We are 6/6 vaults 10, 3/6 hof ten, and 5/6 vaults 1/6 hof 25. We are opening our doors to a few more skilled experienced people.

What we would like to do is bring in a like minded, close to same progression ten man guild that is looking to move to 25 man raiding. Or very exceptional dps.

We have the availablity to move tanks heals and dps around to accomodate a ten man guild.

If you are looking to move servers or this sounds interesting to you give us a chat up. Our officer core is very diversed in all aspecs of end game raiding, with end game kills of ten and 25 man heroic content, in previous expansions.

Come be apart of our family! My battle tag is Twacky#1837.With the correct people we feel we will go very far in this panda expansion. Come put some competition in our raid group, as well as us put some in yours. Ty :) Throwing ourselves out there have a great day guys and good luck in game :)