<Rewind> - Progressive Level 60/70/80 Raids

61 Blood Elf Paladin
Hello everyone! A day ago me and a friend launched our new project called Rewind. The goal of this project is to go back to the Classic, Burning Crusade, and Wrath of the Lich King expansions and experience (or re-experience) the content at those level caps. We will be experience-locking our characters at key levels (60, 70, and 80) and progressing through the raids those levels offer using level-and-tier appropriate gear, enchants, and consumables.

If you want to read this in a Guild Recruitment style post, you can check here:


Otherwise, I'll give a quick list of our rules:

  • All races are eligible to be used at any level.
  • Death Knights are disallowed until level 80 content. Monks are disallowed.
  • All talents are available unless ways are found to abuse certain ones or specific ones are found to be “overpowered”. At worst we will simply disallow a specific problem talent.
  • Glyphs are disallowed until level 80 content. The exception is minor glyphs which provide either cosmetic or quality of life changes.
  • Dual talent specialization is allowed.
  • PvP gear of any type that is bought from a vendor is disallowed.
  • You can use the Auction House and other characters to craft items for you provided they are items that are completely available at the level of progression we are at. The exception to this is if the items require a raid material and we are still currently progressing through that raid. For example, if we are currently progressing through molten core, you cannot buy materials from the molten core raid to craft Thorium Brotherhood armor/weapons until we have defeated Ragnaros. It is still permissable to use the materials we collect while raiding for the purpose.
  • New characters, or new members to the guild, may only have gear obtainable outside of raid dungeons to begin with. Gear obtained either in other retro-raid guilds, or with the help of higher-level characters will need to be downgraded.
  • Help from higher-level characters in any dungeon or raid is strictly prohibited.
  • Any confusing situations will be dealt with fairly when we encounter them. If you're unsure, just ask!


Our goal is for this to be as casual and easy for everyone as possible, so to facilitate that we will not start off with any set raid schedule, but instead aim to have a variety of different times every week so everyone can get in on the action. In addition, we will never stop recruitment, so having multiple raid groups is always a possibility as well.


The only criteria for joining the guild is being interested and being willing to follow the rules laid out. You do not have to roll a fresh character for this, but just note that we are only accepting characters of a maximum level 60 at this time. In addition, if you currently have any raid gear you will be required to downgrade. Otherwise, simply share our vision and you're good to go! Hit me up and I'll get you in on the action.


You can contact any of the following characters for more information or an invite:


In addition, feel free to add as a battletag friend:

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