got benched....

90 Gnome Priest


It would lead to bloodshed.

Kaels' holy priest co-healer would sometimes troll him by bubbling the tank on farm content in Dragon Soul.

My co-healer did this in DS. It was infuriating and occasionally ended up leading to tank deaths.

Co-healer did it for Body and Soul (which I maintain was not worth it since the tentacle had a hitbox the size of the entire platform), but I couldn't get Weakened Soul off in time to put up my own, much beefier, PW:S. Tank was almost always at critically low health if I couldn't shield him in time.
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90 Pandaren Monk
02/12/2013 02:30 PMPosted by Ceresc
well it happened got benched couldnt compete with are priest so the raid leader and gm benched me. i dont understand why i thought i was doing a good job. maybe someone can look at wol and tell me what im doing wrong. if im not doing anything wrong maybe you can help prove to the raid leader that i was doing my job right. but if u do this maybe you should help prove your point with links to other wol and other sites you got your info form, because well i tried to argue several points as to why i shouldnt have been benched. ty for your time.

You are raiding with a Disc priest and a Holy Paladin. I truly feel for you. With the bottom of my heart. Both Disc and Paladins operate on absorbs with my Illuminated healing doing a whopping 24% of my healing.

I really don't think its a player issue. I think its a comp issue. In a paladin/priest comp, the third healer (which is often not needed this tier) is going to look remarkably low. If they benched you for low HPS with that comp, then they aren't very intelligent. More than likely, their reasons for benching you were due to just not needing a third healer.

As for Uplift, this is probably your biggest snipe heal and should be used whenever possible. Our monk and myself compete constantly. He's getting better with his uplift snipes, totally rendering my HA useless on some fights, and we have "Bwahaha" fights over /healers when we one up each other.

I also raid 10m with a disc priest and holy pally for the 3-heal fights, and I found it made life easier to modify my playstyle a bit from the standard to deal with the number of absorbs. I dropped a lot of spirit and haste in favor of stacking int and crit, including using int flask and food for most encounters. I've also started to rely more heavily on fistweaving as opposed to ranged whenever possible. This allows for a few things:

1. More of my heals are "smart." They'll automatically go to whoever took enough damage to use up all those absorbs.

2. More int means bigger heals. Even better if they're smart.

3. More crit mean even bigger-er heals more often. Also, at least for me, the extra mana tea stacks from the crit is enough to make up for the low spirit.

Granted, fights where the majority of the damage is heavy single-target damage (Lei Shi, for example) my HPS will be comparatively low. Like really low. Because most of it is being absorbed first, and I'm just getting whatever leaks through. However, fights with consistent raid-wide damage (Garalon, Wind Lord) I excel, often beating the other 2 healers for the reasons I mentioned.

The moral of the story, I guess, is that you have to take into consideration what classes you're healing with, and use your skills in the way that complements both them and you the best. You also need a raid leader that realizes that your heals will be lower if the majority of it can be absorbed without just looking at the numbers and thinking you're bad. There's less you can do about that though, unfortunately.
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90 Pandaren Monk
After seeing your glyphs, I would have benched you too. Uplift and Surging Mist?

This can't be serious.
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90 Pandaren Monk
After seeing your glyphs, I would have benched you too. Uplift and Surging Mist?

This can't be serious.

...and also Jab, which makes it more expensive to try and fistweave.
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90 Blood Elf Monk
tl;dr im proud of your guild bamboozld. They made the right choice in benching your monk. Try rerolling something not 100% useless in every single way.

You're not using uplift at all... which is why your healing is pretty absymal. Uplift is amazing and is the main reason why Renewing Mists should be cast on cooldown, so Uplift can hit the most targets at any one time.

You also need to reforge for the 3145 haste cap as well, being that close to the breakpoint is actually detrimental to Renewing Mists due to it lasting shorter, making it harder to spread.

I benched myself. Bad tank healing, delayed raid healing. No raid utility.

I wish every monk stopped playing to send a message to blizzard that they really screwed up.

Even if he was right in line with all the other healers in his raid, he'd still be the most useless in the group. Ideal raid comp is 2 disc 1 resto sham or 2 resto sham and 1 disc priest. You get either spirit shell every 30 seconds, or healing tide/ascendence every 45 seconds + lots of free mana tides. Lastly, the only perk to monks is 40+ yard spread of raid healing, but that has only been useful for garalon, and even then you can do garalon easy as long as raid is structured enough.
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90 Troll Priest
Monk heals are the weakest link right now. I'd bring 1 mw monk max to 25man and 0 to 10man. But ya, like the above post, your glyph man...
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