Thing you dont want to hear healing Pugs 11

90 Draenei Shaman
Just wanted to pop in and tell you healers how awesome you are and that some of us DPS actually appreciate the horribly thankless task you guys and gals do. You have the patience of saints. Keep up the great work and don't let the haters get you down.

Thank you! We don't always have the patience of a saint. There are time when a DPS pulls again for the 5th time even when asked to stop, or the pet still has growl on and the hunter's rushing ahead of a gearing tank because they they think they're great and I just say 'No more'. Because sometimes listening to someone's rage QQ after they caused nothing but massive problems can be really satisfying....

Not that I've ever done that or anything. *cough*

So thank you for noticing that we're there, for probably being the type of DPS that would pull stuff off of me and just all around being a pleasant person. :)
90 Pandaren Shaman
Just wanted to pop in and tell you healers how awesome you are and that some of us DPS actually appreciate the horribly thankless task you guys and gals do. You have the patience of saints. Keep up the great work and don't let the haters get you down.

You're the type of Person, whether it be DPS or a Tank, that keeps my love for healing there. Thank you for Saying this.

So thank you for noticing that we're there, for probably being the type of DPS that would pull stuff off of me and just all around being a pleasant person. :)

And all this.
90 Blood Elf Monk
Just had a tank that was actually awesome... He stopped before every boss, gave me a chance to drink and mana up, didn't chain pull or go out of sight... I practically cried. When I told him how awesome he was, he admitted that his main was a healer, so he knew what it was like.

Now, if only all tanks could play healers for a bit, maybe we'd get somewhere.
100 Draenei Paladin
Just wanted to pop in and tell you healers how awesome you are and that some of us DPS actually appreciate the horribly thankless task you guys and gals do. You have the patience of saints. Keep up the great work and don't let the haters get you down.

Thank you!! Hearing that from a DPS every once in a while is a good thing!!
90 Draenei Shaman
My raid last night got postponed till tonight (due to a computer crash) so I had some free time to kill. A guildie pointed out someone was looking for healers in MSV. I whisper them and they ask about my gear. I admitted that my Shammy was only 462 but I was really comfortable healing with her and that I also had a better geared Priest. You know what they said?

"We'll give you a go on your Shammy :)"

It turned out to be a wonderful experience. It took a while to fill the group which would later on hinder our progression just due to people being tried. But no one yelled, no one was in a hurry, no one put anyone else down. We wiped a few times just due to people learning. We had a tank who had never tanked it before (but had cleared it on other toons) and some people who had never seen the first few fights outside of LFR. Yet when we wiped we got back up, talked about what went wrong and fixed it.

Our Feng kill was actually sublime. We wiped a couple of times though the attempts definitely weren't bad. Then on the actual kill people had learned exactly what to do and it was as near perfect as one could probably get. That's pretty impressive for a group of strangers.

I got to make a whole bunch of new friends, including cross realm ones, and afterwards some of us went to do IoT dailies. Which was great since I got to stay in Resto, we killed a whole bunch of rares and got an achievement.

The most amazing part of this whole thing is that one person had a LW. He switched toons and made then gave me the 476 healing chest and gloves. I was a bit stunned since I had never asked and it was just out of kindness and thinking that these would help me. If he was near me in real life I'd go give him a big hug.

I suppose this goes to show you should never dismiss all PuG's as bad and just because you don't steamroll through a raid doesn't mean it can't be a rewarding experience. :)
90 Blood Elf Paladin
I love things in heroics.

Tank decided to hang out outside Rattlegore's room in Scholomance so we all ran in and the trash was hitting us and he said "K guys you tank it." Just being a jerk for no reason.

So we kindly brought the trash outside of the room to him and he was forced to tank it for us.

We used the polymorphic acid buff and I kept the buff when queuing for another heroic and walked around looking like singed from LoL for a while.
90 Night Elf Priest
Never thought i would have a story for this forum.

Was in LFR with a friend doing ToES, i mention 1 thing about someone being afk through tsulong boss fight and get back a reply of 4 other Guildies from the same server, he had to change diapers RL calls.

I was ok with that didn't say anything bad get past the next boss then while we are regrouping those same people initiated a vote against me and kick me from the LFR....

WTF!!!??!?! didn't argue with anyone, one of the healers from that group asked for interrupts it was a shaman she could interrupt all i said was you can do that and heal, their response i am not that good sorry..... how was i being an !@# and needed to get kicked.....

Sometimes people can be petty and stupid...
88 Gnome Priest
New Tank: "I'm going to pull the whole room. Just heal the !@#$ out of me."
New Tank: "My gear is shiiiiiiiiiiiiit."
Me: /shrug
100 Tauren Druid
Hit up a random heroic last night.

Siege. OK. /yawn

Really pleased with the group from the start. Tank is pulling like mad, and we get to first boss with everyone having like 15 stacks of that damage buff. Boss drops in 12 seconds, a new personal record according to DBM. Second boss goes quickly as well. Heading to the 3rd boss, all the skippable trash is skipped, and tank pulls everything else before the boss. So far, so good.

Tank, obviously feeling like a real American hero, heads towards the bridge.

"Pulling all of them"

Before I can even thing about what that means, he mounts up and starts running through the bridge maze. Death for everyone ensues. One of the DPS drops.

New hunter zones in.

"Wow, what a group to come in on"
90 Pandaren Priest
Going through all the low level dungeons again since I made a resto shaman. I get Stockades. I have 3 guild heirlooms, the rest is whatever I won in dungeons. I have more hps (slightly) than the prot paly who's the same level. He pulls the entire hallway (everything up to the boss' room). I get off a Riptide on him when he's at 1/4 health, several mobs aggro me since he barely has aggro, I get stunned for several seconds, so I can't cast anything, so he dies in that time span, yelling "HEAL!!" We wipe since I'm the second to die.

We're all running back, he asks for a rez. I roll my eyes, but he's dead at the boss room, while we're all at the entrance, so no chance of reaching him anyways (I did try). For some reason he talks to the ghost at the graveyard, rezzes there, and takes the rez sickness... 2 of us left.

Next dungeon was Blackfathom with a warrior, who pulled everything in sight, but actually could handle it! It was one of the better low level dungeons I've done on my shaman.
96 Human Priest
I was playing with my level 60 druid and decided to hit the LFD...

I zone into Blood Furnace and find myself grouped with THREE deathknights and a hunter. In terms of horror stories on this forum, this has to be something out of a nightmare, right?

So, let's see...

Two of the DKs, both DPS, just stood around picking their noses. Literally, they sat at the entrance doing nothing for the entire first room. One of them claimed excessive lag while the other didn't even speak.

The huntard has Aspect of Pack on... and did NOT turn it off. We pulled most of the first room with that thing on, despite repeated requests both in instance chant, say, AND yells from me and the tank to turn the durn thing off. For some reason, the idiot ran WAY ahead on his own and promptly got WTFpwned. The tank and I fought up the stairs to the second room and since I was sick of the guy already (which really says something b/c I'm usually patient with DPS), I passed by without ressing him.

The DPS DKs decided to join us in that room and the huntard gets a clue and corpse-runs back into the instance... and what do you know, Aspect of the Pack was back! We tell him again to turn it off and again he doesn't. Meanwhile, both DKs were apparently rooted in the second room b/c they didn't even bother following us to the boss room. Eventually, one of them drops group and we get a shaman in.

Meanwhile, I'm sitting here praying to God that the huntard draws aggro on something he shouldn't and by golly, he obliges by shooting a group that wasn't attacking us. I purposely let him die b/c it was literally the only way to get rid of Aspect of the Pack. He does another corpse run back while we down the boss without him.

Unfortunately, the huntard joins us again with his Aspect of the Pack and the tank and I have a discussion about how frustrated we were with this idiot. I try to vote-kick him but for some stupid reason, it said that we couldn't kick him for another FOUR HOURS. FOUR HOURS. What. the. heck...

... thus, I do the only thing I know how to do. I pray to the diety of my choice that the huntard draws aggro again so that I could purpose NOT heal him or his pet and what do you know, he dies in the middle of the hall before the second boss. HALLELUJAH, there is a God! Again, I purposely don't res him b/c, let's face it, neither me nor the tank wanted to put up with Aspect of the Pack again.

I think the huntard got a clue b/c he dropped group right after that. We get a rogue in and get a smooth finish.

Moral of the story: I learned that there are DEFINITELY times when it's more beneficial to the group to let a DPS character eat it.
90 Pandaren Priest
04/10/2013 04:59 PMPosted by Fasai
I try to vote-kick him but for some stupid reason, it said that we couldn't kick him for another FOUR HOURS. FOUR HOURS.

Isn't that kick protection? Either you've kicked way way (way) too many people, but it more sounds like he's been kicked too much so kick protection comes into play where someone can't be kicked too often/too much.
90 Tauren Monk
I finally hit 90 today! Yay!

I was a little timid about queueing for MoP dungeons because this is my first healer to ever hit current content. But I love healing so much I think I'm going to shelve my Cata tank for good.

The first few tanks I got for MoP dungeons were phenomenal! They made adjusting a breeze. There was one that even explained every fight in depth when someone piped up it was their first time.

I knew it couldn't last.

It was Mogu'shan. Everything was going okay until we hit the last boss. I don't know if he did it on purpose or he made a mistake, but our tank pulled the quilens AND the boss.

DPS: lol nice

I wasn't even sure if I should have given an effort, but I decided to wing it and healed like it was the only thing I knew how to do. I don't know how we did it, but we made it through without a single death and I had mana to spare.

And then, they said:

"Great job, heals"

Even if they pull something like that, I feel obligated to run another just because of that. It's those people that make healing worth while.
100 Human Paladin
Pug heroic for VP and bag. I get Scholo. Tank pulls all the things but mostly this is fine although he let a lot of adds hit everyone else but him in Rattlegore's room and fails to get bone armor. Oh well heal him through anyway.

We get to the room of bored students. He pulls everything including the mini boss. He LOS me up and down the stairs and stands in green and eventually dies as I just can't get heals onto him often enough (LOS) or quickly enough and he fails to use a single cooldown. We wipe. As we're all running back he says "So maybe not the entire room?"

I didn't bother to reply.
90 Human Priest
"Nah. We're both tanks."
90 Pandaren Monk
The start of burning crusade dungeons, always a pleasure.

Leveling my lowbie druid I got a rare dps queue for Blood Furnace. The group has 3 druids, a shadow priest and a dps warrior. The healer has decided to go moonkin instead but pretends he is heal spec by glyphing moonkin form. Already a promising start. Healer begins pulling, group is taking hilarious amounts of damage and the healer is basically not healing.

I'm rejuvenating the tank non stop. Get to the top of the stairs and the tank drops dead, healer brezzes him and we survive. A couple more dicey pulls and we get to the second boss room. I'm sure the veterans out there understand what a pain in the butt this room can be with the proximity mines, plus silences, curses, summoner adds, etc. Someone, didn't catch who, decides hey let's pull it all. Healer get silenced, tank dies. Who could possibly have called that? After my 5 thousand chain silences fade I brez the tank with about 5 mobs remaining. We should have this. Tank pops up at full health and instead of going bear form, cat sprints out of the room back to the entrance, the shadow priest leading the way. Wait, what just happened? Trapped with aggro still, I die, somewhat amazed at this brez and run tactic. Release and run back. As I zone in I see the tank at the entrance, and just assumed he was rezoning in. Nope, he never zoned out. Mobs come charging down the hall, kill the tank and healer again, I typhoon and peace out of the entrance. Nobody releases except me so I have to rez when I zone back in.

Annoyed, I make a comment at this point that wiping in normal Blood Furnace is pretty legit. The "healer" then says, "yeah it actually is, there are mad silences and charms in that room". I just laugh at this point, it's as if the option doesn't even exist to you know, pull less mobs. And yes they almost wiped again on the very next pull.
90 Pandaren Monk
Another strange story. Zone into an Emperor Run BRD, auto ported past the grim guzzler. We are standing around, waiting for the tank to pull. The tank is a level 59 frost dk in blood presence. The tank takes the portal to the entrance and begins clearing trash, this is odd. All efforts to ask him what's going on are rebuffed by silence. At first we think he might be trying to do a full upper city run for the quests, so we portal back to the entrance to help, but no he goes off to the side and kills the fire giant. Eventually we just all stop helping and try to kick.

Kick timer for everyone: four hours

Everyone was pretty much like "screw this" and bailed. But I actually stayed for about 45 minutes /afk in prowl while alt tabbed watching this guy die over and over again just wandering around in BRD killing trash. The entire time it was asking me if I wanted to continue the run and I purposely didn't click yes to avoid subjecting anyone else to this. Eventually he had to leave to repair his gear and I almost got the kick timer off, but he zoned back in just before the timer ran out. Unfortunately I had to leave and dropped group, so I really have no clue how his adventure turned out.
96 Human Priest
04/12/2013 09:17 AMPosted by Cuddles
Kick timer for everyone: four hours

I didn't even know the timers went up to four hours until a couple days ago. That's just plain excessive. Heck, even the usual timer is excessive sometimes.
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