Thing you dont want to hear healing Pugs 11

90 Draenei Priest
Shado Pan Monastery, my gosh I was about to leave, I'm tired of getting that one over and over and over.

We're trucking along and for the first time in quite a while, I'm not out dpsing a single person! The trash resets prior to the advanced students but eh, we're moving along quick and I'm so happy I'm bottom dps I comment "nice, I'm rarely bottom dps in these things". No one said anything. Everything else goes quick and fast, no problems.

Then, holy geez, we hit Taran Zhu. I think the bear tank swept up the groups just past the bridge and dragged them to the boss, because everyones health is plummeting. I'm getting gripped left and right, and I swear at one point both the hunter and the pally were at 0% health on my frames. I flash healed and pw shield-ed like it was the only 2 keys on my bars and still no ones health was moving.

Finally near the end of the fight I get everyone to full and we win. No one says anything and they all leave. Recount: 52 freaking k hps. Fight went 2 mins and 24 seconds, a full minute to a minute and a half longer than usual. Ugh. I went back to pving for my honor, screw jp/vp tonight.
90 Draenei Priest
Finally near the end of the fight I get everyone to full and we win. No one says anything and they all leave. Recount: 52 freaking k hps. Fight went 2 mins and 24 seconds, a full minute to a minute and a half longer than usual. Ugh. I went back to pving for my honor, screw jp/vp tonight.

Reminds me of a Scarlet Monastery run I had a few days ago. Was a guild group, me with my Monk and Warrior friend. We queue'd and got this lovely (I want to say Warrior but I think it was more a DK) tank who held aggro about as well as a strainer holds water and who also liked to grab everything off the beaten path. He stayed alive well most of the time though, because only a few things were ever attacking him. Damage and aggro was going everywhere but I am so nonchalant about it these days I just didn't even care.

First boss wasn't bad, but the whole courtyard before the Monastery, and then the Monastery afterwards = bad time. 50K to pull us through the first doorway out into the courtyard. Roughly 68K sustained Healing to pull us through a disaster of a pull at the top of the stairs. Once we get in the actual Monastery I think I topped out at around 70K and a popped CD before he jumped off to the side unexpectedly into the other side of the Monastery, died before most of us could get there, and then we proceeded to wipe because Guardian Spirit trolled me and refused to pop when I clicked it.

90 Pandaren Monk
I had two different odd instances in Blackrock Depths working through those levels.
First one was with me healing
Group up and head in, everything goes fine, no ones in any danger or even getting low health at any point. Down the first boss, and then cue the wierdness! Tank and 2 dps leave all at once, so I'm left with just one dps.

Thought I would give him a chance at finishing the instance queuing for replacements since with a healer queues were very quick right then, but he drops then without a word.
I was about to leave but then the queue popped in replacements for everyone. So its a whole new group except for me, and then they start WTH... what have we gotten into... etc etc. I told them what happened, and they do stay and we go through the dungen without a problem except no one knows what to do at first in the respawn room where you light the torches. I think the instance was new to everyone, but I gotta say they all had a good attitude so it wasn't that bad at all.

We keep getting respawns around us and usually one of the dps was wandering and gets agro and dies before anything can be done, but we kill the mobs again and I rez. Finally we get that done and just before the last boss we get mobs that agroed from behind as well as the one the tank is on, and they get on me. I can't heal the tank so he dies, I die.. Anyway we finally got back together and finished without another problem.

The other time I was in as DPS. When we get in the healer starts off with a juvinile joke, tank tells him to shut up... We start and the healer is griping about everyone and everything. Tank is having trouble keeping agro, and the healer keeps griping how slow the tank is pulling. So the tank pulls a bunch and not sure if we wiped or just came close cause agro was everywhere. Healer then says keep agro on what you pull! So tank goes back to the way he was pulling. We continue on and at one point we have a little problem and the tank asks if he should go slower... Healer replys "Oh gah, I don't think thats even possible!" We get to the bar and when we start the bar fight we wipe. Die trying to get back then we all pretty much gave up and left. Things just weren't working out between everyone.

Out of all the instances I've run so far, that zone is the worst, with the possible exception of the one I think it was in Stratholme that no one knew (including me at first) how to respond to the boss that MC and you have to beat down the person till they break and the boss returns.
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81 Gnome Death Knight
A friend of mine still needs his sha touched weapon so I queue up with him for LFR on my panda resto shaman.

Now, I'm sure you've heard this line about a billion times but we enter ToES on Tsulong with two stacks of the wipe buff. People are all yelling at each other. It was soon pretty apparent why they couldn't get him down before.

The first thing was totally on me. Shortly after the fight began I hit my trinket, except it wouldn't work. What ... wait. Then I said something on Mumble that people don't want their healer saying. "I kind of forgot to switch out of my elemental gear."

After the first happy sun breath healing phase, despite this handicap, I was a pretty close second in hps with the other resto shaman above me. Someone else was a distant third. Yeah, this could be a problem.

After we slog through this mess I noticed that all three of the resto shaman were at least trying to heal. I mean our third was quite a bit behind but that's probably because he was ... enhance? Oh my ...

After that I swap out to my healing gear so I don't need to run on fumes due to very little spirit for the rest of the instance.
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H:scarlet monastery. Whatever the name of the guy is now in herod's room (is it still him?).

After a second wipe because of people, self includedn got caught in his whirlwind shaman pipes in with "healer sucks, healer stop attacking stuff and just heal."

Hello, welcome to MOP and the monk class - that is -how- I heal. I was actually getting some of my highest healing numbers ever, but we just needed to learn the mechanic (he gives about 10 seconds of warning - after I figured that out I was able to chase an add out of melee and even heal through for one of the people that still got stuck in it by doing my class right: combining attacks with focused heals the same way a disc priest weaves between smite/holy fire and prayer of this or that.

But the shaman and a mage kept at it after the pull calling me a liar - so I chat linked my abilities and we finished the run...
After a second wipe because of people, self includedn got caught in his whirlwind shaman pipes in with "healer sucks, healer stop attacking stuff and just heal."

This is like the new "priest, don't bubble me b/c it screws up my rage generation" from WotLK, isn't it?
LFR ToES yesterday...

I zone in and see that Tsulong's up. Okay, I can live with that... until I see these gems on raid chat:

"Crap, we just lost our best healer"
"That's okay, we'll get it this time"
xxx has left the raid
yyy has left the raid
zzz has left the raid
"DPS remember to get the adds"
etc, etc.

Now, as a general rule, I've found that the more a raid group talks, the more it sucks... and this group was chatting nonstop about strats and whatnot.

Well, Tsulong goes relatively smoothly so I was relieved to find that maybe I was wrong about this group...

... until we hit the trash pull right before the third boss. Aggro is all over the place. Both tanks practically get one-shotted at one point, we burn the battle resses we have, AND some genius decides to burn heroism as well. For trash pulls.

We get to the third boss and at first, it seems all right until it dawns on me that both tanks are taking ENORMOUS amounts of damage, to the point where they both get one-shotted when the boss is at 30%. We wipe it and from the ensuing conversation, it's pretty darn clear that BOTH tanks (a dk and a pally) have literally no clue what to do. The pally doesn't taunt anything and both tanks have trouble picking up adds. We wipe again but manage to down the boss on the third try after we let the tanks die with like 8% left and just did a HARD (and I mean HARD) burn.

And then on to Sha of Fear... where the pally tank admits to having no idea what to do and the dk THINKS he knows what to do but when we pull, it's more of the same thing - aggro is literally all over the place (I'm fairly certain I'm not supposed to get smacked with bolts increasing the amount of shadow damage taken), both tanks have no idea how to taunt or what active mitigation is, evidenced by the way their health would go from 100% to 20% in the blink of an eye, and what should be a straightforward fight wipes at 70%.

By this time, I think everyone's fed up so we boot both tanks and get two new ones in. We tell 'em about the walking disasters that preceded them and they laughed and said that they actually knew what they were doing... and they did. It's literally like Tsulong - a major difference between day and night.

Sha down and VP for everyone!
Queued for a quick Heroic for VP and extra rep. Got Shado-Pan with a raid geared Pally tank and his equally well geared DK guildie.

DK pipes up, "Why are you guys here? We got this, tank is boss. Heals we don't need you either."

Pally tank dies to one (1) group of the Sha trash mobs. Those mobs used to make me want to cry while gearing up as Disc so that was fun to watch.
90 Orc Shaman
All this talk of boss enrage timers and the infamous pit of doom reminds me of a story.

Did you know that if you actually do too much DPS on LFR Elegon, that the fight breaks and everyone falls to their death? Towards the end of t14, a few of the beefier DPSers in my group decided that they were bored and were going to carry an pug LFR to glory. There are maybe 10 of us total (8 DPS and 2 healers). So we smash through Spirit Kings like nobody's business and wreck the trash up to Elegon.

So, boss gets pulled. I have no idea how much dps they were doing, but Elegon goes immediately into the orb phase. DPS splits up and we go through 9 or 10 of the orbs before they decide to just lay into him. The last orbs haven't even touched the pillers when we get the warning that Elegon is starting his final phase. At this point, we're feeling really proud of ourselves, that is until we all fall to our deaths moments later. Mumble erupts with laughter and all the poor people in LFR were starting the "WTF just happened?" comments. Apparently, if you do manage to push him into the 3rd phase before actually completing the 2nd, the orbs are still very much active and will despawn the floor without warning. While the others in the LFR group were amused, they told us to calm down with the dps because they didn't want to wipe again.

Fair enough.
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90 Tauren Shaman
I'm sure every healer has dealt with an incredibly squishy tank.

In my group was a Paladin tank, decked out in greens. Some of his gear had the wrong stats; the rest was leather or cloth. Damage mitigation also appeared to be foreign territory. Thankfully, mana regeneration is ridiculous at lower levels, so I could get away with spamming Healing Surge to keep him alive. Even then, he was so squishy that an extra crit or two on him would wipe the group.

In Dire Maul, not only did this tank decide to pull the boss, but the trash behind it. It was difficult enough keeping him alive on trash, nevermind a combination of a boss and trash. I managed to keep him alive long enough so that the boss died, but the trash remained. Mind you, the trash apparently has polymorphing spells. The tank got crit hard a few times, and I was in the midst of casting Healing Surge, knowing that we would be fine if I could get this one heal off... With 0.2 seconds of its cast time remaining... "You have been polymorphed! Duration: 5.0s!"

The tank died almost instantly; the rest of the group died while I was still polymorphed. Immediately, I started getting raged at for "causing a wipe" - though they quieted after I threw the combat log at them.
90 Tauren Druid
I remember the "hard stop" at 60%. The best was that Elegon death gripped us in with no floor.
90 Tauren Druid
Is it just me or has 5.2 made pugs lfr runs even worse? I thought with the increased gear it would be better, and it's true in some instances. My favorites are coming into runs with a geared tank so I can go Boomy and just heal with a few rejuvs and healing touches while dpsing. But lately, man oh man some of the dps have been awful. I've been in groups with all 3 dps below 20k, even on aoe trash pulls and I can't understand it.

But on to my story. A few night back I que into a heroic and see the tank has 700k health and is about a 500 ilvl. I switch to my boomkin gear and spec and heal / dps. No problems at all, getting through Jade Temple no problem. Finish 2nd boss and dps says in chat.. "If you're going to que heals for the faster que, you need to heal. I hate it when people do it in lfr and it's worse here." No one had even really dropped below 80% health. I'm 506 ilvl in boomy gear, I can put out 30-50k hps and 80k dps with no big issues. I simply tell them I'm healing as much as necessary and making the run go faster. The tank agrees, but 10 seconds later I'm back in org. No satchel for me.
I am surprised there are no ToT LFR stories in here yet.....
90 Pandaren Monk
I am surprised there are no ToT LFR stories in here yet.....

I have one.

I zone in on Horridon trash. Not even through the first half of the bridge and there's a pile of skeletons piled up on the stairs and along the bridge.

Tank: "Maybe these healers will keep us up, we need to get to the other side"

Turns out they hadn't even pulled the second pair of trash mobs, and the two tanks chain pulled both and the Collosus (not sure if that is what it's called). We predictably wipe because the tanks can't take damage worth !@#$, all DPS where standing in the death lights, and I swear, the entire raid was compacted into a single spot so the lasers could eliminate them fast.

Almost entire raid: "WOW HEALERS SO BAD"

Yup, dropped group.
I have a small ToT LFR story

A mage friend and my warlock queued for LFR ToT, we zone in on the last boss. Since this was our first run ever of the raid we were disappointed we didn't see it from the start but we stuck around and we saw this "lovely" thing mentioned by a few people....

"just wipe 3 times so we can get the buff, this fight is overtuned"

It took a while for the rest of the raid to convince them that we should at least try.

Then the debate started on which strategy to use, possessed hunt or kill Sul then possessed hunt. In the end we tried both, burning Sul worked 2nd try.

We had a total of 4 wipes.
90 Tauren Druid
Must be my month for bad Scarlet runs.

Popped into Halls, tank takes off like a mother of five at a WalMart Black Friday sale. I feel good about this, because I'd rather tear though than wait aroud. The DPS, though, didn't get the memo to keep up. As me and my new BFF the tank are engaging Houndmaster, I realize none of DPS are near us. So I pop HotW and we down the boss. So we head downstairs and tank gathers up the mobs, moving past the cannons. By this time, one dps has joined us, though another is hanging out, smacking the cannons as hard as he can, and the hunter is still at the entrance asking "where are you guys?"

Hunter never did catch up.

After reading all these ToT LFR horror stories, I'm afraid to go back. I hit it up the second servers went up on Tuesday, and I must've gotten lucky, because we had one wipe on Council.

But lately, man oh man some of the dps have been awful. I've been in groups with all 3 dps below 20k, even on aoe trash pulls and I can't understand it.

You might be getting my warlock ... since I'm running out of non-raid stuff to do on this toon, I'm playing my alt that i have no skill in playing.
90 Blood Elf Monk
Dear WoW forums... I never thought it could happen to me.

As a lowbie, I zone in to normal SFK to discover the druid tank in healing gear and resto spec and the warlock facepulling every mob there is in a mad attempt to rush through the instance. It was, as you can imagine, a true clusterf$^% and worked as well as you might expect. We somehow made it through boss 1, but died to the trash out the door. When we wiped because the warlock grabbed the entire courtyard before I was out the door, I decided it was time to exit stage left.
90 Draenei Priest
Stonecore on my druid, paladin take starts off with "GO ALREADY" and he's the tank so... yeah. First pull, the aoe mob is doing that awful cloud aoe for what feels like ages. I can't keep up, one person dies. Tank drops.

It's been a while, but I'm pretty sure you can prevent that from even happening so I mention this. The warlock replies "no, you have to focus it down and the tank has to mark it".

I just leave.
77 Draenei Paladin
"We're all tanks in this group."

My friend and I zoned into an in progress BC dungeon a little while ago. I guess I should have realised if both the previous tank AND healer dropped group, it might have been due to overwhelming idiocy. The three DPS who decided they were all tanks included; one druid, one PRIEST of all things, and I'm pretty sure a warrior.

So, unfortunately I also wasn't really needed, since two of them had healing abilities, and managed to down the boss they were at without any heals from me, with only the druid dying.

Why would you queue as DPS, just to then go and decide you ALL felt like tanking? I'm not sure if I want to get this character to 90, if these people still play. Cata dungeons were bad enough on my shaman!
90 Night Elf Druid
"I'm doing this for rep/valor cap." MoP dungeons are boring enough as is, I pray for a terrible, undergeared group so I can actually do something. I hear that and know it will be way too easy because everyone is decently geared/knows wtf they're doing. I die a little inside.
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