Thing you dont want to hear healing Pugs 11

90 Draenei Paladin
"Hey, do you guys want to kill Princess?" in a Maraudon where the end boss of the wing you zoned in for isn't the Princess.

It's always a trap.
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90 Orc Shaman
I ended up doing LFR twice this week on Songs. The first time was for gear the second time was so people wouldn't have to go alone.

The first time was amazing. Only issue was people running across the bridge and pulling the huge guy on accident.

The second time... yeah. We wiped on the first bit of trash. That may or may not have been my fault. Sometimes when I dps, I get lazy and tab target. You know where this is going. Extra pack of adds, tanks don't pick them up fast enough, people die, I tell people in mumble not to say it was me. My bad. We each get one. That one was mine. Won't happen again for at least a month.

Anywho... the boss goes fine. Takes a hell of a long time, but we kill it without anyone killing the raid with the lighning stuff. We wipe to the bridge boss once or twice. But whatever.

Horridon. I knew he was going to be trouble. Save for maybe 5 of us, no one was killing the adds. We finally get to the last door and no one clicks the orb, so adds just keep pouring out. We eventually get overrun and die. When we get back, the blaming party is in full swing, so to curb this, the "Calling out the Coneheads™" starts. This accomplishes two things. First, when most people are proven to be doing the fight horribly wrong, they shut the hell up. Secondly, it lets people know how to do the fight without actually having to ask. Mean, but effective. Next attempt is near perfect.

No problems on the trash after Horridon, except for the tanks not coming to pick up the adds after they've respawned. Luckily, they don't hit very hard and I was able to tank them with the help of my personal Druid pocket healer. We get to the last set of two patting trash groups. We pull the right group and prepare for the boss. A few of us see the other group and suggest we pull it to avoid pulling it later. One tank agrees and so 6 of us run off to kill them. The rest of the raid is sitting back at the boss complaining about how long we were taking.

We didn't wipe on Council, but my god, did it take forever. We didn't zerg down any of the trolls, instead we had some people on one guy and half the raid on another. We tried to mark the one we were killing first, but nope.
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90 Tauren Druid
Hopped into the queue on Friday afternoon. MSP pops. I'd just put some eggs on the stove for hard boiling, so I'm in a rush. Thankfully, tank seems to be in a rush too. It's not until we get to Xin that I realize no one else is with us.

/s Just pull, let's see if we can finish him before the rest get here

Indeed ... we do. During the fight, chat lights up with the DPS hollering about how they're coming, they gotta get their quest items, blah blah blah.

"We're all tanks in this group."

HA. Not a healer story, but back during TBC, I played a Prot Warrior main. One afternoon in Shatt, I see "LF Tank for H SV, then gtg". Join up, and start flying to SV ... that's when I start looking at my group.


"Where's the healer?"
"We don't need a healer."

Dropped that group.
41 Human Paladin
A tank rant, not a healer rant, but hey, still annoying.

So I just did a run of Razorfen Downs on this toon. It was decent up until about the end (guys didn't seem to know the way around), no big deal, figured they were new.

And then, we get to the trash before the patchwerk like boss, and one of our hunters keeps facepulling everything. So I decide I better pull ahead, so I can do damage and keep agro. Eventually, I die on the trash right before the final boss, and cause a wipe. So we have a huntard #1 calling me a "n00b tank" (fvck you buddy, I've tanked for about 7 months now since I first got this game). So I retort that he was facepulling and no response. Until he pulls the final boss and I say, "You pull it you tank it" and of course our healer being an incredible PoS decided to heal them and their pets (two huntards....fvcking kill me). While he's making rude gestures in the comments as they down him with no problem, and just to add insult to injury, the healer ninjas a plate helm I needed, says something about me nasty (most likely--it was in spanish), and as I'm turning the quests in, I'm kicked.

And of course, as this is going on, the primary huntard keeps spamming chat with "tank noob tank noob".
Yeah. Needless to say, I reported everyone who said stupid.

See, guys, this is why tanks are so rare, as another poster once said, if you're a tank, people will sh!t on you for no reason. Something I've learned time and time again.

Thankfully, my subscription ends this Thursday, and I bookmarked the e-mail I need to delete my account. Thank goodness. Fvck my 'friend' for evangelizing/spamming me about lore from this game for 2 years until I finally got it, then quitting after I get it.
I don't need this sh!t now.
This.... yeah, I think I got a few more white hairs after this.

Heroic Scholomance, me, warrior tank, shaman, dk, and a walock.

As always, we jump down the ledge and as always, someone manages to pull the Skeleton thing during the Chillheart fight. Oh well, business as usual.

We get to Rattlegore's room, finish the first 2 group without much incident and then I notice that aggro is starting to go all over the place and our shaman's health is dropping. Curious, I see to my horror that this IDIOT thinks he's a tank b/c he literally pulls 3 groups of the Boneweavers and their skeletons at the same time. He gets WTFpwned in short order and then all of the skelly things come after ME and I end up WTFpwned, too, on account of his stupidity.

I'm laying there fuming, ready to chew the shaman out, when the DK tosses me a battle res. By this time, the tank is about halfway dead and the rest of the DPS near dead. I ponder it for a sec and then take the res.

So I'm sitting here with practically no health, practically no mana, and a group that's on their deathbed. I toss a couple quick heals on the tank before popping Shadowfiend but he has 3 groups of skellies on him so he's dropping pretty fast, PLUS I had to keep myself up b/c I kept getting targetted by Boneweavers. I burn Hymn of Hope and then a mana pot, trying to get something, anything, to keep people up. The warlock drops and then the DK but I guess they did the graveyard run b/c they popped back in short order. The shaman did his Jesus move but I "accidentally" let him die again just out of spite.

Rattlegore drops in and I'm at like 10% mana and 25 seconds left on the Shadowfiend cooldown. 25 LONG seconds, praying that the warrior was blowing every cooldown he had to keep himself up b/c I didn't have near enough to keep him propped up for long. The poor DK dies again, probably from the Bone Spike thing b/c he went from 100% to 0 in a second.

The biggest relief - seeing Shadowfiend ready to use. Popped it and thank God the DPS weren't stupid enough to stand in fires or do anything that required a lot of healing. Rattlegore went down eventually and I dropped group b/c I think I had enough nerve wracking experiences to last me a week...
90 Blood Elf Priest
Tried to get last minute LFR MSV out of the way tonight, but...

First group, someone (or someones?) who was not the tank kept pulling. So I didn't have a chance to drink up because the tank was covering their !@#. Can't blame the tank for that.

People were also griping about another person and I having Fatality enabled. Screw healing the raid, turn your addon off!

I dunno, it went pretty smoothly overall, but people were kind of pricks in that one.

Queued up for the second half, got a group that was...not doing so hot. It felt like Spirit Kings took forever, and we just wiped and wiped on Elegon. I was already tired of him anyway because I'd been wiping on him all last night and this evening in 10-man.

Anyway, LFR version has at least a fifth of the party falling through the floor every try, and god the lag. I don't know what 5.2 did, but I used to be able to run Elegon without a problem. Now I have to look at the ceiling to be able to cast, and...well, that makes it hard to place lightsprings, see where I'm going, and fun stuff like that. I tried to put my lightspring up on the discs above Elegon, but it wouldn't let me. XD

See, guys, this is why tanks are so rare, as another poster once said, if you're a tank, people will sh!t on you for no reason. Something I've learned time and time again.

Sad but true, and the reason that the tank forum regulars always advise tanks to have a thick skin. Low-level dungeons almost don't need a tank, and so no one takes the role seriously, which is obviously awful for people who want to and are really trying to learn. I'm sorry your experiences were so poor.

I also really hate the fact that so many times, it's hunters pulling crap like this. My main is a hunter, and I get tired of the "huntard" stereotype being perpetuated.
Hate this level range and the derp knights (death knights) so much.

Got into an Underbog, with a monk, me, and a warrior as dps, a shaman healing, and a dk tanking. Run starts of with the monk pulling the first small pack, tank gets a bit mad, monk doesn't do it again, run goes on. UNTILL after the hydra boss, I had accedintly left Aspect of the pack on and he says it nicely "hunter turn pack off". Then, while i was turning it off, and im not kidding when i say it was probably 2-3 seconds later (long time aparently), yells at me in caps "HUNTARD TURN PACK OFF", this is when I go off.

me-"I DID"

dk-"after i was stuned lol"

me-"It doesn't stun >.>"

dk-"SHUT UP AND PLAY" "you messed me up for the second time" "learn to play your class huntard" (so apparently he has trouble tanking, when every thing was on him, moving slowly? and reading my reply mid fight? when he didn't have to?????)

me-"I do 'know how to play my class'" "And it does daze"

dk-"you had aspect of the pack on and i got dazed" "i saw your buff on me" "sdont arhgue (thats his spelling) with me" (because that was totally what i was arguing about >.>)

me- I know you got dazed, but you did not get "stuned" as you said you did, that is not what i am arguing.

dk- yes i did i saw it on my screen. your aspect was on. i wouldn't have told you to turn it off otherwise. (really needs to retake English for reading comprehension)

me- That not what i am arguing

shaman healer- you get dazed from aspect not stunned

dk- nobody is talking to you idiot. i saw his aspect on me. (*insert "you don't say" meme here) so duk ytou (i think he ment f*** not sure...) fund another tank.

shaman- get the cork outta your a** c***sucker and tank

I died from the tank not taunting off of me.

dk- or let your huntard tank for you. ha. huntard died. what you get for arguing with me. i know my !@#$ like the back of my hand so don't tell me like the noobs you are. (English class, pay attention. He also used Deathsrike, the healing/shield one, a total of 9 times before he left.) look at my numbers stupid and see who is doing what (because a tank is supose to do maz dps right......RIGHT......)

The monk then pulls the boss and I ended up taking agro. So what do i do? I do what hunters to best, kite.

Shammy- smart idea, run from the tank and heals (tank wasn't even in the dungeon)

dk- you area fukn idiot noobs

me- (living) yes it was a smart idea you couldn't heal me last time, tank is not here, so i kited and didn't take any damage.

So yeah...i think im taking a break from leveling...

Edit: sorry for the long post. Also, the debuff you get when your hit, is ironicly called "Dazed"
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90 Tauren Druid
For kicks, I went in for a ToES LFR. All is fine and good as Protectors, Tsulong and Li take their wipe naps. The whole time, I'm reading a book while doing halfassed healing.

Until Sha. Now, normally, when I heal LFR Sha, it involves refreshing LB on whatever tank is currently on the boss, tossing out a WG on CD, and otherwise spamming Wrath on Sha.

But the LFR gods had something different planned for me this weekend ...

Everything going just fine. I get my LB stacks up. Hit HotW to start really blasting away at the boss. But we have a problem ... only one tank was standing in the light, and RNG decided that both the first tank on boss, and the other tank, who happened to be standing outside of the light, were both transported up to the platform. Tank, of course, gets slapped to death.

Thank goodness someone else steps into the light ASAP.

Rest of the fight involves healing various plate DPS taking their turns at "tanking" Sha while waiting for the other real tank to come back from the platform, while the dead tank continually calls out for a BREZ, even though I'm explaining to him that until a toon with a Brez gets transported to his platform, we're out of luck.

I laughed once that was done.
90 Human Paladin
Took my holy priest into ToES LFR the other night. No particular issues other than tanks failing at swapping on Li but that's par for the course. We get to Sha and I prepare to do my usual prayer of mending on tank, rejuv, pop a few prayer of healing but mostly smiting Sha when I notice that no-one (and I mean no-one) is killing the adds. We end up with maybe 6 on one side and 5 on the other by the end of the fight. The damage is by no means unhealable but I'm actually having to heal instead of dpsing and the fight isn't noticeably quicker so I'm not sure why that strat was followed. The raid was a sea of small explosions by the end of the fight. I think my graphics card had a little heart attack :)
90 Tauren Paladin
All these stories remind me of the days spent with my guild running Dragon Soul Raids...
So one night we switch things up for those who wanted to here's the gist of what went down:

Main tank --> DPS
Off-Tank --> Main tank role
Mage DPS --> Off-Tank on DK Alt
And pretty much the rest of the group was the same, some different DPS alts used here and there...

Anyway we get in and everything's a face roll up to Ultraxion, we call a Bio (Toilet break) after Hagarra, all come back and get ready to fight Ultraxion...
Now.. everyone in the raid knew this fight back to front even our DK off-tank knew what he was meant to do..

So what happens?

First Fading light and our main tank (warrior) kicks the bucket Of which he gets ripped on in Vent about it and we all prepare for the inevitable wipe...
Next Fading light happens...
(This next part is a pretty accurate transcript of the vent conversation)
"Incoming wipe"
"All good guys, run back, we'll get it this time"
"What the *#&$!?"
"Oh my god! Is Friendabull Tanking Ultra!?"
<*Fading Light on Friendabull*>
Me: "Taunt"
"Hahaha Lol! Go go Holy Pally tank!"

Yeah.. I tanked Ultraxion AND still managed to heal the whole party..
It was the best night I ever had raiding.. Laughs we're had and now there's a running joke about how we don't need a main tank, we just need a Holy Paladin Tank...
90 Night Elf Priest
Edit: sorry for the long post. Also, the debuff you get when your hit, is ironicly called "Dazed"

Know what would have solved this very quickly?

"Sorry, my bad. :) I've turned it off."

If he mentioned being stunned: "Oh, it shouldn't stun you. Pack and Cheetah will daze you if you're hit. If you were stunned, one of the mobs probably uses one. I turned Pack off, though, so you won't have any more issues."

End of discussion. Anything beyond that should be ignored. Most of what you said made you look just as bad as the tank. Especially all of your sidenotes about his English (did it occur to you that English just might not be his first language?).
90 Draenei Priest
This applies to any and all of my healers in pvp.

Healing like a boss at a base, on our FC, on our offensive group, etc etc.

"Do we even have any heals?"

Me: Yes I'm healing

"Do we have any heals at all? I'm not getting any heals"


Me: Heals don't go across an entire map, you know.

One DK was so persistent in an AB when we were about to win I ran down from LM to where he was at BS and threw some heals on him and said "There, don't say you didn't get heals".
90 Pandaren Priest
Heroic Mogu'Shan. DK tank, extremely well geared, announces "keep up" to everybody. He then pulls the right side of that first room, through the door, the next mobs, and continues pulling (mind you, still the first pull), and triggers the Trial of the King, before any of those first mobs had died. Now I will say, that *he* was very well geared, and very well experienced to handle that (for a change)...the rest of the dps was not. They pulled aggro on all that trash he had pulled, and somehow only the rogue died because he was well out of my range and not even close to us.

This continued throughout the dungeon. Tank would do massive and long pulls, I'd run with him, some dps would hang back and die. I didn't drop group since honestly the tank was a good player, but you could tell he was only concerned that he didn't die, and didn't care about anybody else. In any case, I think I'm a decent healer, but I can't pull magic heals out of my butt when someone is oor or I'm stunned. We finished that dungeon somehow.
90 Troll Mage
Cauterize makes the next killing blow instead put them at 50% health and cause 40% of that to burn off over the next 6 seconds. I guess if there's a lot of damage going out, they might be concerned, lol.

Yup - but you'd think that someone who was already losing health might... get out of the fire? Nah... that makes too much sense :p

Their logic might be thus:

Fire kept me alive, through Cauterize. Maybe more fire will make me super alive! :D

but.... but... you mean it doesn't? D:
76 Pandaren Priest
"bad healz" after two wipes from a tank in the stockade who both times after shielding and immediately starting to cast flash heal would die before it was half way through cast... seriously! He had to be in cloth grays or something. I didn't even know it was possible to die so quickly at that level especially shielded.
I smiled inside when the group immediately replied "no bad tank".
He left after another death without waiting to get back or for a rez. Got a quick replacement and finished in short order.
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80 Gnome Warrior
"bad healz" after two wipes from a tank in the stockade who both times after shielding and immediately starting to cast flash heal would die before it was half way through cast... seriously! He had to be in cloth grays or something. I didn't even know it was possible to die so quickly at that level especially shielded.
I smiled inside when the group immediately replied "no bad tank".
He left after another death without waiting to get back or for a rez. Got a quick replacement and finished in short order.

They pulled both sets of mobs at the same time inside the first boss room, didn't they? Hierlooms or not, those guys hit hard and stun too. Many Spongebob Sadpants tanks get destroyed doing that. And blame the heals afterwards, just like your guy.
SM Armory, or whatever it's called these days...

Me as healer, warrior tank, and three DPS.

After the first boss, the tank notes that he's the highest DPS by far in the group. I take a peek at Recount and note that he's right - he's #1 by a fairly large margin. Two of the toons were pulling mid-20k DPS, which is worse than me when I'm doing full Atonement heals. That, at least, explained by the dog boss took forever to drop.

We get to Herod and the tank stops to ask if anyone needed an explanation of the fight. No one pipes up so he pulls. Two of the DPS die during the first Blades of Light. The third DPS dies during the second Blades of Light... and then the tank dies during the third Blades of Light.

Fortunately, Herod was at 0.4% health by that point so a quick SWD from me dropped him.


Tank: guess healer was the only person who remembered the fight :P
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