PVP broken. Plz fix. Not fun.

100 Undead Warlock
02/02/2013 09:18 PMPosted by Redsox
improved counterspell is leaving the game ( thanks blizzard I wont be paying to keep playing a class that has continuously being nerfed)

Calm down, they reverted the CS nerf.
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Yeah..I honestly think they don't know what to do. (Blizzard). They must add new abilities each expansion.
Then there must an ability to counter the new ability.
It is an arms race.

Which has resulted, after several expansions, of being..who can gear up and coordinate stuns the most.

Sure 'important' stuff still matters:

but not as much as STUNS...and sipping a drink while you are gang piled.

I think they play the game, in fact I know they do. They get as frustrated by it as we do. Hence...you get nerfs like warrior shockwave. Probably some important guy at blizzard had it happen one too many times.

I don't know how it all works in game design. But I know what its like to play for about 5 years. The game was more fun for pvp, in general..with less classes and less abilities. PERIOD. were there broken stuff..oh yeah. sl/sl lock anyone?

Just remove stuns period..make healing non existent in pvp.. Just remove it. I mean so what....just get rid of it. Or let there be a separate 'no healing in bg's' and 'healing allowed in bg's' queu..and let the player base decide.

I wonder which would quickly dry up? I would guess the healing side.
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83 Undead Priest
02/02/2013 09:30 PMPosted by Piñata
English is a tough one.

How well I know it. As I've mentioned before in an unrelated thread, I teach English as a second language (TESOL) and though I am a native English speaker, I often second guess myself.

(It's getting late here, and though I am quite interested in this discussion, I have to sleep at some point. If you ever start that rhyming thread, let me know. Have a pleasant evening.)
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I mean..i tabbed out. I literally just lol'd in a wsg..at the stuns i received. A good ten seconds of able to do nothing. Yeah trinket and all break-stun options were down. BECAUSE THEY ALWAYS ARE...we use them so often **cough**
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90 Undead Mage
02/02/2013 09:18 PMPosted by Redsox
remove cc from pvp and make the game more fun.
It would make PvP mindless... no thanks.
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90 Undead Mage
At a certain point of cc saturation, it becomes mindless anyway. Like before, I believe the truth is somewhere in the middle. Keep it... under control.
CC could be toned down, but remove it and PvP becomes as mindless as the old FPS games like Doom.
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100 Human Paladin
Each class should have one cc that has a 30 second cooldown and one way to break cc with a 30 second cooldown (not counting trinkets). Period.

Ultimately cc is only an issue, at least in my extremely limited experience, when you have more than 1 on 1. So what it comes down to is you should never be alone. Of course that seems to be a foreign concept to most Alliance players but most Horde players I see seem to understand that. That is when I see the cc chain death and I look around the the 3 other Alliance players that were behind me are nowhere to be seen. Sigh.
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90 Undead Mage
02/02/2013 10:21 PMPosted by Piñata
Hallelujah, we agree on something. :P
We have agreed on things before... it is just uncommon.
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100 Undead Death Knight
I concur. Way too much CC - sap,stun,fear in place, rinse and repeat. And get burned to the ground without being able to really mitigate anything. And it really ties into the premades (although I wont comment on those here.)

And it seems like a really simple fix.

For example,
Use: Removes all movement impairing effects and all effects which cause loss of control of your character. (2 Min Cooldown)

Change this to :

Use: Removes all movement impairing effects and all effects which cause loss of control of your character. And become immune to all movement impairing effects and all effects which cause loss of control of your character for 6 seconds.(2 Min Cooldown)

Might not seem like a lot, but would give a quick breather and a chance to do something, even if it's not just a short run to die in another spot. (6 secsonds chosen - I'm a DK simply replicated my desecrated ground ability.)

Alternatively - and what would have everyone howling, have any damage at all break a CC - including DoTs. Again, from a DK perspective, and having had that applied to us in a previous expansion.
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02/02/2013 10:33 PMPosted by Sabergeorge
Use: Removes all movement impairing effects and all effects which cause loss of control of your character. And become immune to all movement impairing effects and all effects which cause loss of control of your character for 6 seconds.(2 Min Cooldown)

This would be a fix, or a help EXCEPT, then healing will be out of control. See..it is my opinion, the

crowd control got to this point, is because of pvp heals. You have to be able to lock them down..or ..well you know.

That's why I think just remove all healing from pvp. Even self heals by any dps class. Only heal you can use is a bandage or food.

sorry..but it's gotten to this point. Because the crowd control can NEVER be toned down....because of the need to interupt/stop heals.
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02/02/2013 10:59 PMPosted by Piñata
Any dps that complains about killing a healer today is absolutely incompetent.

the design for pvp is based on high level rbg and to some extent 3v3 arena.
At high level..im sorry, but you cannot burst down a healer usually. It usually takes some coordination. These are not your average joes (like me)..these guys are doing it all, and 'seem' impossible to kill.

So there is a NEED for stuns, interupts, etc. Things which make the healer lose control.
Remove the healer altogether. But I know this will not be popular.
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7 Undead Priest
pvp is at an all time low in MoP as far as enjoyment levels go imo.....
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90 Undead Rogue
02/01/2013 10:56 PMPosted by Cleaveland
the idea of cc is to add difficulty and coordination to the game.

To what amount? Zero playtime? I can barely control my character anymore after I blow my trinket, considering people have CCs on such a tiny cooldown.
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1 Tauren Shaman
the amount of ccs in pvp is stupid , worst thing ive seen blizz do to this game in the 5 almost 6 years of playing. people are getting tierd of paying money to pvp just to be cc locked repeatedly.boring and annoying blizzard.
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