Guild Recruiting Members: The New Covenant

100 Blood Elf Rogue
Guild Master: Nikolatesla
Guild Level : Level 25
Guild Vent: 25 slots (will upgrade it for more players, atm we only use it for chatting, lol)

Content Alignment:
-PVE: Raids (soon, we have a dedicated tank and healer gearing up atm).
-PVP: Arenas, Rated BGs (If we can, prolly next season, but we can just do premades if
there are other guildies online like me who enjoys playing pvp too much.)

Requirements to Join: Nothing!

What to expect: Casual and Hardcore Players co-existing so anybody can fit in.
What do we expect from you if you joined: Just do your stuff, ask if you need help.

Who to whisper for an invite:

Nikolatesla, Outgun, Balasubas, Gutter, Lickspittle, Menethill.

Guild Information: We are not ranked, popular, strong, rich or have any status that popular guilds have. We just want to play the game.
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90 Tauren Paladin

We are now looking for ppl to run RBGs with

Core Slots:
1 Hybrid Warrior Tank that can offspec dps (minimum 9.5k resil)
1 Shaman Healer

Any player who want to do pvp can join our guild, this paladin can help you gain 1800 conquest points in a reset (i dont care how many times that we lose because of your inexperience i boosted ppl that are a lot worst than that, ahaha. but provided that you are full malv geared or just missing 1/2 pieces and at least gemmed. For some reason that you are not yet ready for arenas we can run random BG premades to help you gear up.
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100 Blood Elf Rogue
Current RBG Roster

Tank = Free (Prefer Prot Warrior with DPS OS or Guardian Drood with Boomkin OS
Healer 1 = Resto Druid
Healer 2 = Holy Priest
Healer 3 = Free (Prefer Resto shaman)
DPS 1 = Frost DK
DPS 2 = Marksman Hunter
DPS 3 = Arms Warrior
DPS 4 = Sub Rogue, (not me im just a reserve)
DPS 5 = Free (Prefer Warlock)
DPS 6 = Free (Prefer Warlock/Mage/Boomkin)
Reserve = Sub Rogue/Holy Pally/BM Hunter

if other players are offline, we just get pug on oqueue
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100 Blood Elf Rogue
Current Raid Roster

Tank 1 = Blood DK
Tank 2 = Prot Paladin
Healer 1 = Holy Priest
Healer 2 = MW Monk
Healer 3 = Holy Paladin
DPS 1 = Fire Mage
DPS 2 = Shadow Priest
DPS 3 = Enhancement Shaman
DPS 4 = Arms Warrior
DPS 5 = Free (Destro Warlock)

We are recruiting for a Destro Warlock or Affliction if you have the meta gem.
Progress is 2/12.
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100 Blood Elf Rogue
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