough to make me come home.
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