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90 Tauren Death Knight
Youre in goldshire and see a flash of light then a ruined strom wind city with a horde airship above it?

A) Mount up and fly and attack for revenge
B) Continue pet battling
C) Continue Erping
D) Go to the forums and complain about horde favoritism.
E) Something else.

But lets expand a little more since im bored shall we.

Assuming you picked A unlikely as youre alliance you are then.

Captured and held in the ships prison while there a horde guard walks up to your cell and

A)You kill him taking the key and freeing yourself
B)Ask him for mercy
C)Go to sleep
D)Hearth out and try again
E)Something else.

Assuming you again picked A to advance the story.

You free your fellow alliance and head for the room with your belongings. As you enter the room there stands an Orc guard. You

A)Attack with your newly freed friends
B)Afk letting your friends kill it for you.
C)Trip the alarm cause the cogwheel icon appeared and you thought awesome free stuff.
D)Die in fire
E)Something else.

Assumeing you again picked a to advance the story

After killing the guard you reclaim your belongings and go to the engineer room of the ship killing all horde along the way. When you arrive at the engineer room you.

A)Survey the room
B)Start attacking everything that looks that like its controlling the ship.
C)Queue for a pet battle
D)Get killed by a falling bucket.
E)Something else.

Again A to advance.

You and your team survey the room then set a plan in motion to systematically take out all horde in the area without alerting the guards and take control of the ship after taking control of the ship you.

A)Send it to the ground
B)Claim it in the name of the alliance
C)Log out
D)Accidentally sound the alarm because cogwheels are fun
E)Something else.

Picking B cause it advances the story

You and your crew Decide to claim the ship for the alliance and wipe out the rest of the horde on the ship and start to check out your newly capture flying fortress and discover it still has a bomb left. Yous come to a decision to

A)Bomb goldshire to end the erp
B)Make an attack plan to get revenge on the horde and destroy one of their cities.
C)Accidentally turn off the engines sending it crashing to the ground cause cogwheels are fun.
D)Kudos me for making a story that is interesting
E)Something else.

B/D advances the story

Yous decide to make an attack plan to destroy a Horde city in an act of retaliation. Yous discuss amongst your self's which city to attack. Orgrimmar is the popular choice but yous are discouraged by its flying wryenns and access to zeplins to counter attack yous because yous are very noticeable and will likely die. Thunder bluff is mentioned but dismissed as its nothing of significance to the horde but would be an easy take over and a new port for operations against Org. Undercity to reclaim and make the new flag city of the alliance and in doing so would cripple the hordes movement on Eastern Kingdoms and wipe out the hordes army of undead But would also be hardest to take/destroy since the majority of the city is underground. Silvermoon city no one remembers if that city still exists and decides to not bother thinking of pros/cons. You are given the choice of which city to attack.

B)Thunder bluff
C)Under city
D)Silver moon
E)Something else.
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90 Tauren Death Knight
Picked for best story reasons you pick B

YOu arivie at Thunderbluff in your new air ship and use its weapons to easily dispatch the taurens riders and meet very little resistance in taking control of the city. Upon investigation of your new war port yous discover the inner working of a bluff that shows signs the horde have been working with unknown magical forces under the guise of a peaceful tauren city. You and your team study the works and learn you can use the magical forces to alter time/transport troops/War machines instantly to any location on the planet. Knowing these could be of great use to yous or destory yous if the horde ever reclaim the studies yous.

A)Destroy them
B)Incorporate them into your ships weapons and prepare for a final assault on the horde.
C)Wonder how the tauren put an entire facility inside a bluff.
D)Accidentally set off one of the experiments exploding the entire zone of mulgro cause cogwheels are fun.
E)Something else.

Picked B cause its my story and making this up as i go along.

After spending a few weeks upgrading your ship an fending off the hordes forces you set sail for the assault on org. Upon reaching org air space you are confronted with the hordes armies of zeplins and protodragons -yes those were used in a book and never mentioned again-- You and you team quickly study the situation and.

A)Use the ships new weapons and dispatch of all other things in the air including any gryphan riders of yours.
B)Open direct talks with the Hordes Flag ship.
C)Use the cogwheel accidently destroying you and everything around you including the horde.
D)Check LFR queue time 4hrs 32mins 12secs /argh
E)Something else.

Picked A cause story!!!

After using the ships weapons and destroying the hordes air fleet and your own you postion the airship over Garroshs palace and .

A)Drop the bomb
B) Drop the bomb
C)Drop the bomb
D) Drop the bomb
E)Something else.

Upon dropping the bomb you notice something on the control panel. It reads "Temporal displacement bomb" With in moments of The bomb exploding you find yourself above a forest and notice something isn't right upon further investigation you notice youre back in the eastern kingdoms and have just destroyed stormwind and have turned into an orc. Your head explodes.

The end....thank you for playing
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90 Night Elf Druid
Upon the first choice, I picked:
D) Go to the forums and complain about horde favoritism.

This allowed me to skip to the end...

and reading...

"you notice you're back in the eastern kingdoms and have just destroyed stormwind and have turned into an orc."

As I suspected.
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89 Tauren Shaman
I'd ERP with night elves and draeneis maybe even a busty human to rub my tail.
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