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I stepped a way from game cuz of my job. And i have been getting on here and there, and saw some old friends missing. I know i pissed people off and had made some real bad calls, but i was hoping to come back and still chat. So i was wandering if anyone knew anything about Alivia and Nightlore from Ubiquity. I pissed off Alivia long time ago, and kinda was going to see if i could make amends and join, but looks like her and Nightlore jumped. Kinda sad. So like i said, was just looking to make amends and talk and hope to kill !@#$ in game, but i guess not. Thanks guys, and hope someone has some good news, Night Galakrond.
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02/04/2013 01:50 AMPosted by Highwarlord
hope someone has some good news,

Ah, a freshly awakened adventurer slightly attuned to the days of old. My words here are undoubtedly wasted, as the despondency will surely claim your very entity and drain it of all optimism and clarity. But before you settle down once again and father your fifth child underneath Elwynn's canopy, I suppose I could be benevolent with a sliver of wisdom once more.

The heartbeat of my abandoned domain has all but embraced complete stillness. Galakrond's soul has been desecrated to a mere pulp. Her heroes of old have slipped away into the void or remained to find themselves the exact villains they vigorously warred against. The taint of Khaos can be diminished in strength, but never fully depleted. His evil has pierced this realm into its deepest cores. Galakrond's own champion lies in shadow, infrequently watching in disdain as the sons of Evoroth breed apathy and decay upon the aspirations of every Galakrondian soul, young and old. Her life force wanes further by the daily, and with every drop of lost blood so dies a fragment of hope.

Although, just like the embedded wickedness of old, the will of Emperor Baba is just as firmly planted within the fabric of this world. The air may be thick with diluted desire for greatness, but weaved within that forsaken fog is the unwavering thread of my spirit. Evoroth's last will increases in intensity with every empty square foot of the shrine, but the last remaining glimmers of Baba are also ever-nurtured far away, never to be corrupted by its malignancy again.

However, do not misconstrue the meaning of my message. Do not take my faint presence here as a signal to bear false hope. Galakrond has wreathed in pain for ages, despite her sole champion's immense efforts. Emperor Baba is the soul of Galakrond, it is from my small efforts like these that she manages to maintain a remote level of consciousness.

Anyhow, the golden word of Baba has long since been spoken, and was far overdue. Take them as you will. To answer your inquiry, adventurer: the two elder denizens you mentioned persevere beyond Galakrond as well in the lands of Alleria. As for me, I once escaped to the lands of Skyrim to heed the call of Lightheart's demise. A premonition of mine tells me those lands shall beckon once more within the coming hours. Farewell for awhile once more, Galakrond.
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90 Human Death Knight
Thanks be on to you.
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