Thing you dont want to hear healing Pugs 11

100 Pandaren Shaman
Zone into Blood Furnace to see three DKs. One was in Frost (not the tank). One was in Blood (also, not the tank). And one was in Unholy (of course, the tank).

90 Night Elf Druid
It may just be me, but I thoroughly dislike going for other people's achievements in pugs. They usually end in tears and swearing and repair bills. I remember one PuG when the tank wanted to do Watch Him Die back in Wrath, and I was healing. I dropped after the third wipe.

I'm fine with getting achievs by accident when pugging, but otherwise it's something for guild runs, I feel.

Not just you... It seemed like it was almost always a poorly geared dps that wanted to do them and they always ended in a disaster. I usually hung around for 2 wipes and if it was clear we were not even close, I suggested we move along.

Funny enough, a few times I quit a group over people obsessed with doing the cheeves... I'd requeue only to get the same group again... still wiping.
100 Tauren Shaman
Zone into Blood Furnace to see three DKs. One was in Frost (not the tank). One was in Blood (also, not the tank). And one was in Unholy (of course, the tank).

I don't understand this. Is it that hard to skim through Noxxic, Icy Veins, or the forums for class information before they try a dungeon?
90 Blood Elf Paladin
It wasn't a pug but we were doing durumu last (and failing at it pretty miserably, shudder). I was taking a couple stacks of the life drain, when force of will ended up on me and I full expected to go flying off to my doom. But as I was launched off the platform I suddenly found myself yanked back onto the platform. I think that might be the first actually productive use of Mommy Grip I've ever seen. At least the coolest anyway.
100 Tauren Druid
Zone into Blood Furnace to see three DKs. One was in Frost (not the tank). One was in Blood (also, not the tank). And one was in Unholy (of course, the tank).


In their defense, when TBC was the new thing and I was leveling my warrior through, I was Arms spec with a mix-and-match tank gear set.

Then again, that was before most of the role-specific abilities were tied to a definite spec ... so maybe it wouldn't work nowadays.
90 Blood Elf Paladin
Reasons why Gnomeregan should be removed from the game:

1) I hate it

2) Everyone hates it

3) It is too long

4) My rogue suicide jumped off of the big tower where you're supposed to use the parachute. He had the right idea.
90 Pandaren Monk
LFR, queue on my paladin with my friend zone in on Lei Shen. Or rather I should say on his trash, they are wiping to the first pair. Proceed to chain zone in and rez zerg them down as the tanks won't accept a rez or release. First hint that the tanks are bad, plus they seem to have a fondness for trash talking everyone else, while being utterly useless. Eventually the mobs die with no tanks. Then as we head up the stairs someone facepulls the second group of trash, causing about half the raid to wipe, but only half as the rest decided to just run by them and click the portal. For the next 25 minutes at least it was a series of mini groups trying to run past the adds, 1-2 people dying, the rest making it and tensions rising. I'm in the last group to get there, with a tank, tank runs in, we follow him, I cast a heal so he doesn't die, he puts no threat on them, mobs turn and kill me, he keeps running and clicks the orb. Sweet tanking. Next group I escort the rest of the people in "as the tank" hitting both mobs then bubbling to keep their attention while everyone gets to safety.

Yay the hard part is over, just kidding. Tank pulls with nary a notice to the raid, dies almost in a global and we wipe shortly after that. Of course then we get the, "come on healers, do your job." I let this one go for now, but I do chime in that I'm glad we cleared trash so we don't have to run back past them again /sarcasm.

<Insert trash rezzing and running by them for the next 10 minutes here>

Pull 2, literally everyone on the platform for 5 seconds, can't even buff, tank charges in and pulls. Does this guy think he's the !@#$ or what? Nobody has even spammed group assignments despite having massive personnel changeover. We make an effort, but there's no way, it's a wipe. 5 tank deaths. Group completely devolves into bickering at this point. Tank tries to lay the blame at the healers being terrible for not keeping either tank alive. I suggested that he might want to use a cooldown if he runs off at 10% health with aggro well out of healing range, and decapitate debuff while the conduit is only around 50 energy, and lei shen is meleeing him in the back. His response? "Do I really have to, if you can't keep me alive what is even the point?" I respond, "Do I have to use a cd, is that even a serious question?" They were taking absurd damage, not taunt swapping, running off when the conduits were random energy, going one direction, then doubling back to the first conduit. I love that tanks not knowing what to do somehow becomes a healers suck problem.

The tank accompanied by two of his cronies attempt to vote kick me as I'm by far the most vocal at this point. It fails, of course it fails, I'm carrying the healing and was like the only person to help people get by the trash adds while the tank sat on the platform badmouthing everyone. I decide I've had enough and kick the tank, it passes. One of his cronies curses us out, then ninja pulls the boss, gets one shot and he resets, have to love that. To be safe we just kicked the other guy at that point, with dire warnings that we had made a huge mistake. Sounds foreboding, I wonder what they thought would happen? We'd wipe without his elite tanking skills? Been there already in case you didn't notice. New tank comes in, marks groups, let's us buff. We one shot it with maybe 2? deaths. A clear healing issue.

I will drink the tears of that first tank from my chalice of glory tonight.
100 Human Paladin
I honestly hate those groups that are too lazy to kill the trash on Lei Shen. The number of LFRs that can 1 shot Lei Shen are low to non-existent so you always spend 10 minutes+ after the inevitable wipe trying to run past them, people dying, people rezing all over the place, etc, etc. When 5 minutes of concerted effort would have simply killed them. It's laziness pure and simple and the people in LFRs who advocate for running past them are put on my ignore list (I also actively avoid healing them because I am vindictive).
90 Pandaren Monk
I mean I 100% agree. The idea that any group that skips the trash because it's too hard going in and one shotting Lei Shen is laughable at best. All you are doing is creating extra stress after the wipe. Obviously I tried explaining it but it fell on deaf ears.
100 Human Paladin
Obviously I tried explaining it but it fell on deaf ears.

This quote perfectly sums up most LFRs :D
90 Orc Shaman
I have a LFR Lei Shen story.

Zone in and of course, they're on the last boss. 7 of us queued together, so it makes me wonder how bad the first 2 bosses went. The trash is pulled without a problem, which is surprising. Everyone sits down to eat, buffs go out, assignments are given, fight is explained to those whom have which never done the fight, etc...

We get to first transition and that's where it all falls apart. One of the platforms completely fails to catch any of the bouncing balls. They spawn 6+ adds and slowly get picked off one by one. The adds then turn around and start attacking randomn people, because screw tanks picking them up, right? They kill all the healers and any dps brave/foolish enough to attack. Wipe 1.

Next pull, same story. The same platform doesn't catch balls and we have adds. Luckily, a few of us noticed this and ran into the puddles so we don't spawn more then we can handle. We think we may be able to salvage the attempt, but we were so so wrong. Mr Tank decides he wants to pull the boss over the zone that had just been deactivated. Instance chat lights up but unfortunately, the tank and dps that followed him are dead. Wipe 2.

Next attempt, we decide in mumble to take over 2 areas. We manage to get through transition with 2 adds, which is a huge step forward. The same tank then decides to pull the boss over to the deactivated area again and is promptly pulled to safety. He immediately runs back in and dies taking several dps with him. Wipe 3.

At this point, people are losing their minds. Pitchforks are pulled out of storage and man do they want blood. Or to at least kick this horrible tank. He tries to defend himself, but the vote passes almost immediately. A few more people leave. So, while we're waiting for replacements, we explain again about the dead areas, the balls, etc.. just everything.

Hooray! New tank! Oh wait, its the same damn guy! And he can't be kicked again. Since he obviously doesn't know how to do this, we explain it to him and we're greeted with silence. Boss is pulled and we're expecting the worst. Somehow, in his few moments of not being in group, this tank managed to learn the fight and doesn't drag the boss through the dead zone. Progress! We get two deactivated areas that are across from each other, and not in the good way. But whatever, we have 3 stacks of the fail buff and manage to muscle our way to a kill.
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90 Orc Warlock
Not a healer story, but fun experience on my little tank in SFK a few minutes ago. And there isn't a tanking version on the tank forums. Or I'm blind. either way.....

I pull the first pack of mobs and beat on them for maybe 10 seconds, I then move to the next level and pull a ghoul, and seconds later I pull the top. meanwhile my hp was dropping, and I had no choice but to jump off the stairs to even get a heal. Because apparently my healer was paying more attention to everyone with 100% hp, compared to me. down the boss and after the door opens I pull a group of 3. meanwhile the healer, a druid is sitting in cat form...I die...and I get this...

Druid: Tank is noob.


Me: Says the healer in cat form? Also try keeping up with your tank cause you're not going to always have one treat you like a care bear and pull slow.

Me: Have fun.


Just want to say I wasn't pulling mad crazy, just every few seconds.In that time the healer could already have been on the stairs at least. Going to sound like an !@# when I say this but it was a healer issue.
81 Gnome Death Knight
Okay, this was actually said in jest but I can see it being said in a serious manner in certain pugs.

My little monk finally hit 90 so our raid group's main tank took her along for a few heroic 5 mans. At the start of Shado Pan I just run around and SCK my way to the top of the dps meters. Of course I proudly announce this in mumble. ;)

When I finish a solid 2nd place on damage meters for the first boss before I could even say anything I get this:

Tank: "Stop that, Kahz. You're making me look bad."

Later on I get:

Tank: "I finally beat you in dps!"

Cheater stood in the fire. ;-P
90 Blood Elf Priest
Side story real quick: my Rogue Emevoli did Forgotten Depths last night, I needed 5 bosses to get to Revered with Assault. Typical wipe fest on Durumu, until I decide to take charge. The raid leader passes the lead to me and I explain how to avoid Disintegration Beam like a boss. That time we kill him with minimal Beam deaths.
I warn people about the Primordius trash and we clear up to him. I explain this fight and we one-shot it.
Right after Prim dies I explicitly tell people to stop before the door and don't touch, and people listen. Felt great. We clear trash and they patiently wait while I explain the importance of single-target and focusing down the Larges while looking out for Crimson Wake. We get past all the Larges and only have the boss and two Massives up. Dark Animus tank dies twice due to the debuff, but the other tank picks him up while we brez. We kill off the Massives and the tanks swap beautifully as we proceed to one-shot LFR Dark Animus on a Monday.

On topic, I'll be doing LFR on Buffy tonight most likely, almost Honored now.
100 Human Paladin
I ran the last ToT LFR last night on my priest. A number of miraculous things occurred.

1. I actually zoned into the instance at the beginning instead of at Lei Shen.
2. The group stopped to give minimal explanations to people who asked about mechanics.
3. The group killed all the trash up to Lei Shen without any discussion about it
4. We one shot every boss with 2 deaths the entire run
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