Gear Check Holy Priest

90 Pandaren Priest
Been tinkering with my gear and seem to not be doing as well as I would like to be since I have decent gear.... here is my armory link

here are a few logs in case i am doing something wrong
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87 Blood Elf Priest
I'm no expert, but why so much mastery of haste? I thought we were going for haste 2: master 1

Am I wrong?

Other than that, you seem like you're doing excellent.
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90 Pandaren Priest
Well I put haste up until the 2nd Haste break point and put as much as possible in Mastery
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90 Tauren Druid
Think you need a brain check if you're going holy over disc.

Have you seen how stupidly powerful disc is?
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90 Human Priest
you have the haste breakpoint for glyphing renew, so you're good there. Putting the rest into mastery is a good idea. I would get more spirit, if I were you, but that's more of a personal preference. If you have enough mana for the content you're doing you're fine. 9.3k just seems low for Holy in 25 man.

Also, you're healing with 2 disc priests.... I'm so sorry :(
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90 Blood Elf Priest
A tl;dr post (mine not yours :P)

It all looks pretty good to me. Haste looks alright, mastery looks alright, spirit should be alright too, at least for normal modes. It's how much I had before I got an upgrade the other day.

I posted relatively the same question over on (far more reliable). You can stack as much as haste as you want, technically, as long as you aren't having any mana issues in the process. Haste is always useful. Faster cast times means more heals going out faster, thus more hps, and also can make the difference in saving someone's life.

Mastery is pretty good for HPM. If you don't care whether you cast fast or not, and If you have mana issues going with "a lot of" haste, then reforge it to mastery after reaching the second breakpoint (unless you don't use Renew much, then you don't need it, just keep enough haste to get the extra lightspring/lightwell tick). Mastery is situational IMO. Sometimes echo is godly, sometimes you won't really notice it. Depends on the encounter. But it's always a decent amount of your healing.

I think mastery is way more noticeable when it's stacked, like when a disc priest swaps to holy spec and has about 20% mastery. Ours did that at first, his echo of light was crazy. If your goal is to maximize output though, beats the hell out of me! I just know I'm doing pretty good in our group.

I have seen some hpriests with all mastery and 1% haste, and I have seen some with mostly haste and not much mastery, but overall their actual healing done was pretty much the same. In both 25 mans and 10 mans. But I can't speak for heroic and normal modes, though honestly it doesn't long as !@#$ dies.

Personally, My gear has 6k haste rating, 14% haste, without reforging. It's a 2.19 sec cast time, 2 secs in a raid environment if I remember correctly (20% haste). I love it, and I don't have any mana issues with it yet, but I imagine it depends on the content. I am still thinking of doing more experimenting with mastery though, since it seems pretty decent in 25 man.
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