Resto druid or Holy pally for 2's?

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I know this may have been previously talked about (I did try to search, but all were outdated.)

Short story is which would be better paired with a warrior for 2s?

Long story is i am coming back to the game and have a druid and pally both at 70 that I am going to level with my friend (warrior). I am torn and would just like some opinions on which you think would be more successful and why. And if you really wanna help me out which would be better, ret or feral just for fun and what not?

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Arena = Resto Shaman > Holy Pally > Everything but priest (for healers) currently.

Honestly imo, go Pally. Paladins (and disc priests) are always in and around/near the top of EVERYTHING PvE and PvP. Every tier. This tier has been very bad for healing priests this tier however generally speaking they've been very very strong overall from tier to tier. Then again, I mostly PvE nowadays. But regardless; PVP currently = Resto Shaman > Holy Pally > Resto druid > mistweaver > Priest. (Resto druid and Monk might be able to be flipped, but for me I find resto druid far superior with powershifting, and I have ONLY PvE with my monk@90, but given mobility/cc options/defense I find druid superior, by quite a bit)

As for ret or feral, others might be more qualified to answer this than me as I do not pvp much anymore. However to me, it would depend on if it's arena or rbg, and what is your role in rbg. If it's rbg and your team needs an executor/burst, go pally. But arena, I think feral druid would probably be the way to go.

But generally speaking, and with my history of PvP....feral druid and ret pally wouldn't exactly scare me in arena. You're definately far better off going with Holy pally, and Resto druid, depending on your partner's class. PvP this tier is entirely all about the class, not the player.
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Personally, I don't think a pally would work well with a warrior for 2s, because that team wouldn't have many cc options, at least compared to a druid/warrior comp, and a team with two good kiters or lock-down cc could pretty much tear them apart.
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