From Holy to Disc: How do I do it?

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I just started releveling my gnome priest, was level 85 and raiding when we didn't need a tank back in Cata. Since starting to relevel him, I've been thinking about getting more experience in Disc, as I've been Holy ever since I reached 10 and been getting a bit stale, and from what I understand, Disc is better for questing. Is there any tips that you can give me, like what spells I should be prioritizing and optimal talents/glyphs?
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For questing, I would take:

1. Void Tendrils
2. Whatever your preference
3. Mindbender
4. Preference.
5. Power Infusion or Twist of Fate
6. Divine Star

Glyphs: Penance, Holy Fire, Smite.

Keep yourself shielded and use ^ spells (can also throw in Shadow Word: Pain/Death if you wish).
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90 Pandaren Monk
What sort of rotation/priorities should I be using in dungeons?
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For low damage; The same spells (minus shadow words really) that you use while questing. For group damage use Archangel+Prayer of Healing. If you know the damage is coming use Spirit Shell+Archangel+Prayer of Healing. Obviously use your single target heals when neccessary, but that shouldn't be too frequently unless someone is doing something they shouldn't be.
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90 Pandaren Monk
Thank you! :D
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You are very welcome :)
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