Selling Alliance Challenge Mode Gold Runs


My CM group which has some of the best times in the U.S. is going to be selling runs starting next Tuesday (Feb 5th).

In all CMs I'm currently ranked number 1 US Alliance Mage.
Our tank is ranked 2nd US Alliance DK.
Our healer is ranked 2nd US Alliance priest.

If you are interested in any or all of the challenge mode gold medals please contact myself "Nish" in game through whispers or the mail system and we will schedule a date/time for the runs.

We prefer dps classes or if healer/tank in dps spec with decent gear. Please try to find the best gear you can (gem slot items are better than non gem slot etc...). Reforge for raid level hit and bring many 18 second invisibility potions, flasks, food (preferably 275) and dps potions. Please try and be able to pull 45k on a dummy self buffed.

These runs will be done mostly during the day due to work/raid schedules with possibly a few later at night if we and the person buying is available.

No piece of armor should be below 463 and preferably (as I stated) you have 3 gem slotted belts 2 gem pants and gemmed shoulders. Make sure all gear is enchanted with the best you can have. PvP gear may possibly be scaled down to have a reduced amount of stats, so please try to not use it.

Payment will be taken before the run begins and if things do not work out it will be refunded immediately.

Gold Medal Prices:

Gate of the Setting Sun - 25,000g
Scarlet Halls - 25,000g
Mogu’shan Palace - 35,000g
Scholomance - 35,000g
Siege of Niuzao Temple - 35,000g
Temple of the Jade Serpent - 35,000g
Scarlet Monastery - 45,000g
Stormstout Brewery - 45,000g
Shado-Pan Monastery - 45,000g

We will sell the whole 9/9 CM gold at 250k.

We are only looking to be paid in gold. We are not interested in mounts or other items of value unless you expect them to be devalued based on whatever the current market value is. We do not want to have to do more work to make gold than we're already doing.

Expect all 9 runs to take somewhere in the neighborhood of 5-6+ hours unless you're used to them and are an exceptional dps.

Our team has some of the highest ranking runs in the U.S. We have all done these runs many times on multiple characters. We are all well respected people and you can trust we will get the runs done or your money will be refunded.

Prices may be negotiable in the event someone is well geared and is an exceptional player based on their recent in game accomplishments. We also may sell silver runs for the mount only at a reduced rate.

If any other group offers a 'reasonably' lower price, we will match it or possibly do better. We are a group of easy going people who are very knowledgeable and patient. We can get these done for you so you can get your mount and gear.

Again, please whisper or mail "Nish" for more information.

Edited by Nish on 2/9/2013 7:23 PM PST
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US rank 1 Alliance Mage.
Edited by Nish on 2/9/2013 6:20 PM PST
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We may be open to certain tcg items as payment or partial payment.

Spots are open for this week.
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90 Draenei Mage

I know it's been a few months, but I wanted to know if you all still sell gold challenge mode runs and if so, what do you charge now?
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