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90 Human Warrior
We are back and ready to play! Who else wants to have a little fun?

Eclipsed was a well established 10 man raiding guild in Wrath that went on hiatus. Our guild leaders have since returned to the game for MoP ready to raid. We need a few more dedicated, mature, and fun players to round out our group before we can get going. (Oh, and we’re 25, have every profession covered, have a super sweet gbank and we use mumble....yadda yadda)

What do we offer people that might be interested?

  • Raiding experience of all content going back to Vanilla
  • Active PvP players
  • Dungeon/Heroic groups for the under-geared or new
  • Alt-aholics
  • Transmog seekers
  • Achievement hunters
  • Inclusion of all people interested in raiding

Our biggest goal is to deliver a positive atmosphere within the guild. If you can not stand a group of people and run with them simply out of convenience or obligation, is that really fun? The reality is that we are a mature group here to have fun, be challenged, and accomplish our goals. If something comes up we handle it like adults.

As mentioned above we will make all efforts to include everyone in some manor. What does that really mean? We will not have a “bench” of people waiting and wondering if they are gonna get the chance to raid. Our PvE goals are to have a progression group working content until it is on farm. Along with a second group for people who either did not get in, do not currently meet the “necessary” performance levels, or were unable to attend the main raid. This will be determined by the number of raiding members we are able to acquire. We hope to have as many people as possible enjoying the raid content.

---What we are looking for---

Raid Schedule (tentative):
Sun, Mon, Wed 10:00-12:00 Est.

What we need:
Ranged DPS
1 Tank
2 Heals

Who should apply:
All roles are welcome

What experience is required?:
While Mists of Pandaria raid experience is not a requirement, previous raid experience and/or a willingness to learn content will help the guild achieve success . We are willing to work with people of all experience levels.

If you are reading this and do not think Eclipsed is right for you, we would like to thank you for your time and best of luck in your search for a raid guild.
But maybe you have a friend that isn’t “happy” with their guild. Send them our way. At the very least we’re willing to chat with anyone that has the slightest interest.

If you like what Eclipsed has to offer, and would like to know more please contact the following Officers in game:

-Gríf / Nexos
-Helar / Lamontagne
-Frostypaw / Ecidluohs

Also feel free to check out our website at www.eclipsedguild.com

We look forward to hearing from you.
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100 Human Warrior
Hey there, been looking for a decent opportunity to raid with a friendly guild. I'll try to also PM in game but I'm definitely interested in tanking. I could swap to DPS but my gear isn't up to snuff just yet.

I have plenty of experience but what I would say I can uniquely bring to the table is a fantastic pvp background, and I'm willing to help with those points ;)

Toss me a mail if you can, I realize how barren Firetree is lately so I could use some new peeps online.
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90 Human Warrior
We're now 4/6 MV, and continuing to push. We're also going to start working on HoF. Still do not have the following classes for raid:

Monk (Dps)
Pally (Ret, Prot)
Warrior (Fury, MS)
+1 Hunter

(All roles are still welcome though)
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90 Human Warlock
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100 Human Paladin
I know theres plenty of you not happy with your guild. Come on....give us a look... =)
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