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<The Completionists> are recruiting. We accept any and all applicants. Whether your goals are PvE or PvP based; whether you're a hardcore or lazy; whether you want to raid or just level alts; we don't mind, you can do it all here.

What we're about: Above all we want our members to enjoy the game. We would like for our members to be fairly tight knit, and willing to help one another. Whether it's Faction Grinding, BG's, Main City Raids, Questing, Dungeons, or even Raiding New Content, doing it together is always more fun.

Bottom line is that we understand not everyone that plays this game has the same goals. People have jobs, families, and other real life priorities. The idea is to create a guild strong enough to overcome any and all new content, and future expantions.

My personal goal for the guild is to be highly respected on the server, even though our intentions are not to be "Server Firsts," or to even compete for the top guild on the server. Now that doesn't mean that new content will be ignored; however, I will not make it a number one priority. Truth is, new content kills most guilds. I've seen it too many times.

Also, we are extremely loyal to our Members. Being military, I occasionally get deployed for 6-12 months at a time; and I'll tell you, it sucks to come back to play and see that you've been /gkicked because of real life priorities. I assure you things like that will not happen here. You don't even need to be military to relate, occasionally folks need a break from this game for many different reasons, if you invest your time to help us grow as a guild, in my opinion you deserve to be able to return from a break and pickup where you left off, not have to start over because you were abandoned by a guild "trimming fat." There is no limit on the number of members you have; therefore, there is no reason to abandon those that take breaks from the game (regardless of the reason for the break).

In closing I'm gonna help some up the Pros and Cons for joining us. I do not have intentions to "poach" people from other guilds, but if you're in a guild that you feel is just not the right fit for you and you feel the points I've made are intriguing, hit me up in game I'll send you an invite. If I'm not online, you can, "/who completionists" and ask anyone in the guild for an invite (all members can invite to the guild). If there are no members online the guild is listed and you can send us request to join that way as well.

• Experienced Guild Leader
• Experienced Raid Leaders
• Loyalty to our Members
• Frequent Old World Events
• Frequent Mount Runs
• Frequent Achievement Runs
• Freedom to do what you want, when you want, without scrutiny from other Members

• Guild is only level 1 at the moment
• Member numbers are currently very low
• Awaiting a few Members via Character Transfers
• Our primary focus is NOT end game raiding
• Could be considered too casual for some

If you've read this far and still have questions feel free to ask below or hit me up in game via whispers or in game mail. Thank you for your time.
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100 Undead Rogue
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