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i agree but i wanted to let everyone know as well i will help them and they do not have to join any guild. I will help in any way imaginable

I didn't mean anyone would have to join us for advice :) I'm one of those people who often whispers the poor guy in trade who can't get a straight/real answer to a simple question. I'm then thoroughly perplexed when I look at what guild they are in and see 15 people online and wonder why they had to come to trade to ask where the best place to farm iron is...

Thsi amazes me as well
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02/11/2013 12:56 PMPosted by Ashkatja
Call me devil's advocate here, but who deems if someone is even capable of teaching class and or raid mechanics?

I blame all of Exodar's bad Shadow Priests on me. For some reason, and I still haven't figured out why, there was a pretty big influx in fresh Shadow Priests asking me for tips back in Wrath at the height of my raiding career. I've never thought of myself as anything but a bit above average. >_>
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You need to stop thinking yourself as average. Dont let the man keep you down, thats just where he wants you. You gotta rise up friend. Meet the struggle head on. Such is life in these hard times.
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There was this time that I parsed in like the top 5% or something on some fight in DS. Before everyone started getting heroic gear. But it's whatever.
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