Thing you dont want to hear healing Pugs 11

90 Draenei Priest
This wasn't a pug but made me gnash my teeth something awful a few tiers back.

Tier 12, Firelands after I had cleared a number of the fights on Heroic and was helping some friends out, well after the nerfs. I had laughed when they wanted to three heal normal Alysrazor and said it was not necessary. Druid healer does almost no healing that fight.

We move to Domo, supposed to be 3 healing it. Druid healer stacks and spreads as the fight requires, but doesn't cast a single heal the entire fight. We get it down anyway since 2 healing was the norm even on heroic, but when I pointed out he was not healing and 'what the hell' he just logged. Never got an answer to why he pulled that crap and they continued to bring the guy and I eventually changed guilds.

Still drives me bananas that my server apparently has such an amazing lack of heals, more casual teams won't kick someone even after crap like that.
90 Blood Elf Paladin
Besides, "This is gonna be a quick run guys!"...Its dps telling the tank to pull more than they can handle.

I just hit 90 on this toon last week, and was running heroics so I can gear a bit. It was Scholomance, the tank wasn't all that great, neither was the dps...well except for a mage who honestly wasn't all that amazing either. Things were taking forever to kill, and tank was having a hard time keeping aggro all the time. I didn't inspect him, but I'm guessing he had also just hit 90. He wasn't awful, but again...not that great, especially when I'm having a hard time because at that point, my spirit was much lower than I would have liked. I hate when I have to drink after every pull. Anyways, we had just killed Jandice Barov. I was completely OOM and had already used Divine Plea and my potion. I start drinking, not even at 30% mana when the mage says, "Pull the whole room". I swear I didn't even have enough time to type no before the whole party is dying. And I don't even want to talk about the room with the bored students. Its rare that I don't have a tank that runs to the middle pulling every group and los'ing me.

I just don't understand how some tanks can be so oblivious to their healer's mana. When I'm tanking, I'm constantly checking the healer's mana. Maybe because I also heal and I don't want to be that tank.
90 Draenei Priest
Ive never been here before, usually makes for an... "interesting" run

like the run I just had through lost city of the tol'vir
zone into a fresh run, and I'm met with 4 pandas: 3 monks, and a warrior, all of which admit to never being in the instance before, needless to say they stood in "everything", but only one managed to die, untill the point where you run to Barim. Since they had never been there before it probably would have been better to walk and clear all the mobs, but whatever, i tell them to mount and follow me and start sprinting down to the end, unfortunately we didnt stay close enough to the wall and aggroed a few more mobs than anticipated, at least on the second try we got it right. after that we clear the final 2 bosses with... well... not ease, but they go down, although there was a point where they were all attacking Siamat during the first phase of the fight and I was tanking the mobs, but they picked up on that quickly enough.
90 Human Priest
Hurray for priest tanking!

On Garalon, apparently a DPS grabbed the pheromones off the tank and ran off. Mage get's it and passes it to me. I run to the edge and start kiting as slowly as I can while staying out of crush. Tank finds me finally and takes it off of me.

Fortunately we had good healers in that group and the whole run was fast.
100 Human Paladin
So a little tale against myself and giving props to another healer. I have a little gnome lock that I play around on when I'm feeling face-melty. She just dinged 90 and while her gear isn't great, it's also not terrible. Checking my ilevel I see I have a high enough equipped ilevel to queue for Heroics.

I get into Gate and I put out my lock rocks and get my imp out and we start. Things seem to be going slower than I remember but I don't think too much about it, being concerned just to make sure I don't stand in crap and remember my rotation. We get to the first boss and the tank pulls and that starts the longest 5 man heroic boss fight of my life. So many bombs we actually get the Bomberman achievement. The poor healer, a priest, just keeps going and going. I ended up dying because even though I'm trying to avoid bomb damage there's a lot of aoe in that fight and, quite frankly, I would have let me die too. The group gets him down but the healer is on fumes and everyone is at low health.

I then check recount. Highest dps is a monk on 25k. I'm next on 22k and then there's the tank and a hunter coming in at last place (turns out he was locked out). I say in chat, "So did everyone else just ding 90 too?"

I apologise for my crap dps and tell the healer she did a fantastic job.

We actually finished the instance but I felt so, so sorry for that healer.
100 Human Paladin
Top thing I don't want to hear when healing a pug is "hey tank, when are you going to let me heal some?"

The correct thing to say is "I'm just gonna dps and make this go faster."
90 Orc Shaman
I've been so bored in heroics lately. If I get a group with half a brain, I have literally nothing to heal. I just sit there spamming lightning bolt until I nearly pass out.

Today, I tried to heal in elemental spec. The group wasn't taking any damage, so I thought, "Why the hell not?" The second I change specs all hell breaks loose and I'm spamming HS like there is no tomorrow. We all lived, but it was close. As to not wipe and have to spend more time in there, I declare that the experiment has failed and switch back.

No damage was taken by anyone for the rest of the dungeon.

I think I'm just going to start queuing up as dps.
90 Night Elf Priest
Last night in ToES.

"BIG HEALS NOW OR I'M GOING TO DIE" (screaming in my ear)

Me and the other pug healer "Sorry bud. We can't heal when we're dead"

..... he was standing in the ick. BAD TANK *smacks with newspaper*
90 Blood Elf Paladin
I know you're not supposed to expect much from LFR, but I did the dread approach. All fights up to Garalon went smoothly.

Garalon comes and hell breaks loose.

We had six healers, 3 of which weren't healing.

Myself, another paladin and a disc priest were all pulling 60+k in LFR and some people ended up dead and crying for heals.

Same quote as you Nae... can't heal when you're dead.

They finally woke up and started healing. Checked the meters at the end and they still didn't heal half as much as I did and I died a few minutes before the fight ended.


Bad LFR...bad bad bad.

I don't mind slacking off in LFRs but not to the point when you're letting the Blood DK outheal you.
90 Pandaren Monk
Yet another instance I wasn't healing, but I felt so sorry for the healer. Stormstout brewery normal. Zone in and immediately the tank says heals keep up, no one attack anything till I stop. The healer said please wait they needed to change spec, but of course Mr tank begin pulling every monkey all the way into one of the rooms right before the first boss. Most of the group is still sitting at the entrance with the healer. We try to catch up and get there to start trying to mass kill them quick but we wipe. Tank starts cussing at the healer for not being in healing spec before zoning in, and how they shouldn't even queue without being in healer spec first. When we all get back in and are rezing, he rushes off again, but there wasn't much left so it wasn't hard to get going and follow, though I doubt the healer had much mana starting the first boss. I expected at least a few people to drop, either the healer, tank, both or everyone, but they didn't. Pretty much no one says anything the rest of the instance and we get through it ok, though he rushed off one other time when the healer was trying to rez someone. Think they got left behind and had to zone back in to catch up, since the tank wouldn't stop for anything.
90 Draenei Monk
I was healing Stonecore and a mage (who was pulling about 3% dps) starts yelling at the tank to pull more and go faster, which already pissed me off because we were going at a normal pace and we could have gone quicker if the mage helped (seriously... just spam frostbolt at least). The tank listens and we start going faster but we're fine.

Then we get to the boss and theres this like magma spout and the mage literally just stands in it the whole time. I tell him "Stop standing in !@#$" and he's says "?". Like really? You don't see the mini volcano youre on?? But the tank is good and doesnt need much healing so I keep the mage up anyway.

We do fine the rest of the run until we get to the last boss. The mage is again standing in another aoe damage ring and this time I don't even bother telling him to get out. He drops and we finish the boss like nothing happened. After the kill he says "bad heals."

Really?? I was rezzing him but I quickly cancelled and just went off on him.

The reason I'm still mad about it is because I feel like I was being trolled... nobody is that dumb.
90 Night Elf Priest
I just do damage and that keeps my 5man groups healed. I rarely have to cast a group heal or heal an individual. Heroics are only moderately difficult for a very small window while leveling your gear.
I am leveling my 3rd priest. This time on a PvP server. The groups you get at lower levels can consist of players ignorant as to how to run their class correctly and jerks who this it is SSSOOOO easy they can pull everything and only pause to complain.
I love healing. You have to take the good with the bad when dealing with the public.
90 Blood Elf Monk
I <3 LFR! It never fails to amuse me. I was in an LFR group on one of my healers the couple days ago where the group had been wiping on Megaera. We wiped again, because the DPS refused to leave the group when they got cinders.

OMG. The drama! "What we need to do is kick these fail healz!" and on and on and on!
100 Human Paladin
LFR Megaera. I mistimed one of the dispells and cinders hit the raid. 3 people died but we still finished the fight. I owned up and apologised.

Cue the complaints in chat. "Fail healer, crap dispells," etc. End of fight I check dispells. Of the 8 dispells of cinders I did 7 of them. I was also doing the most healing, by quite a margin too.
90 Human Priest
So my little Shammy hit 90 tonight and a small amount of skirting the ilevel later I start her plunge into heroics.

Actually things went well for the most part, though the first group and the last group's tank were a bit bumpy.

First group I get is in H Brewery. I'm not all that worried when I zone in as I know the place well. First pull - aggro is everywhere. Plus the tank is running off to the next room to get more. I'm healing us thinking "hmmm, this could be intersting. Especially with an equipped ilevel of 431"

Get to the first boss and the tank runs off and starts pulling. Aggro everywhere and I realize they're probably in the wrong prensence. I have healing threat like no tomorrow and ghost wolf to the tank. Die. Wait a few seconds. Reincarnate and don't touch anything while I'm trying to find the tank. Big group of monkies run to me as I struggle to keep a DPS up. Die again.

While I run back I know they're going to pull. Tank complains that they got no heals and as I'm typing in that I died twice during the trash one of the DPS says "DO YOU LOOK AT YOUR GROUP? HEALS WAS DEAD".

Tank then shrugged the whole thing off while muttering something about being in the wrong presence and the rest went well.

Last one I ran was Palace. Tank's health was just bouncing all over the place. If I was geared it wouldn't be an issue. In green's and blues it's a bit of a struggle to keep them up at times. Thankfully we had really high DPS and stuff just died fast without too much worry. With an average DPS group that would have been much harder mana wise on me.

I did get several compliments on my Shammy's healing tonight which made me feel good. Always glad to at least give the impression that I know what I'm doing even if I'm in full on panic mode in the back.
90 Human Priest
Oh, I almost forgot - something happened while I was pushing my Shammy to 90 tonight that was so funny it still makes me laugh.

I was mostly questing but doing a 5 man here and there to break it up. I end up in Palace with a decent group. The Warrior DPS says they've never been there before and we say it's all good, no worries.

Down the second boss in there and the tank trinket drops. My Shammy won it on a Greed roll of 91. So obviously no one in the group hits need.

Warrior starts complaining that people are rolling on loot they don't need. I simply tell him that I won it on a greed roll and scroll back up in chat to make sure I didn't mindlessly hit the wrong button.

Warrior keeps complaining about 'thieves' then suddenly drops group. Mind you he never asked me for the trinket, gave me an opportunity to offer it to him, or even said he wanted it in a direct manner.

The rest of us were like 'Okay, well then. We didn't need him in our group anyways'.

Yeah, I stole it with my greed roll...

77 Draenei Paladin
Last boss on Azjol-Nerub, the one that everyone needs to stand on the platform otherwise they get locked out.

[I] I've made a terrible mistake.
[I] I'm on the wrong side of the wall.

The idiot that got locked out of the encounter? Was me. ):
I'd been talking on teamspeak with my tank friend, and I commented that everyone was on the platform, so he could go. I make the mistake of turning around after the boss was engaged, and not seeing the web. Over teamspeak;

"Oh hey, it doesn't lock you out! *runs out* See? It must be a heroic oOOOOOHHHHNOOOO!!!"

I then got to watch as nobody died and the boss was downed easily. I don't know how I feel about not being needed at all.

Bit OT, but I can safely say I never want to see that statement again, and I DEFINITELY never want to be the one saying it. ._.
90 Pandaren Shaman
Oh dear.
I've been levelling this shammy very slowly, pretty much just queueing for 5-mans as i'm tired of the questing zones. Generally things go rather well, I was originally going to twink him at 85 so my gear isn't exactly shabby (disregard the enhance gear/spec, it's just what i logged out in). Unfortunately, some tanks really overestimate how much my gear helps me, especially tanks in Mogu'shan Palace for some reason. Hey, heals has some gear, I'll pull the whole first room! And the one after it! All the way to the first boss :D! IN GREENS :D! I managed to keep everybody but one oblivious warlock alive through it, though, and the tank slowed down afterwards. My goodness.
90 Draenei Priest
The reason I'm still mad about it is because I feel like I was being trolled... nobody is that dumb.

I don't know, people that play mages, in my experience, are some of the worst people I've ever met, so it may not even have been a troll. XD This is not to say they all are, but when I think back on the most irritating players, it's always been mages.

Anyway decided to actually attempt to cap VP this week, got a Mogu'shan Palace which was doing ok until we jumped down to Gekkan. I had to put out a whopping 65k hps and something like 1.2 million in heals, and still went nearly oom even popping mindbender on CD, and hymn of hoping. AND I lost the hunter who died between ticks of penance landing on him.

After that the rest of the run went fine.
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